Top Reasons Why Wall Art Matters in Our Interior Designing

Top Reasons Why Wall Art Matters in Our Interior Designing

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Designing a home is one of the most rewarding experiences any homeowner could have. It is an excellent opportunity to express your personal interior-design preferences and needs that will simply be a representation of you. From choosing a particular piece of furniture to displaying all kinds of decorative items, the entire process of interior designing is just fulfilling. 

However, homeowners often get carried away with choosing the perfect sofa style for the living room or the color palette for the kitchen that they overlook one very important aspect and that is their walls. Decorating the wall space is actually considered vital as it has the ability to provide certain character and charm to a living space which may otherwise lack that.

So, if you are tired of looking at your bland walls and want to bring some life to them, take a look at the top five reasons why displaying beautiful wall art decorations is a must in the interior design process.

Serves as the focal point

One of the most basic principles in interior design is that every room should have a focal point. This is usually a striking element that draws attention as soon as an individual walks into the room. While most people choose their furniture pieces as their focal point, others opt for unique wall art to make a statement.

The dilemma homeowners usually struggle with when creating a focal point with an artful piece is where to display it. For example, the spaces above the living room sofa or the fireplace are the two most common areas where wall art is often showcased. They are basically the first things we see when we walk into the room, so it makes sense that the wall decoration is hung there.

Also, another deciding factor is the size of the wall art which should be big enough so it doesn’t overpower anything else in the room.

Provides instant colour palette

The great thing about interior design is that they are all kinds of styles people can choose from to decorate their home with. Some like the traditional or Scandinavian interior design styles usually include a neutral colour palette which can be broken off with a piece of multicoloured wall art decoration.

So, if the predominant shades of your interior’s colour scheme are white, grey or beige, then you can add a little bit of subtle vibrancy with a canvas print or a tapestry with lively hues. Not only will you be able to make a statement with it, but you will also bring a certain charm to the space.

Or, you can start backward and decide on your interior’s colour palette around the shades of your wall art. If the piece includes tones of pastel orange or light green, then you can implement decorative accessories such as pillows and throws with similar colours.

Completes the space

Having empty or poorly decorated wall spaces will make the room appear unfinished even though it is packed with lots of furniture pieces and other decorative items. The walls actually serve as blank canvases which should be painted on in order to provide a sense of completion to the entire living space.

An effective way of choosing the perfect wall art decoration for your home is to opt for the one that will match the rest of your interior design. For example, canvas prints with soft shades will certainly make your modern living room space or dining room area feel instantly complete. 

That’s why it is important that you make the right choice for your wall art because it will be something that you will look at every day. It is considered the finishing touch that will turn your room from functional to both practical and fabulous.

Offers versatility

Wall art decorations aren’t only limited to canvas prints and framed photos. In fact, there are other options you can choose from which can also seamlessly blend into your home interior.

For example, wall mirrors have recently become very popular as they are able to lighten and brighten up any living space. They come in numerous styles, sizes and shapes making them an excellent wall art substitute for the empty wall spaces in your living room, bedroom or even hallway. In fact, the framed mirror with diamond squares is one of the most sought-after mirror styles for foyers as they give a new sense of dimension to an otherwise small area.

If you are looking for a more unique wall art decoration, then tapestries are the perfect choice for you. They also come in many styles, shapes and designs and can be hung in creative ways to add more vibrancy and character into the space.

Displaying wall art principles

Even after you choose your perfect wall art decoration, you come to the point where you aren’t sure how to properly display it. So, in order to do this correctly, you should follow the main principles of showcasing your art pieces to create a well-designed interior.

The first rule of thumb you should remember is to hang your wall art at eye level. According to interior designers, this is usually 60 to 65 inches from the floor so the art will be easily noticeable and proportionate with the furniture.

Another aspect you should consider is the size of the wall art. If you opt for a smaller piece, there is a possibility that your art decoration will get lost in the space. Also, bigger pieces may overwhelm the surroundings, so choosing the right size art decoration is the best way to go. That’s why it is important that you take all measurements before displaying your art.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for ways to enhance the tone, feel and appearance of your interior, then stunning wall art decorations are the perfect choice. Their versatility provides an instant pop of colour and texture to any living space that can easily make the room feel finished. All you have to do is consider your interior design style and choose an artful piece that will fulfill your empty wall spaces.

In case you need a reminder of why wall art matters in the interior design process, make sure you read our guide and learn about the importance of this vital element. 

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