• Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

Things to do in the garden this week | Home & Garden


Sep 14, 2021 , ,


Top-dress turfgrass with compost or milorganite now. This is best done after the lawn is core-aerated first. There’s no need to remove the core plugs.

Loss of inner needles of otherwise healthy conifers is a normal, seasonal occurrence and is most readily noticeable at this time on pine trees.

Plant most spring-flowering bulbs anytime now as they become available in garden centers. Tulips are best stored temporarily in a cool, dark location until the soils cool down in October.

Begin readying houseplants{!–BriefBoldBulletStart–} for winter indoors. Prune rampant top growth and any roots protruding from drainage holes. Closely inspect leaves and stems for pests and treat if necessary.

Pick pears before they are fully mature and fall off the tree. Ripen in a cool, dark location such as the floor of a basement, cushioned below and covered above by many thicknesses of newspaper.