Tips to decorate your home for Pongal

Tips to decorate your home for Pongal

Pongal is a festival that is mostly celebrated by the people of Southern India, to commemorate the Harvest season and show gratitude to the Sun god for prosperity and blessings throughout the year. The traditional ways of decorating your home for Pongal would be to hang Mango leaves at the entrance, make a Rangoli (flower or coloured powder art) on the lawn and serve food on banana leaves. In traditional homes, we see a series of three pots, placed on top of the other, with overflowing rice to signify prosperity. Here we shares a few tips to liven up your home with small decorations that are easy to arrange, eco-friendly and sustainable.


You could decorate the entrance of your home with gorgeous flower petals or powder rangoli. You could make amazing designs with any medium. You could paste rangoli stickers around your house as well.

Long sugarcanes, pots, green leaves

In keeping with the most traditional decorations, you could bring some long sugarcanes, arrange them in a triangular formation, and keep some pots at the center. Place three or more pots on top of one another and decorate them. These pots with overflowing rice, milk and jaggery would bring warmth and prosperity to your homes.

String lights

Add some light in your home by hanging string lights in multiple colours in every window. You could also bunch them up and put them in glass jars and keep them on windowsills. You could also pot a plant and make things greener.

Paper decorations and recycled decorations

A sustainable and eco-friendly decoration is paper streamers. It is inexpensive and easy to arrange. You could recycle old sea shells, or trinkets and hang them. You could paint some clay trinkets and hang them too.

Hand painted bowls, napkins, and trays

An inexpensive and vibrant way of adding some depth and energy to your room is to place some hand-painted bowls, plates and spoons on the dining table. You could paint some quirky design on a vase or paint around a mirror, or place some magnets on the refrigerator to make your room look quirky and colourful.

Banana leaves as the primary decoration

Pongal is a festival that symbolises prosperity. Hence, the dominant theme in Pongal gathering would be green, or yellow. You could place banana leaves on plates and wrap glasses with banana leaves to bring more green to the dining table. You could hang some banana leaves as streamers around the room too.

Diyas and candles

Hand-painted and handmade diyas add a very personal, aesthetic and Indian touch to any room. You ought to be careful with placing the diyas as they could potentially be a fire hazard. You could also make some candles or buy some scented candles for your room. It would light up the room, and also make the room smell aromatic.

Colourful Kites

Kids often fly kites during Pongal. You could use these kites to decorate your room. Make sure to choose the most colourful kites and place them on walls or behind your sofas to turn your room into the most glorious colour spectacle.

Like all festivals, during Pongal, family, friends, near and dear ones come together and celebrate. This is a festival of togetherness and love. If you feel like giving your loved ones something healthy and eco-friendly, you could opt for luxury organic cotton bed sheets and towels. This is carefully curated bedding that would help your loved ones have a safe and hearty bedroom. You could also gift them handmade cards or hand-painted goods. Here’s welcoming 2021 with open arms.

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