ways to make a seasonal style statement

ways to make a seasonal style statement

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  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for going all out with decorating our homes! Not content with purely dressing the tree and mantelpiece we are big fans of Christmas wall decor ideas to extend the decorating scheme to cover all four walls.

    Cocoon the room with festive decor by incorporating imaginative displays and captivating lights – call it a festive takeover for walls.

    Christmas wall decor ideas

    Make more of your vertical space by introducing decorations to walls. Whether it be garlands draped over picture frames or a waterfall of baubles hung from colourful ribbons, with a little imagination a creative Christmas idea can make a festive feature wall to suit. Read on to explore our creative Christmas wall decor ideas to inspire your seasonal decorating this year.

    1. Drape decorations from wall decor

    Image credit: Future/ Jamie Mason

    The easiest way to make more of existing wall decor, such as framed pictures and faux taxidermy, is to drape them with festive decorations. The frames and antlers in this living room provide the perfect angles to welcome hanging paper decorations and a string of tinsel dressed with colourful baubles.

    This idea could be adapted for shelves, bookcases and wall mirrors. Basically if there’s a frame, you can drape with festive accessories. Just be sure not to use heavy decorations, so they pose no threat of weighing items off the wall.

    2. Create a waterfall of baubles on pretty ribbons

    Baubles hanging on wall from ribbons

    Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

    Baubles and ornaments are not just for the tree! They Christmas staples can add a splash of colour, glamour and sparkle to any wall when suspended on delicate lengths of ribbon. Hang them from the top of door frames and picture rails to provide a plinth to secure the ribbons without being seen.

    If using this idea in a busy family household, with young children and pets, be sure to hang them up high – to avoid any temptation to pull them down. Use acrylic baubles to avoid any possibility of breakages.

    3. Welcome Christmas characters with wall decals

    Christmas gnome stickers above the mantelpiece

    Image credit: Stickers4walls.co.uk

    Welcome friendly Christmas characters to walls with reusable stickers. Gonks, Scandi-inspired gnomes are the latest craze of familiar faces for Christmas decorating – a big hit for family households.

    This set of stickers features traditional Nordic gnomes with a collection of holly leaves, berries, and pretty stars. Each sticker is individual, allowing you to create a bespoke design to suit your space. The reusable fabric wall stickers, are durable, reposition-able and best of all all without causing damage to walls.

    Add these cute characters to any room around your home this Christmas, from a child’s bedroom to the family living room.

    Buy now: Nordic Gnome Trio Wall Christmas Wall Decal, £47.99, Stickers4walls.co.uk

    4. Hang an alternative tree

    hanging wooden Christmas tree with lights

    Image credit: Ginger Ray

    Perfect for small living room ideas this Christmas wall decor idea is just the thing to add a tree without having to actually make room for a tree. Quirky wall hung tree designs are becoming a popular trend for those who want to avoid putting up a tree, you simply hang this alternative 45cm tall Christmas tree on the wall, year in year out.

    The structure is already dressed with LED lights and gives you a place to hang decorations, with the floorspace below providing the perfect spot to place present ‘under the tree’. This minimalist approach is ideal for a minimalist household, and best of all it can be used in any room.

    Buy now: Wall Hanging Christmas Tree with Lights, £15.99, Ginger Ray

    5. Replace a photo frame with a festive wreath

    Hallway with Christmas wreath

    Image credit: IKEA

    Swap out household staples, such as picture frames and mirrors, to hang festive decor on walls in hallways and living rooms. This simple idea allows for a changing of decor without too much effort, without any lasting impact on beautifully painted walls.

    This simple light up wreath is enough to give this hallway a magical touch of festive charm. White poinsettias in rustic baskets below add another simple seasonal finishing touch.

    6. Introduce illuminations

    Christmas neon lights

    Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

    What better way to make a wow statement with walls than with neon lights? The trend for characterful neon lights and signs is a hot one right now, meaning a Christmas design is a winning idea for 2021. This year the collection at John Lewis & Partners has something for every decorating scheme.

    7. Set the scene with stars

    Christmas star wall hanging

    Image credit: Quince & Cook

    A simple star shaped wall decoration is not just for Christmas, but when dressed with seasonal foliage it certainly feels dressed for the occasion. This galvanised star wall hanging is perfect for a hallway to store post and trinkets by the front door – practical and pretty. Simply pop a sprig of alpine foliage, real or faux, and it becomes part of the decorating scheme.

    Buy now: Wall Hanging Galvanised Star, £29, Quince & Cook

    7. Hang a branch to fill a wall with decorations

    baubles on ribbons hanging from a branch

    Image credit: Future

    Repurposed tree branches are the new must-have for stylist’s looking to add impact to a dining or living room decor for a seasonal celebration. The sculptural shape adds instant interest when hung above a dining table or projecting form a wall, as seen in this blue living room.

    This decorative branch has been lowered from a silk ribbon, tied in an elegant bow. Using the picture rail to secure with a nail keep it in place securely, keeping the fixing out of sight. The baubles are staggered at various heights to create a diamond-like shape.

    8. Adorn the walls with paper decorations

    blue painted hallway with paper decorations

    Image credit: Future

    Ideal to fill a hallway with festive cheer and seasonal accent colour paper decorations are a great choice. From paper pompoms to large fans, paper decorations fill a large area with ease – to make more of a bold statement.

    Best of all you can make your own decorations, that can be used for years to come – you could even have a family day of crafting to make them!

    9. Decorate kitchen walls

    Christmas tree sticker on kitchen wall

    Image credit: Stickers4walls.co.uk

    Include all rooms in a Christmas decorating scheme, especially kitchens as we spend a lot of the festive period here preparing festive feasts. A simple wall sticker is just the thing to welcome a signature touch of Christmas character – as this Christmas tree wall decal proves.

    10. Add a decorative hoop above a mantel


    Image credit: Future/ Dominic Blackmore

    The wall above a fireplace is the perfect place to add a hearty wreath or on-trend hoop of foliage. Tying together a Christmas living room decorating idea, by coordinating colour and decorations with the tree.

    Replace an over-mantel mirror with the seasonal decoration to change up the decor especially for Christmas. The hanging tool, be it nail or hook, will already be in place – so you’re not damaging walls in order to hang decorations.

    11. Create a wall of family photos

    IKEA alternative Christmas tree

    Image credit: IKEA

    The simple Scandi-inspired alternative tree is a wall decoration. The hanging structure is familiar to the silhouette of a tree, to act in place of a real one. The beauty of this one is that it can be hung on the wall and offers a personalised element.

    Try dressing it with photos of loved ones. Whether styled to perfection with polaroids or dressed with old snapshots of festive family fun from the photo albums, this is a great way to welcome all to Christmas in your home.

    12. Keep it simple

    Living room

    For an understated, minimal effort approach drape simple sprigs of foliage over existing picture frames, lights fittings and wall ornaments. A simple touch of festive foliage offers a nod to seasonal decorating, without having to go OTT.

    How can I decorate my walls for Christmas?

    You can decorate walls for Christmas in a number of creative ways. Firstly there’s the classic Christmas wall decor idea of hanging a seasonal wreath. Hanging a wreath in place of wall art is an easy solution, because the fixtures are already in place to dress the wall.

    Baubles gently cascading down walls on lengths of colourful ribbon is a stylist’s trick for filling a bare walls with interest and colour.

    Wall stickers are a popular way of decorating walls for the festive season. Reusable designs allow for decoration to be added year after year in any room, without damaging the paint work.

    Alternative wall-mounted hanging Christmas trees are another fabulous way to dress walls for the holidays. Great for small spaces this stylish alternative provides a place to hang lights and baubles, without having to make space for a tree.

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