Tips on finding the right bed for you

Tips on finding the right bed for you

Do you know why not every bedroom bed in furniture stores is the right one for you? Or what influences its price and what can you save on without losing sleep quality? Here’s the article to help you learn all you need about the most important characteristics of your special room.

Today we will help you choose the perfect bed for your bedroom – let’s make it elegant, functional, stylish and, at the same time, pleasant to the wallet.

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Take into consideration the proportions of the space

The bed usually occupies the largest part of the bedroom, and when the area is small, choosing the right model is even more complicated.

To avoid crowding in small rooms, opt for a simple frame, made of metal or wood, which is provided with storage drawers or top shelves. If the size of the bedroom gives you more opportunities, you can opt for massive beds, such as those with solid structure and imposing boards.

Parameters of length, width, height

These figures seem to be obvious, but know that they are the ones to determine the volume of the material used by the manufacturers and, possibly, the price of the bed. Now, do we choose a double bed or a single one… or two single ones to set them up as one double? 

The width of a double bed varies from 160 cm to 200 cm, the single bed – from 120 cm to 140 cm. Moreover, the standard length is 190-200 cm. Important! In order to ensure your sleep is really comfortable, the length of the bed should be 15-20 cm longer than your height.

As for the general height of the bed frame, this largely depends on personal taste and preferences. Low-legged models are typically used in interior styles such as hi-tech, minimalism, scandinavian or oriental ones. High beds are more comfortable for the elderly, because they are easier to sleep on and get up from. The height is considered optimal when the mattress is at or slightly above the knee.

Take into account the style of the room

A simple method to harmonize the design of the bed with that of the room is to choose one with a headboard characteristic of a certain decorative style.


A simple wooden headboard fits a modern decor, one with many ornaments is more suitable for a classic decor, and a wrought iron headboard will look great in an industrial decor. This alternative is easy to put into practice when renovating a bedroom, because you don’t replace the whole bed, but only its headboard.

Which material should one choose for the bed model?

The most economical option for a bed frame is PAL or MDF panels without soft textile upholstery. They can be decorated like natural wood and look very presentable, even though the price is not too large. Still, as not all modern furniture manufacturers use high quality materials, we recommend that you buy beds from furniture factories that have a good reputation and offer a guarantee for their products.

Among other things, in our catalog, you can find models of cheap beds with soft upholstery of different colors and fabrics, all according to your preferences.

The base

A healthy sleep starts not with the mattress but with the base of the bed. Now, many stores offer  bedding models with a solid plywood base. If you put on an expensive orthopedic mattress, chances are there would be no difference compared to a budget mattress in terms of sleep quality.

For this reason, it is worth opting for a base with orthopedic slats. They are useful not only for protecting the health of the spine during sleep, but also for maximizing the properties of the mattress. As a result, you will have a good night’s sleep, and in the morning you will feel refreshed and rested. The slats provide the necessary ventilation for the mattress, avoiding the formation of mold. Birch blades have an optimal ratio of strength and elasticity.

Backrest at the head

These items are not mandatory and serve more for decoration and to provide increased comfort. For example, it is much more convenient to lean on a high soft back when reading a book before bed.

Storage space

Certainly, one of the attributes needed is the presence of a storage compartment. Imagine: seasonal clothes, blankets, carpets and pillows, bed linen, children’s toys – all these can be stored compactly in a special compartment, which can be accessed using a simple lifting mechanism.

This is a very convenient and practical solution, with the help of which you can save up space without having to buy an extra chest of drawers for your bedroom. This lifehack can also help you free up more shelves from your closet. 

Choose with your partner

When sleeping in a bed with another person, it is advisable to choose the bed for your bedroom together. This way, you will be able to see if it is large enough for both of you.

In addition, you could both analyze the bed from the point of view of your own desires and needs, so that, in the end, you make the right decision for both parties.

Don’t make decisions in a hurry

This piece of furniture is an investment for the future, so you need to take some time and pay attention to choosing the right model. Think about the design, look and proportions you want, then test different beds to convince yourself of the comfort it offers. And don’t worry, you’ll have a lot of options from which you can choose your favorite one.

Finding the perfect bed can take some time, but with a little patience and attention to detail, you will find the right model that meets your needs, both aesthetically and functionally. To make sure you make the best decision, we recommend that you consider our catalog before making a purchase.

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