Why do you need robe hooks in your bathroom

Why do you need robe hooks in your bathroom

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Bathroom robe hooks are generally the last item on our minds when designing a new restroom or shower area, even though they are one of the most often used bathroom accessories. As a result, it’s critical to give this seemingly trivial accessory some serious consideration.

Many individuals believe that robe hooks in the bathroom may be easily alternated with a towel rack or an unneeded bathroom item. Bathroom robe hooks; however, we believe they can provide substantial functionality and can be utilized in place of a towel rack to conserve space in your washroom. After reading this post, we’re sure to hook you on why you can’t live without robe hooks.

Robe hooks are genuine space savers

Consider who is going to use your bathroom first. Is this a large master bathroom that only one or two people will use? Or it is a busy family bathroom or perhaps a guest restroom that will only be used twice a year?

After that, take a look at how much space is there in the bathroom. A bathroom with a separate shower and tub might have enough space for a single, long towel rail or a double rail, whereas a small bathroom with a combined shower and tub might only have a single, small towel rail or numerous bathroom robe hooks.

Robe hooks are indeed a wonderful option for small restrooms with little wall space, and they’re even better if the bathroom is shared. A tiny bathroom has sufficient space on the wall for one 24″ towel bar, but 3 to 4 bathroom robe hooks could fit in the same area.

They could be used as bathroom décor

If you’re prepared to invest a little more money, you can quickly change your basic robe hooks into a utilitarian and decorative accessory.

You may make your washroom more creative and enjoyable by adding a decorative touch to the robe hooks. To add some life to an otherwise minimalistic area, turn the wall-mounted part of your bathroom into decor or match it with a wall decoration. You may also create a big statement using matte black hooks instead of brass or chrome robe hooks.

Robe hooks assist you in keeping your bathroom tidy and organized

If numerous family members share your restroom, consider installing a robe hook for every member of your family.   Additionally, if you want to keep your washroom organized and tidy, one pair of robe hooks will help you hang clothes, robes, or towels in a neat and orderly manner.

Even if you already have a towel rail, adding one or many robe hooks isn’t a waste because you can hang your garments while you’re in the shower. If you don’t want to squeeze your fluffy, thick towel through the towel rail, it could also be used to hold it.

Story by Syed Gulfam Abidi

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