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What the ‘Christina on the Coast’ Star Loves About Her Own Home


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Christina Haack from “Flip or Flop” and “Christina on the Coast” may be reality TV’s darling of home design, but even she admits to regretting some choices she’s made with homes—even her own!

At least, that’s what we learned watching her new Discovery+ series “Christina: Stronger by Design,” where she contemplates her past and future plans to longtime friends Cassie Zebisch and Shannon Houston. Recently separated from her husband, Ant Anstead, she’s got a lot of thinking to do—and is jonesing to refresh their former family home in Newport Beach, CA, where she now lives alone. (The popular designer has announced she’ll now be going by her maiden name of Christina Haack.)

Granted, her house is gorgeous and she adores many parts of it, but there are definitely a few things she would change. Here’s what she loves, and hates, about her own home.

Hates: Wasted space in the backyard

Christina Haack designed this space to be a soccer field, but she doesn’t use it as much as she thought she would.


Haack’s backyard has a glamorous pool, kitchen, and plenty of lounge space. However, there’s one feature she regrets including: the soccer field.

Haack has found that she and her kids don’t use their soccer area regularly, which means all that green space often goes to waste. So she wants to change it up.

“I want to build, like, a pool house over there with a fireplace in it,” she says.

Haack has big plans for her backyard.
Haack has big plans for her backyard.


In addition to the fireplace, she’d like to include a TV and a big, cozy couch. She hopes this pool house can be a stylish space where she can hang out (in the shade) while watching her kids play.

Loves: The lounge area

Haack loves the look of her elegant great room.
Haack loves the look of her elegant great room.


While Haack will need to make some changes before the backyard feels fully functional, she’s already made her living room a convenient gathering space.

“I’m super happy with [the living] room,” she says. “I added some really cozy furniture and layered rugs, and a nice, long table to fit all my friends and family.”

Her favorite feature? The massive door to the yard.

“I love how the glass doors slide away and provide that indoor-outdoor living,” she says. “California is beautiful all year long, and we love being outdoors.”

Hates: Empty walls

Haack used to have an antique motorcycle in her living room, but now that it's gone, that space is unused.
Haack used to have an antique motorcycle in her living room, but now that it’s gone, that space is unused.


While Haack loves her lounge area, there is one spot here that needs fixing: an empty wall where an antique motorcycle used to be on display.

The motorcycle, which presumably belonged to Anstead, was a centerpiece and took up a lot of room. But now with it gone, Haack has a good chunk of wall space to fill.

And she already knows what to add: a drink station!

These are Haack's plans for her multipurpose drink station.
These are Haack’s plans for her multipurpose drink station.


She explains this drink station will have a liquor cabinet, a wine cooler, and even a spot for water and juice for the kids. Her friends love the idea.

“When you did my kitchen, one of my favorite places is my beverage bar,” Zebisch says, referring to her home renovation, which was featured in Season 1 of “Christina on the Coast.” “I have a fridge just for nonalcoholic beverages, and that’s probably one of my favorite things. I use that more than the wine bar.”

Construction is already underway for the drink station.
Construction is already underway for the drink station.


Construction is already underway for this fun feature, and already, it’s clear that this beverage station will be a big upgrade, which will surely increase the value of Haack’s home.

Loves: The relaxed master suite

Haack loves the tall ceiling in her bedroom.
Haack loves the tall ceiling in her bedroom.


Want to guess which room Haack loves the most in her home?

“My bedroom’s my favorite room in the house,” she says. “It just, like, has those high ceilings and the fireplace, and I just feel so cozy.”

Nonetheless, she does admit there’s some room for improvement. While the room is currently filled with neutral black and white decor, Haack thinks it may be time to give the space a more feminine feel.

It’s not clear yet what the bedroom refresh would look like, but we’re sure we’ll get a look sooner or later.

Hates: The lack of bathroom counter space

There's not enough counter space in this bathroom.
There’s not enough counter space in this bathroom.


Unfortunately, Haack’s biggest complaint about her home doesn’t have an easy solution.

In her “Christina on the Coast” renovations, this designer is always sure to give her clients functional bathrooms, often with designated makeup vanities. However, her own bathroom doesn’t have a makeup vanity—and even worse, it doesn’t have the space to add one.

“It’s not really the best bathroom for getting ready,” Haack says, pointing out the lack of mirrors and limited counter space.

Her small bathroom shows why it’s so important for buyers to know what they need before shopping for houses—whether that’s ample kitchen counter space, a designated folding spot in the laundry room, or room for a makeup vanity in the bathroom. It’s important to know that you’ll have the feature you need, or at least the option to add it later.

Loves: Her closet with built-in shelves

Haack's closet has many convenient built-ins.
Haack’s closet has many convenient built-ins.


Haack’s closet is a masterpiece of organization, which is why it’s one of her favorite parts of the house. It features many built-ins, which is perfect for her accessories.

“I love the closet because I sort of have a thing for shoes, and it’s nice because they’re all on display,” she says.

Plus, the space is set up well. The closet is long and rectangular to provide plenty of space for hanging clothes, and it’s located in the perfect spot.

“This closet’s super-convenient because it’s literally right off the shower,” Haack says.