The sun’s heat on Earth has doubled in 15 years

The sun’s heat on Earth has doubled in 15 years

What happened 15 years ago? This is 2006 and according to the Chinese zodiac it is the year of the dog. NASA launches the New Horizons Probe and Germany hosts the 18th edition of the FIFA World Cup. Since then, much has happened, including the arrival of the probe on Pluto and three other editions of the World Cup. And a lot of things are a lot worse. In 15 years, between 2005 and 2020, the amount of solar radiation captured on Earth’s surface and in the oceans doubled.

Our planet receives “unprecedented” heat from the sun. New research shows the earth is collapsing. This study, published in the Scientific Journal Geophysical Research Letters by NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists, is a clear signal.

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Earth is moving faster than the boundaries that allowed civilizations to thrive. In general, it has a planet “budget”. It absorbs some energy from the sun and returns its equivalent and opposite amount back into space. But the scale is more unbalanced.

Scientists have studied this energy imbalance. At present, it absorbs 0.3% more energy than the planet is sending back into space. This remaining energy must do something. The end result is more heat. You can see for sure that everyday life is hotter than it was 15 years ago.

To collect the data, the researchers looked for information examined by satellites above the atmosphere, to see what kind of energy was coming and going. They also used a network of autonomous floats to collect data over the upper 2,000 meters of the ocean, where 90% of the heat is stored.

Two datasets show that the Earth has almost doubled the amount of heat it has received since 2005. The negative trend has been confirmed, with the researchers saying both data sources agree.

Energy from the sun is not sent back into space. Image: Trif /

According to Gregory Johnson, a marine scientist at NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and study co – author, heat equals dropping four atomic bombs per second on Hiroshima. Changes in cloud cover and surface reflection are the main causes.

Clouds are affected by climate change as well as natural phenomena such as El Nino and Pacific decadal oscillation. Rising temperatures, on the other hand, are changing the Earth’s reflection as the Arctic Ocean ice melts. Therefore, dark sea water absorbs more heat. Carbon dioxide and other types of human pollution also contribute to the imbalance.

Norman Loeb, a researcher at NASA’s Longley Research Center, who led the study, said, “Global warming, rising sea levels, more extreme weather conditions, etc. are all things that people are interested in that are positive energy imbalances. Said.

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