• Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

This year’s West Plains Home & Garden Show rescheduled to 2022 | Free

The Southern Missouri Builders Association announced that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2021 West Plains Home & Garden Show will be rescheduled from the March 2021 date to March 4 and 5, 2022.

“The Builders Association had hoped that the pandemic would be controlled sufficiently this summer in order to be possible to move the 29th annual Home & Garden Show from the early March date to June 2021,” said SMBA Associate Executive Mary Mike Taylor. “However, the pandemic is still very active and after reviewing the limitations and adjustments to the event that would be required to in order to hold it in June 2021, the Board of Directors and the Home & Garden Show Committee have regretfully decided to postpone the Show until March 4 and 5, the first weekend in March 2022.”

The West Plains Civic Center and the city of West Plains worked hard with the association in efforts to salvage the 2021 Home & Garden Show, said Taylor.

“They really tried to make it possible,” she said.

Earning the appreciation of the association for their heroic efforts to try find a way to continue as planned are civic center Director Eryn Walters and employees Tim Dean, Jim Weaver, Merrill Wood, Mike Boddy, Mary Ann Lawrence and Bill Biehl, along with City of West Plains Community Services Director Todd Shanks and City Administrator Tom Stehn.

Despite those efforts, the restrictions for shows and large gatherings are anticipated to continue even into June, said Taylor, and that will mean that a June show will not be feasible for exhibitors, attendees and the Southern Missouri Builders Association.

Necessary limits on the number of people permitted to be in a given space at the same time means that, not only will attendance be limited, but the number of exhibitor booths and volunteers to help the show run smoothly will also be significantly reduced, Taylor pointed out.

Exhibitors who registered for the 2021 show may call Taylor at the Southern Missouri Builders Association at 256-2422 or email [email protected]