• Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Watch: Hunter Schafer Dances, Faints + Wears a Bag on Her Head in New Prada ‘Galleria’ Campaign Film

We freely admit, we’ve had quite enough of cold, hard reality at this point, and are now seeking as much escapism as possible – especially if it involves Hunter Schafer, frilly decoration, and an operatic soundtrack.

And so we’re giddily in love with the new campaign short film for the Prada Galleria bag (launched in 2007, and named for the famous Milan shopping arcade), starring Ms. Schafer, a pair of clear, old-fashioned pushbutton telephones, and a cool vintage television set. Directed by celebrated young French Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan (The Death & Life of John F. Donovan, It’s Only the End of the World, the Adele ‘Hello’ video), it opens with the flamboyantly attired, and as always ethereally gorgeous trans model trying on earrings, as an unidentified but piercingly melancholy aria – we couldn’t pinpoint it, alas – sets the musical mood. Her lavender Galleria bag sits elegantly on the bed amidst the visual chaos of an eccentrically, baroquely decorated bedroom (it must be Paris).

The music suddenly turns upbeat, and Schafer takes to moving exuberantly about the room, playing with her laundry, pretending to faint whilst reading what must surely be some utterly scandalous text (Lady Chatterly’s Lover, perhaps?), and then dancing wildly with her Galleria bag fitted onto her head – because…why not?

It’s precisely the sort of extravagant frivolity we need right now, after 15 months of pandemic-imposed anxiety and worry. It also might just be a metaphor for the emotional release that has accompanied the cautious optimism brought on by the recent success of the vaccination programs.

But in regards to dancing with with a Prada Galleria bag on one’s head, all we can say is: Please do try this at home.