• A Thorough and Honest Review

    A Thorough and Honest Review

    The holidays are a time for togetherness, love, and family. And ostentatious displays of wealth, it seems. For the Kardashians and Jenners, the power moves begin long before presents are opened, when they decorate their sprawling estates for the season. But not all decor is created equal. While the family’s resources can create some truly stunning and artistic displays, they can also fund…interesting installations. So who won the battle for this year’s most festive? Read on to find out, as we thoroughly dissect and rank all their Christmas trees. Scariest: Kim Kardashian As we reported earlier, the recently divorced Skims founder had a dozen (live? TBD) pine trees transplanted to…

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  • FOTILE ChefCubii steam-combi oven review

    FOTILE ChefCubii steam-combi oven review

    When I unboxed the ChefCubii oven from FOTILE(opens in a new tab), I was reminded of the otherworldly microwave in Robert Rodriguez’s film Spy Kids. That’s because this is a remarkably versatile and cool appliance with more than 40 preset cooking options — from air frying to baking to steaming and dehydrating. My roommate and I tested the ChefCubii over the course of a few weeks, and it soon became a staple in our apartment.  We concluded that for those in need of convenience, interested in culinary experimentation, or operating in tight kitchen corridors (perhaps without an oven or stove), this is a worthwhile purchase. But if you already have…

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