Top 8 home design trends for 2022

Top 8 home design trends for 2022

Our homes are increasingly evolving into places of refuge as the challenges of the ongoing pandemic and changing demographics push design innovation.

Homeowners want soothing natural/organic styles, “cleaner” kitchens and baths, flexible work/living spaces, colors inspired by nature and accommodations for year-round outdoor entertaining. Baby boomers are remodeling to realign an empty nest with new interests, or to better age in place. And more millennials are becoming homeowners, with many seeking a lighter, sleeker style with a high level of function integrated into that style, whether from high-quality space design or by integrating technology.

“Stresses from the outside world are driving homeowners to create more tranquil spaces at home,” says Barbara Miller, design director at Neil Kelly. “We’ve never spent this much time in our homes before and people are drawn to design styles that are psychologically soothing.” Neil Kelly’s team of expert designers share predictions for the top home design and renovation trends for 2022.

1.       As homeowners seek tranquil, clutter-free homes, one design style will rise to the top of the list: Natural/organic. This style incorporates shapes, colors and textures found in nature. People will move away from the contemporary design style toward a style that features the warmer browns, greens and blues, as well as curving lines, found in nature. “Bringing the outside in can help people feel more grounded,” Miller says.

2.      Nature-inspired colors: The color trend is moving away from all-white or all-gray kitchens and bathrooms to the use of more color. Nature-inspired colors like green, blue and brown are hot. “Green is really having a moment as you can see in Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog and Benjamin Moore’s October Mist,” Miller says.

3.       Black as an accent color: Black pairs well with other neutrals, is gorgeous on cabinets and really pops with metallic hardware. But keep in mind: A little black goes a long way. Black elements add drama and sophistication, but they can overwhelm a space that is white or brightly colored.

4.      “Cleaner” kitchens: One pandemic effect is an increased interest in health, hygiene and sanitation. There is growing demand for easy-to-clean surfaces and materials such as porcelain counters, touchless fixtures, and sanitation/recycling hubs.

5.           Tile in nontraditional shapes:  Homeowners are looking beyond classic gray and white subway tiles and exploring different colors, sizes and patterns. Herringbone tile works well as an accent, compared to using square or rectangular tile exclusively. Hexagonal tiles are especially strong for floors. Also, look for interesting, tone-on-tone patterns.

6.       Bidets and bathroom safety: If you don’t know someone who recently installed a bidet, you may soon! Americans are discovering bidets are more sanitary and offer less waste than tissue.

Popular upgrades include adding aging-in-place features such as: wider access for walkers, easy to reach vanities, curbless showers with high-contrast tile, safety bars and enhanced lighting.

7.       Additions, backyard cottages and ADUs: More homeowners will look to add to existing homes because of a tight real estate market including: second-floor additions, basement conversions and accessory swelling units. Flexible space is especially attractive to artists, makers and those working from home.

8.       Outdoor entertaining may have started as a way to safely gather with friends and family but outdoor living is here to stay. And for many, this lifestyle extends to all four seasons. Decks and patios are becoming an extension of home and offer built-in storage, dedicated furnishings, full-sized appliances, full bars, smart technology/media and comfort controls.

Neil Kelly Company is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most trusted remodelers. Our award-winning designers and expert craftspeople are ready to help create a space that is beautiful, functional and perfectly suited to you and your family.

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