This Company Aims to Make it Easier for Small Investors to Become a Big-Time Real Estate Tycoons
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This Company Aims to Make it Easier for Small Investors to Become a Big-Time Real Estate Tycoons

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Written by Jason Kobely

Arrived Homes

Everybody’s got their own tactics for battling inflation. But if you truly want an inside track on how to safeguard your assets from the ravages of price increases, keep a close eye on how the most profitable organizations in the world manage their money.

As profit goes, few groups can touch the returns of the Blackstone Group, the world’s largest private equity firm. Despite a volatile market and uncertain economic times ahead, Blackstone just tallied “the most remarkable results” in the company’s most recent earnings report, nearly doubling its net income during Q4 2020. The runaway biggest driver of that profit explosion? Rental housing.

If a company dedicated to using money to make money can be floored by returns in the current soaring U.S. rental property market, then the average investor should definitely investigate an opportunity like Arrived Homes. Unlike billion-dollar investment firms, Arrived Homes is bringing the lucrative world of rental property ownership right to the average investor, allowing savvy entrepreneurs to build wealth in a market that’s even outpacing the venerable S&P 500.

With high-powered backers like Amazon and Salesforce CEOs Jeff Bezos and Marc Benioff, Arrived Homes launched last year offering a wide range of options for buying fractional shares in some of the top-performing rental home locations in the U.S.

Rather than doing the legwork themselves, investors can browse through the Arrived Homes roster of available rental homes. In locations ranging from Georgia and Arizona to Colorado and North Carolina, Arrived Homes’ team identifies and purchases rental properties based on their short- and long-term income potential. Once a property joins the Arrived Homes portfolio, investors can go to Arrived Homes’ website and check out everything about the property and decide how many shares of the home they want to own.

Reviewing terms and making the purchase shaves several months and thousands of dollars off the usual property buying process, making it simple for new owners to then sit back and watch their investment start making returns. Shares are available for as low as $100, though the average buyer is putting in over $2,000 into Arrived Homes properties, with some tallying portfolios more than $200,000 in value.

And that ownership comes without all the headaches usually associated with being a landlord. The Arrived Homes team handles all property management duties, so investors can just enjoy their stake in monthly rental income, as well as the much greater appreciation value, as their homes value grows at real estate’s currently accelerated pace. “(Arrived Homes) gives you clear and concise research in analytics to help you make your decision,” said Arrived Homes investor Clarissa in her Google review. “They make the investment process easy.”

Whether you’re ready to dabble in real estate or looking for a serious weapon against inflation, Arrived Homes offers opportunities to suit all investment levels. Head over to the Arrived Homes website and check out their available properties to find out what’s available for as little as $100.