‘Who the hell made that design choice?’ Unusual toilet placement in $2M home perplexes the Internet
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‘Who the hell made that design choice?’ Unusual toilet placement in $2M home perplexes the Internet

(NEXSTAR) — Footage of a $1.95-million property in Toronto, Ontario, has become a source of amusement for TikTok viewers across the globe, thanks largely to its super-skinny design and the unusual placement of its toilet.

The three-story house, located in Toronto’s Little Portugal neighborhood, has been on the market for only 13 days, according to real estate agent Keven Trudel of Real Estate Bay Realty in Ontario. But in that time, the listing has managed to leave quite the impression on TikTok.

“WHY IS THERE A TOILET IN THE BEDROOM?!” asked one user, understandably, after viewing a virtual tour of the property on TikTok.

Indeed, there is a toilet in the bedroom. But that’s not all: There’s also a shower in the other corner of the room, and a sink in the hallway.

“Who the hell made that design choice[?]” a viewer asked.

“I came here to know why there is a toilet just feet from the bed,” another TikTok user wrote. “Is this prison?”

Trudel, meanwhile, told Nexstar there’s a very simple explanation for the toilet, albeit one that probably raises more questions than it answers: The homeowner built the property for himself, and never got around to cordoning off the bathroom.

“Yes, the toilet in the bedroom is … the most [talked-about] topic of this house,” said Trudel. “The original plan was to separate the toilet with a wall. For such reason, the seller decided to leave it open since he lives alone and [hadn’t] built this property for resale at the time.

“That being said, the seller is open to build a wall if the new purchaser wants it,” Trudel added.

But that’s not the only issue viewers have with the property. The house, which actually comprises three units, was built on a lot measuring only 12.5-feet wide, making it quite skinny, for lack of a better word.

“I’ve always dreamed of living in a very narrow hallway,” one viewer remarked, while another joked that the house is in “2D.”

Trudel is well aware of their concerns.

“This house is not suitable for most people but does have a very unique look and investment opportunity that some people appreciate and would like in their real-estate portfolio,” Trudel said.

In fact, Trudel isn’t upset by any of the attention — negative or positive — that the listing is generating. After all, it was he who commissioned the TikTok influencer who ultimately shared the online tour, as his goal was to “get this listing viral.”

“As long as the most people possible see it, [that’s] key,” Trudel said.

As of Wednesday, Trudel claimed he had spoken to buyers across the globe, three of whom are “highly interested.”

“The exterior size of the house does not reflect … the feeling you have once you are inside,” Trudel claimed. “The second and third floors have lots of floor-to-ceiling windows, and [prospective buyers] viewing the property all agreed how comfortable it actually feels once you are inside — especially the main living room and the large kitchen areas.”