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The Inside Outside Guys: Planning a kitchen


Dec 25, 2020 , ,

One of the best values in updating an older home is a kitchen remodel. People walking in to a home for the first time automatically gravitate to the kitchen. It is the area of highest “fit and finish” in the home, and it is the most expensive room in the house per square foot. Whether you plan to stay in the home or your desire is to sell, there are a few things to keep in mind during the planning phase.

Kitchens are as much a gathering place as they are a work space. Consider ways to “expand” the space either literally making it larger or through the use of more windows. Is there a way to include a small sitting area adjacent to the new space?

Kitchens are also a storage space for food stuffs, and appliances. Consider a walk in pantry with a custom cabinet door front to maximize space efficiency, ease of access, and create a spot for that waste and recycling.

Remember, deep shelves “hide” spices and canned goods. Utilize shelf inserts that allow quick visual and physical access to everything in a cabinet.

The “Work Triangle” includes the total distance between the three points created by the stove, main sink and refrigerator. This distance should be around 20 lineal feet maximum.

Designate a “Food Prep” space in the work triangle. It may be the front portion of an island. Consider a separate vegetable sink with gooseneck touch-free faucet in this space as well as an electrical receptacle for small appliances on a 20 Amp circuit.