Tempo Move uses AI to deliver trainer-guided home workouts
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Tempo Move uses AI to deliver trainer-guided home workouts

American design agency Level has developed a home fitness device comprising a compact weights cabinet with a dock for a smartphone that uses artificial intelligence to provide feedback on the user’s form.

Tempo Move is an evolution of the Studio system created by San Francisco-based industrial design studio Level, which sought to use existing TVs and smartphones to remove the need for additional screens and sensors.

AI workout out Tempo Move with dock and homescreen
Tempo Move delivers home fitness with AI features

This smaller and more affordable product utilises spatial mapping and recognition software to detect the motion of weights, using a smartphone camera to capture the user’s movements during workouts.

Tempo Move features on the shortlist for the product design category at Dezeen Awards 2022, alongside designs including a modular electric toothbrush with recyclable brush heads.

AI workout with weights
The device has a dock to connect a smartphone

The device connects to any TV, displaying live feedback via trainer-guided sessions. An iPhone attached to the dock replaces the 3D cameras and sensors used in Tempo‘s original Studio equipment package.

The cabinet’s compact dimensions make it easier to fit into smaller living spaces than previous versions, as well as reducing the price and therefore making it more accessible for entry-level users.

AI weight system with cabinet
It comes with a cabinet to house weights with different colours that register on the camera-activated AI

The cabinet has a bent metal structure with fabric doors that wrap around the corners and fasten shut using magnets. The use of textiles softens the product’s appearance, while a wooden lid adds further natural detail.

“Familiar furniture-like details and a thoughtful colour and material strategy provide an appropriate aesthetic that blends into the home, encouraging frequent use and an active lifestyle,” said Level.

Fabric weight cabinet with phone dock
The cabinet has a wrap-around fabric opening and a wooden lid

“Never before has weight-lifting equipment looked so appealing and fitting in the home.”

The cabinet contains space for a range of barbells and dumbbells, along with weights in various colours that enable camera recognition via colour. This use of colour also contributes to the product’s more approachable character.

Oak weight cabinet with exerciser opening door
It is a smaller version of Level’s original product, Studio

“Not black, not white – Move lives in a softer spectrum avoiding the polarising palette of typical gym and tech equipment,” the studio added.

Move is designed for people who may be new to workouts and might not be comfortable using gym equipment. The form and materials are carefully detailed to make workouts safer and more ergonomic.

The cabinet’s interior holds 16 weight plates vertically in chamfered trays that allow them to roll in and out smoothly. Four weight collars and a heart rate monitor can be stored alongside the weights, with two dumbbells accessed via the hinged lid.

The circular dock on top of the cabinet is positioned and angled so the attached iPhone can sense the movements of the user’s body and the coloured weights, relaying this feedback in real-time.

Weight cabinet with AI phone dock
The user’s phone records the workout and gives feedback through an app

The dock can be removed and repositioned anywhere in the room, or taken on trips so workouts can continue without the rest of the equipment. An HDMI cable ensures it is compatible with most TVs and it can also stream directly to the screen.

Tempo uses artificial intelligence to deliver tailored and responsive workouts for strength training, HIIT, pilates and yoga. Video chats and messaging with fitness trainers can also be conducted through the Tempo app, which operates on a subscription model.