The Best New Home, Design and Food & Drink Releases This Week
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The Best New Home, Design and Food & Drink Releases This Week

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Ghia Ghianduja

ghia ghianduja spread


I’ll be the first to profess my love for Nutella, by if you’ve ever read the ingredient list and nutrition facts for it, you’ll realize Nutella does not love you. Melanie Masarin, founder of the non-alcoholic spirits brand Ghia, also loves her chocolate hazelnut spread, having grown up on that stuff as a child in France. Now she’s making her own gianduja, or chocolate hazelnut spread, with Ghianduja. It features half as much as sugar as competing brands’ spreads, and features a shortlist of ingredients you’ll actually know: hazelnuts, organic cane sugar, organic extra-virgin olive oil, cacao beans, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and organic vanilla. Spread this on toast, dab some on pancakes or eat it straight out of the jar.

Price: $32


Goldune x Kartell

biodegradable 3 drawer storage table


Sustainable home goods marketplace Goldune tapped the classic design company Kartell on an exclusive collection, consisting of the former’s most popular designs and styles in new colors. From chairs made of recycled materials to the popular three-drawer storage table, each piece has minimal impact on the environment, and some things are even biodegradable when they reach the end of their life.

Price: $80+


Avec x Tombolo

avec x tombolo cabana shirt


Avec’s line of canned mixers are some of the easiest way to make a mixed drink without having to pull out a full bar cart. To continue on with the leisure theme, Avec worked with the clothing brand Tombolo on a couple new shirts. The first is a classic Hawaiian shirt featuring original artwork by Lydia Ortiz. The second shirt is a half-zip polo, utilizing the same artwork as the Hawaiian shirt, that also includes two front pockets. What you put in those pockets is up to you, but obviously a couple cans of Avec fit in there perfectly.

Price: $128


Shinola x Crate and Barrel

shinola x crate and barrel grill set

Crate & Barrel

Shinola and Crate and Barrel are continuing their partnership with a new line of gear focused mainly on pillows and grilling accessories. The first time the brand collaborated, we thought it was so good that we placed them on our annual GP100 list last year. This go around doesn’t feature any more pieces of furniture, but it does bring that Shinola aesthetic to some of Crate and Barrel’s most popular small accessories.

Price: $8+


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