Increase your home’s value with these projects
Home Improvement

Increase your home’s value with these projects

If you’re about to sell your home, get ready for eyes on every corner of your house. Appraisers come in to tell you how much your home is worth and often come up with numbers that seem way too low. One of the best ways to increase your home’s value is to renovate. But you first need to find out the average home renovation costs.

Of course, different projects yield different results. Some home renovations will actually decrease your home’s value. Here are the 12 worst home renovations.

Pick the right project, though, and you could get a great return on investment. Homeowners spent an estimated average of $13,138 on home improvement projects in 2020. Trying to put together a budget? Here are the average home renovation costs for different projects.

Here’s the best place to find average home renovation costs

Our sponsor Angi knows the ins and outs of home renovation costs. Head to Angi’s website and you’ll see its six-page Project Cost Center. Or you can browse through this handy chart.

Here are the average costs of different upscaling projects using Angi’s data. Look through this list for any tasks you’d like to take on. You’ll get a range of prices you might pay by hiring a professional.

Speaking of hiring, Angi is the best place to find contractors. It’s easy to use and comprehensive, so you don’t waste time talking to unqualified people for the job. Once the home project is done, you can pay securely through the app.

Planning any of these home projects?

Use this simple list to get a rough idea of how much you’ll have to pay.

Home project Average cost according to Angi
Primary bathroom remodeling $10,000 to $25,000
Make home wheelchair-accessible $800 to $8,000
Finish a basement Around $7 to $23 per square foot
Install laminate countertops $790 to $1,620
Install insulation $5,123
Generator repair $260
Add awning $1,380 to $4,100
Paint home interior $2 to $6 per square foot
Install computer network $425
Install a glass shower door $190 to $3,300
Paint kitchen cabinets $394 to $1,229
Replace showerhead $75 to $150
Retile bathroom $450 to $10,000
Install a quartz countertop $4,500
Home automation $150 to $1,400
Floor makeover $1,850
Remove popcorn ceiling $900 to $2,840
Regrout shower $10 to $25 per square foot
Toilet repair $240
Fix water damage $1,210 to $5,170
Ceiling repair $360 to $1,260
Raise a ceiling Around $60 per square foot
Install a ceiling fan $50 to $1,400
Repipe a home Around $5,000              
Replace plumbing pipes $45 to $480
Hire a plumber $45 to $200 per hour
Repair bathroom leak $125 to $350

Maybe the renovation you’re planning isn’t on this list. In that case, check out Project Cost Center. You’ll probably find your dream renovation there.

You can also try this nifty Google Chrome search trick. Just type into the search engine, followed by your renovation. So if you want to install an outdoor grill, you’d type this into the search bar: install outdoor grill.

Your search results will look like this. The links are all from, so you know they’re trustworthy.

This filters out all results from other sites, so you’re only getting answers from Angi. Want more ways to filter your search results? These 10 Google Search tricks will help you find what you’re looking for.

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