Can Potty Humor Decor in Bathrooms Be Chic? Designers Weigh In

Can Potty Humor Decor in Bathrooms Be Chic? Designers Weigh In

A bathroom has a lot more to offer than a convenient spot to brush your teeth and take a shower. With the right accessories, a washroom can transform from a place you need to go you a place you don’t mind going to multiple times a day. (Who knows? Maybe it even becomes one of your favorite rooms in your home.) While shower curtains, fancy towels, or even some serious toilet styling are a few easy, reliable ways to spruce up your bathroom, one person thought outside of the box by adding photos of their dog… erm, doing its business—and people on the internet are divided about the design decision.

In a recent reel, an Instagram account called Tunga the Poodle revealed their bathroom has a gallery wall with a dozen photos of their dog going number two. While we’re all for cleverly incorporating pet care in decor—some brands make everything from dog beds to throw toys chic—all this potty talk has us wondering if bathroom humor ever has a spot in the home.

Well, it depends on who you ask because the internet is torn. On the one hand, some Instagrammers thought it was hysterical. “This is hilarious,” one follower commented. “I have a sign that reads, ‘Have a nice poop.’ Now, I need some pics to go with.”

“Why is everyone acting like the dog will see this and be embarrassed?” asked another. “This is hilarious.”

A third even mused about bringing this idea into their own space. They wrote: “If I didn’t live in an apartment I would do the same thing. I think pictures of him pooping in different beautiful places would be really funny too, like a flower field, the beach, and the Grand Canyon.”

You love finding new design tricks. So do we. Let us share the best of them.

Of course, there was a strong showing of users who thought this decor idea was downright disgusting. “Bro why your dog ish in the house,” asked one concerned commenter. “And your only thought is to take a picture? Nah, that’s nasty.”

“This is really really weird and strange behavior,” wrote another.

Someone else kept it simple with, “Gross, but art is subjective, I guess.”

Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the middle. “It is a fine line depending on who is reading or seeing said humor,” Kate Chapman of Baxter Design tells House Beautiful. “It has a place, small doses [can] tastefully elevate it. But if not done tastefully, it will fall flat and likely to be viewed as crass.”

Instead of a dozen photos, perhaps you can hang a lone, artful shot above your loo. “It’s okay if the photos are limited to only a few, many limit to maybe just four instead of 12,” suggests Amy Tuntasood of Salem Home Designs. “And keep only the ones without showing the doodies.”

It also boils down to how you display your amusing Kodak moments. Black and white photos can certainly create a more sophisticated look. “I think [it] can appear elevated if a funny phrase is framed in a fancy frame,” Chapman adds. “Then it appears more tasteful.” Talk about a royal flush…

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