Tips on how to buy a waterfront estate

Tips on how to buy a waterfront estate

Many people are looking forward to going on a trip to the sea. However, the quality of rest depends on many factors. Of course, you can rent a hotel room or just a room, but there is nothing better than having a good rest in your own house or apartment. When choosing a property near the water, try to get acquainted in detail with the available housing. Remember that the phrase “house by the water” can cover many different things. For some people, this means that they can see the sea from the window of their house, in other cases it may turn out that the coast is only a few minutes away. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify this point from the very beginning. When buying a land plot or a ready-made house via the Internet, you can immediately assess their location on the map.

A house by the sea is a dream for many of us, and if there is an opportunity to realize this dream, the option should be ideal and win-win, meeting all our needs. Buying a property in Dubai is your ideal option for buying luxury real estate by the sea. Everyone would like their future house to be special, unique, spacious and cozy, and its location should not only be good, comfortable, safe, quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also have all the benefits of civilization. At the same time, it should be closer to the sea. People want as many sunny days as possible in the year, we need to breathe clean air, admire the picturesque views and listen to the sound of only sea waves, so that there are always fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as delicious fish all year round.

What is important to know before choosing a property?

Interior design and decoration

When choosing apartments in Dubai, you should not neglect the importance of interior decoration. If you are interested in an attractive and modern building on the coast, there are many options that you need to consider before you come across something worthwhile. Often in the real estate market there are houses with minimal repairs. And you will have to spend more than one month to get what you want. Therefore, if you are buying a property, choose one that is renovated with European quality or without any interior decoration. When buying a house by the sea, it is important to be careful. Sometimes you can buy non-residential real estate. This can be a service object or a place of entertainment. Non-residential buildings are characterized by the lack of good heating, in addition, from time to time there may be no electricity. And if there is a cafe in the same building, smells from the kitchen and loud music can get you into all kinds of trouble. When buying a Waterfront Estate, it is important to always check on communications. So, for example, when you come to your house in winter, you can just freeze. External and internal walls should be thoroughly examined. It is important to know the thickness of the walls, inspect the load-bearing structures and study the thermal insulation. It is better to entrust this examination to a specialist.


You should note that it is undoubtedly a great luxury to own a waterfront estate. To make the right choice and not be disappointed later, you need to take some steps and consider the following points:

Carefully study the area where your future property is located, and find out if there is everything you may need for a comfortable stay. If the main road is far away, if there are shops, pharmacies, medical institutions, cafes, restaurants in the immediate vicinity. How long and in what way you can get to the city center and other important places for you, as well as whether there are public transport stops nearby.

Emirates.Estate recommends that you get all the detailed information from a professional real estate agent or real estate agency without wasting time.

The most reliable option is to rent a house for a while in order to “feel” your future place of residence. You will be able to get acquainted with your neighbors and, perhaps, find something in common with them, immerse yourself in local life and feel its colour.

Please note that real estate in the immediate vicinity of the sea, especially in Dubai, will naturally cost you more than a house in the coastal zone. Choose what you can afford: studio, apartment, 2- or 3-bedroom house.

Time of residence

Decide for yourself how often and how long you will live in this house. If your visits are short, from time to time, a waterfront estate can be rented out for a season or for a longer period. Thus, your purchase also becomes a profitable investment. Moreover, a house by the sea is not only a dream come true. This is a kind of guarantee for the future for you and your family. This is real estate that can become a permanent source of income and that you can leave it for your children.


Waterfront property is often at a high risk of flooding, earthquakes or hurricanes. Find a proper insurance company to minimize the risk if the property is destroyed.

Emirates.Estate will help you find a waterfront estate

Therefore, of course, the decision to buy real estate requires careful study and critical understanding! Qualified and experienced specialists of our will always help you with this.

Emirates.Estate wishes your house by the sea to become a favorite and native place, the place where you can relax and unwind, enjoy a comfortable environment and pleasant communication with loved ones. Let your new waterfront estate become a place of unforgettable impressions and amazing discoveries.

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