The Recorder – Real Estate Transactions: Feb. 5, 2021

The Recorder – Real Estate Transactions: Feb. 5, 2021


Joseph A. Corkum to BD Construction LLC. 631 Chestnut St. $115,000.

Robert E. Nolette Jr. to Kenneth J. Quigley. 2975 Gulf Road. $490,000.

Clovine E. Sahagian and Kristen Furnari to Katreena B. Larson. 81 Harrington St. $190,000.

Francis X. Savoy to Anthony J. Bernardi and Jennifer L. Bernardi. 30 Maple St. $215,000.

Vasco Costa to 21 Cherry St. Corporation. 105 Prospect St. $105,000.

Christopher Burke to CJW Royalston LLC. 671 South Athol Road. $129,900.

Kenneth Choiniere to Oakland Development Company LLC. West Royalston Road. $20,000.


Gardener F. Merritt and Lesley A. Merritt to Chester A. Phillips. 924 Brattleboro Road. $290,000.

Michael J. Holden and Tracey K. Holden to Kristie M. Timberlake and Claudia Vearling. 631 Fox Hill Road. $400,000.


David Arfa, B. Kim Erslev, Justin T. Loughry and Leah McGarry-Morris to Andrew M. Achenbach and Emily J. Devoto. State Street and 16 Wilde Road. $77,000.

Judy A. Willis and Paul L. Willis to Clessons River Farm Realty Trust, Adam W. Griffin, Melissa M. Griffin, Judy A. Willis and Paul L. Willis, trustees. Upper Road/Route 112. $1.

Dennis F. Patterson, Cynthia M. Weeks and Patricia K. Weeks to Anya L. MacMillan and Scott L. MacMillan. 2 Charlemont Road. $517,000.


North River LLC to Norman Ward and Sandra Ward. High Street. $1,000.

Wells Nominee Trust, Meryl Beth Wells, trustee, to Dennis F. Patterson and Cynthia M. Weeks. 318 North Green River Road/381 North Green River Road. $297,500.

Heather E. Garey “aka” Heather E. Sonn to Lisa J. Genetelli. 4 Avery Hill Road. $183,000.


Ellen Macleish Zale to David Clark and Molly Lynch. 54 Maple St. $245,000.


Timothy J. Fazio to Madison E. Roccio and Issac N. Sisum. 400 Legate Hill Road. $210,000.


Heather E. Garey “aka” Heather E. Sonn to Lisa J. Genetelli. 4 Avery Hill Road. $183,000.


Karen W. Savage to John G. Savage Realty Corp. Lower Road. $1.

Frank S. Yazwinski III to Frank S. Yazwinski III Nominee Trust, Frank S. Yazwinski III, trustee. Old Main Street, Pogues Hole Road, Round Pond Road, Great Pond Road, Old Ferry Road, Little Meadow Road, Broughtons Pond Road, Jingle Hill Road, Pine Nook Road and Greenfield Road. $1.

Lyndon L. Scott Revocable Trust, Donald M. Scott, personal representative, trustee and individually, and Lyndon L. Scott Estate, Lynn M. Sibley, trustee and personal representative, to Elizabeth R. Scott. Whately Road. $1.


Kristie M. Timberlake and Claudia Vearling to Eve J. Brown-Waite and John F. Waite. 46 Mountain Road. $450,000.


Christopher H. Martenson to Jorge Alberto Vasquez Quintanilla and Mayra Carolina Escobar Quintanilla. 30 River St. $246,500.

Deborah Katz to Douglas Simon. 19 Prospect St. $105,000.

Aleashia J. Pease to Aleashia J. Pease and John R. Wolfe Jr. 88 Beech St. $1.

Carmela Semonelli to Lauren A. Romag and Jeffrey W. Whitney. 9 Cherry St. $300,000.


Heather A. Marquis and Julia K.L. Marquis to Edward James Costello IV and Kristine Costello. Mohawk Estates/Modoc Street. $10,000.

Dawud Abdallah Estate, Tabari S. Abdallah, personal representative, to Jennifer Smith and Michael Smith. 142 Colrain Stage Road. $3,300.


Derian M. Nerya “aka” Derian M. Neyra to Catherine Bryant and Craig Bryant. 4 Church St. $217,000.

Trisha L. Dana “aka” Trisha L.D. Mieczkowski to Trisha L. Dana. 6 Hillside Road. $1.

William J. Doyle IV to Katie R. Sabourin. 94 Turnpike Road. $269,900.

Jarad Weeks to Samuel I. Baker. 29 Greenfield Road. $335,000.


Barbara L. Hawley to Timothy J. Fazio. 21 Stone Hill Road. $299,900.


Norway Spruce Realty Trust, Michael L. Humphries, trustee, to Community Bible Church of Northfield Massachusetts. 105 Main St. $360,000.


Whiting Real Estate Trust, Kim Pratt, trustee, to Richard D. Valcourt Sr. 5 State Road. $32,500.


Elizabeth Nye Holmes Trust, Benjamin Nye Holmes and Sarah Nye Holmes, trustees, to Benjamin Nye Holmes and Sarah Nye Holmes. 240 Tully Road. $1.

John L. Drew to Angela M. Walker. Dusty Lane. $1.

Jean M. Smith to Julie A. Caouette. 113 New Athol Road, Unit 35, Pioneer Place Condominium. $1.

Jason A. Zanga and Kathleen C. Zanga to Agbenyo Dika and Ivy Dika 241 Walnut Hill Road. $245,900.


Marguerite B. Houghton to Marguerite B. Houghton Revocable Trust, Marguerite B. Houghton, trustee. Millers Falls Road/71 Montague Road. $1.


Judith Markland to Judith Markland and William D. Saunders. 106 North St. $1.

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