• Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

The 31 hottest real-estate and construction tech startups

  • Real estate has been transformed by the pandemic as the once traditional industry goes digital. 
  • The proptech field, which was already booming with real-estate tech startups, grew even more.
  • We surveyed a set of venture capitalists to select of the 31 hottest proptech companies right now.
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Real-estate technology, already booming with record fundraising before the pandemic, has been brought to center stage — and a fresh crop of proptech startups are ready for their star turn. 

Insider reached out to a varied set of venture investors that focus on real-estate and construction technology to ask for their nominations for proptech startups that will thrive in a new climate marked by swings in where employees live and what offices are even for, as well as increased digital adoption by real-estate and construction professionals.

These factors have already minted some major success stories for proptech companies that focus on residential real estate (both renting and owning), industrial and logistics, and digital communication. After evaluating the VC nominations we received, we selected this list of the 31 hottest proptech startups of 2021.

We excluded companies that have gone public or been acquired for major amounts, or that clearly were the winners of their sections. We also strove to highlight firms that have raised less than $200 million in order to keep the focus on startups that still have plenty of room to grow.

Their founders are largely white men, which reflects the realities of this sector, as well as the real-estate industry more broadly — though trade groups like Women in PropTech are working to change that. 

We used the companies’ self-reported fundraising numbers, but added in Crunchbase data as a supplement for firms that declined to comment. We asked each startup for its valuation and revenue, but many declined to share that information, citing confidentially and ongoing fundraising.

Behold, the hottest proptech companies right now, presented in alphabetical order.

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