The perfect interior decoration ideas for a brand new bedroom

The perfect interior decoration ideas for a brand new bedroom

Coming up with bedroom decor ideas that feel unique to you, but remain functional and aesthetically pleasing, can be a challenge. When you’re trying to balance the many elements of a great bedroom, a couple of key factors come to mind – finding the best mattress size for your space, ensuring you’re investing in high-quality pieces that are durable and easy to set up, and of course, making sure your bedroom remains a space of comfort and coziness.

There are a couple of ways you can make sure you’re keeping your interior decoration ideas for your bedroom practical, easy to execute, and budget-friendly. Here are some of our top tips:

Tip #1: Finding Bedroom Colors That Speak To You

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Every great interior decoration idea comes with a theme or color scheme that helps build the shell of your space. Avoiding primary colors, which tend to be overly saturated and can actually stimulate your brain too much when you’re trying to wind down and get to sleep at night, is a great way to kick start your decor project.

Try sticking to pastel shades, or muted versions of your favorite bold colors, for a bedroom that’s going to both look good and feel comforting and inviting to sleep in. If you’re worried about things getting too dull, try to keep things limited to a color scheme or family, that way, your brain can begin associating a certain combination of shades with a space that is naturally restful and relaxing.

Another way to introduce color to your bedroom is by simply using a few bold accent pieces to offset a monochrome or calmer color palette. This is an especially good option if you’re looking to introduce a bold color in a subtle way into your bedroom.

Tip #2: Picking Out The Best Mattress Size For Your Space

When working through the different kinds of mattress size options you have for your bedroom, there are a couple of different considerations you might want to take. The most obvious determinant of mattress size is going to be the number of people who plan to share the bed. Beyond this, there are a couple of factors that might make an impact. If you do have a smaller room, you’ll want to pick a mattress size that doesn’t feel cramped in your space.

To accomplish this, make sure there’s a minimum of two feet around your bed and the surrounding furniture. The best mattresses are going to remain comfortable no matter their size, so rest assured knowing as long as you’re going to be investing in a high-quality product, the mattress size is going to influence nothing but the look and feel of your actual room.

Queen or Full mattress sizes are going to be far more effective for those who share their beds but still have relatively small spaces to work with, whereas King mattress sizes are better for those who have a little more space to play around with. If you live alone in a studio or smaller bedroom, then a Twin or Twin XL can also do the job.

It’s important to find the most comfortable mattress you can for your bedroom, not only because high-quality mattresses look and feel better in your space, but also because they’re incredibly important for a good night’s sleep.

The mattress you choose is going to play a really significant role in your wellbeing, so take your time with the decision. The best mattress companies usually have some kind of sleep trial period in place in order to protect your purchase, so take full advantage and be sure you’re sleeping well with your bed. 

Tip #3: Keeping Clutter Away By Investing In Storage Solutions

Once you’re done picking the appropriate mattress size for your space, it’s time to move on to other aspects of interior decoration. The right storage solutions can have a really powerful impact on the overall look and feel of your bedroom. There are various ways you can integrate storage solutions seamlessly into your bedroom, leaving you with something that is both functional and serves the purpose of keeping your space looking clean.

Bed frames with adjustable heights are a great example of this. Not only are these perfect for smaller spaces, in which you might need to store seasonal clothing somewhere hidden for a few months, it is also a great solution to hide any miscellaneous knick-knacks you might have laying around the house.

Most interior decoration ideas surrounding storage focus on multi-tasking bedroom furniture. These include bedside stands, bedroom lamps, and closets with additional shelving for your coats and jackets.

Tip #4: Getting Creative With Bedroom Decor Styles

If you have interior decoration ideas that are inspired by multiple bedroom decor styles, you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching. Whether it’s a minimalist approach to bedroom furniture with a boho aesthetic to design, or a rustic bed with modern lighting fixtures, it always helps to remember the rules of bedroom decor aren’t fixed.

Personalising one or more decor styles so that it suits you and your style better is going to leave you with a bedroom that truly feels appealing and comfortable to you. Mix and match away for a style that you can truly resonate with.

Finding the right interior decoration ideas for your space, whether it’s in the form of the right mattress size or decor style, can take a little bit of trial and error. Figuring out where your priorities lie, what your budget is, and doing a little bit of planning before you get started can take your interior decoration project to the next level.

The right tools are all you need for sleep that is well and truly well-rested. By picking high-quality pieces of bedroom furniture, you’re going to be left with a space that looks and feels intentional. Using these tips, you’re going to be left with a bedroom that has you looking forward to tucking yourself into bed every night.

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