Zulily Launches First Ever Head & Home Space Quotient in Home Trend Report, Revealing Practical Design Inspiration for More Productivity, Mindfulness and Togetherness

Zulily Launches First Ever Head & Home Space Quotient in Home Trend Report, Revealing Practical Design Inspiration for More Productivity, Mindfulness and Togetherness

SEATTLE, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Designing and buying for the home isn’t all about pattern play – especially for moms. To offer design insights and inspiration for what’s really important to moms, online retailer Zulily® today launched its first Home Trend Report. Informed by a new, nationwide survey of 1,000 moms, the report outlines a Head & Home Space Quotient, which explores the psychology driving home design and purchases and top of mind insights that inspire productivity, mindfulness and togetherness at home.  

“Our homes have been transformed this past year, doubling as office, school, playground, and restaurant for our families. But we want to help mom reclaim her home through design, by making it not just a place that invites relaxation, but also helps cater to these newfound uses that likely aren’t going away anytime soon,” said Kate Aulabaugh, Zulily’s Home & Style Expert. “Our new research is informed by moms, for moms—a real life perspective on how the home can transform into a perfect place that inspires productivity, mindfulness and togetherness with family and friends.” 

Featuring a curated list of top-selling products, the Head & Home Space Quotient helps mom transform her home by focusing on three trends that matter to her most:  

Productivity: Eliminating the Junk Drawer Jitters 
The junk drawer isn’t the only place in the home that’s become a catchall for clutter – and it’s impacting the way families function at home. Sixty-eight percent of moms say they experience the junk drawer jitters – the stress of small spaces becoming inundated with clutter – and after more than a year spent largely at home, 32% of moms say their homes have gotten less organized. With more guests likely to stop by in the coming months, 44% of moms say they are likely to shove clutter into a nearby closet.  

Rather than hide away the clutter at the last moment, homes can become more productive and efficient if organized effectively. The survey revealed that for moms, products that save time are top of mind, followed by those that save money and space. Zulily’s home style experts say brands like iDesign, home basics and Whitmore are must-haves for alleviating your clutter. 

Mindfulness: Creating Serene Spaces 
Moms see their home as an oasis for relaxation and 34% name color as the #1 way they create calm where and when it matters most. Bedtime and meal prep are the most and least relaxing times of the day for mom respectively, with family time in the living room falling in the middle. Moms are feeling like the bedroom (46%) and living room (43%) need a greater sense of calm. Zulily’s home style experts say that adding a cozy rug and soft lamp lighting are the most effective ways to add more calm to your living room and bedroom – so you can reclaim your Serene Spaces.  

Togetherness: Having a Yard Act to Follow  
Most moms (58%) are feeling more pressure this summer to have an impressive outdoor space compared to prior years, but what’s most important? It’s the basics that count most. Thirty-one percent of moms say enough comfortable seating is the top priority, while 24% said connecting with the people you love is most important. Zulily’s home style expert says that getting both a table and chair set and patio sofa set is the best way to have enough seating for entertaining guests.  

To see the full Head & Home Space Quotient and design inspiration for each room in the home, please visit Zulily’s, The Find 

These findings are based on a Pollfish survey of 1,000 U.S. based moms, ages 18+. The survey was fielded in May 2021.  

About Zulily® 
Online retailer Zulily helps moms around the world discover incredible deals and fresh style for themselves, their families and their homes. Zulily launches thousands of products at amazing values each day, curating personalized shopping experiences that include apparel and footwear for the whole family, toys, home décor, and so much more. Zulily’s app uses compelling video and imagery to bring more than 15,000 big name brands and boutique finds to life on mobile.  

Zulily is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with locations in Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and China.  With expertise in technology, merchandising, creative production, logistics, marketing, customer service, and more, Zulily team members work together to deliver a fun and engaging shopping experience that sparks discovery, connection and entertainment. Zulily has passed millions in savings onto its customers since its first sale in 2010. For more information visit www.zulily.com.  

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