Wall Decor Items: Wall sculptures for a big and bold statement | Most Searched Products

Wall Decor Items: Wall sculptures for a big and bold statement | Most Searched Products

Wall sculptures have a statement appeal and fill a blank space with aesthetically pleasing personality. Wall decoration can feel intimidating when one is clueless about the starting point. Even though it is easier to leave the walls empty, blank walls can easily make a living space outdated and boring. Sculptures that can be easily installed on the wall will breathe new life into your room and making it the talk of the evening. For creating an impressive wall decor for the living room, you should first decide the art theme you might be interested in for decor. Themes that are generally loved by residents are nature-inspired, folk art and more. If you are looking for ideas for the wall decor of your living room, check out our picks below:

The tree of life represents the afterlife and connection between the earth and heaven as per Celtic traditions. The tree with spread out branches is one of the most-loved motifs that replicated in various forms in home décor. This wall decoration piece is crafted from metal and it measures 31 inches in length and 28 inches in height.

This wall décor also features beautiful birds sitting on branches and will look exquisite in your living room.

This set of circular plates can be installed in the living room on the wall behind the couch or in the bedroom above the headboard. This wall sculpture is finished in a rugged metallic finish that looks glamorous and modern.

The diameter of the circular pieces ranges from 16 inches to 6 inches.

This leaf wall sculpture is for individuals who are looking for smaller-sized wall art. The gilded leaf motif measures 25 by 2 by 25 centimetres. The leaf motif has a dotted texture and is made from metal.

The sculpture is powder-coated and will remain rust-free.

This wall sculpture is purely handcrafted from rich metals that finished by hand-done processes. The multi-dimensional metal wall art in flamed steel and colour tinted will dress up your wall and make it look glamorous. The dark-hued sculpture all kinds of wall paints-be it light or dark. This wall sculpture can also be installed at the entryway.

The wall art measures 51 inches in width and 23 inches in height.

This tribal-inspired wall art showcases women playing musical instruments. The wall art is made from a highly reflective material that will stand out and make your living wall worth staring at. The sculpture measures 30 inches in length and 14 inches in height.

The linear wall art can also be installed in hallways and above doorways.

This assortment of origami-inspired plates will create an interesting detail to your wall that will impress onlookers. The textural look of the plates creates an arresting visual appeal that will elevate the looks of your home.

This wall sculpture measures 56 inches in width and 35 inches in height.

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