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The best places to live on the West Coast | Home & Garden


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For centuries, Americans and people from all over the world have heeded Horace Greeley’s advice to “go west.” The West Coast of the United States has been calling settlers ever since the early 1800s. From the Oregon Trail to the Gold Rush to 1967’s Summer of Love, there is something magnetic about the Pacific Coast of the United States that calls to the hearts of those looking to start anew.

And who could blame them? From the sun-drenched beaches of Southern California to the brilliant minds of Silicon Valley, the verdant forests of Oregon, and the lakes and towering mountains of Washington State, the West Coast is incredibly varied and dynamic. Thus, narrowing down the best places to live on the West Coast can certainly be a challenge.

Stacker compiled just such a list using data from Niche. Cities, towns, and suburbs in the following states were considered: California, Oregon, and Washington. A maximum of 50 places per state was included.

Some of these places are surely already on your radar, like tech-savvy Palo Alto, California, or the culturally cosmopolitan city of Seattle. Others may be a bit more under-the-radar, like Tualatin, Oregon, which is known for its quirky festivals. Many places on this list are suburbs of affluent and diverse metropolitan cities, while others are planned communities or older cities that have undergone revitalization projects. Cities with access to the great outdoors are ubiquitous here, as there is just so much raw, unspoiled beauty to be seen in the American West.

Whether you’re looking to settle down and raise a family or are interested in hitting the town with your batch of new, educated friends, there’s a place on this list that will surely draw your attention. Each slide includes the city’s population, median home value, median rent, and median household income.

How many of these places do you know? Is your town or city on the list? Click through to find the best places to live on the West Coast.

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