Bear and Breakfast Prestige Guide

Bear and Breakfast Prestige Guide

In this Bear and Breakfast Prestige Guide, we will discuss how to keep those customers happy, as well as how to keep your BnB top-notch and leveled up. 

There is a vast amount of decor available in Bear and Breakfast — think armchairs, bookshelves, fireplaces, and even popcorn machines! These sweet little decorations are more than just a pretty sight, they keep your customers happy and willing to give you that five-star rating you’ve been working hard for. 

How To Level Your Prestige in Bear and Breakfast

Prestige is quite easy to level up once you get your BEARings. While it may be difficult at first due to a lack of valuables from Tooks dumpster, as you progress it will become a walk in the park. Prestige is the overall decoration score throughout your entire resort. You can easily access your Prestige information in the Resort Overview menu, located at your BnBs front desk. 

Certain objects and furniture in the game come with either negative or positive or positive Decor Points.

For example:a coffee table will add Decor Points to your Prestige level, while adding a boiler to your resort will bring the Prestige score down quite significantly. This is because some things that are necessary to success are just — well — ugly for your guests to look at.

When adding a kitchen stove, cutting board, and refrigerator, which is a necessary step when you reach Highlake, will bring your overall Decor down by a whopping total of -30 points. That’s a lot if you don’t have the valuables available to recoup those precious points.

In order to keep your prestige at an all-time high, use plenty of different decorations within the area your ugly items are located. This includes kitchens, boiler rooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms. The best way to keep the overall prestige score as high as possible is to add plenty of wall decor, which usually has high amounts of Decor Points and doesn’t take up floor space, to your bedrooms and living areas. 

Bear and Breakfast Prestige Guide, screenshot of five-star reviews

Prestige is important for several reasons, but the most important one would be that you can obtain higher-paying clients by completing quests that ask you to raise your Prestige to a certain level.

These clients will require a much higher Decor score within your resorts and will leave a bad review if their minimum requirements aren’t met, but the hefty payout is well worth the work. Keeping your overall Decor level high and mighty will bring in more positive reviews, which in turn will bring in more customers. This will make you more money, and who isn’t happy with making more money? 

Plus, once you have a decent amount of decor piled up within your resort, it’s smooth sailing adding in little nick-nacks as you progress further in the game to bring that Prestige up even higher. This will keep a constant flow of happy customers who leave those five-star reviews.

Going above and beyond the customer’s minimum requirements keeps them smiling — literally, the chat bubble above their heads is a smiling emoji — and can also prompt them to pay more once they check out. 

That’s all for our Bear and Breakfast Prestige guide. Check out some of our other guides below!

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