Step inside Karishma Tanna’s new home with husband Varun Bangera

Step inside Karishma Tanna’s new home with husband Varun Bangera

Actor Karishma Tanna and Mumbai-based businessman Varun Bangera have made a beautiful home for themselves since their wedding in February this year. While the newlyweds have adjusted to sharing a home, they have refused to share a bathroom. They easily settled on a theme for their home as they both like neutral colours, but struggled when it came to deciding how much light should be allowed be in their room. Also Read| Karishma Tanna on her ‘small yet fancy’ wedding, ‘You get married once, mostly’

Karishma and Varun also recalled memories from their intimate Mumbai wedding as they gave a tour of their home to Kohler and WedMeGood. Karisma also opened up about the beautiful memories they made while setting up their new home. Karishma recalled that she entered the house with a puja after her wedding and cooked shira (a sweet dish) for her husband. Varun said that it’s amazing how he finds his room clean and set up after he has started living with his wife.

Their home opens to her pared-down living room after a short entryway. All the furniture and decoration in the area have earthy tones complemented by a green snake plant. It also has a tall glass wall decorated with off-white curtains that open up to a terrace. It is surrounded by greenery and has a variety of plants.

Karishma recounted the memories of setting up their home, and also revealed that the terrace is her favourite part of the house. She said, “Doing up the house together was quite a process because luckily we both have the same taste because we like neutral colours. I think the favourite part of my home is the terrace. You know I always wanted a terrace house, and this was one duplex which he (Varun Bangera) showed me, and I said yes, if you’re getting the deal, please take it. You know this is where we have our coffee, this is where we will chill with our friends. This is where, in rainy and winter seasons, we will chill with our families and our mums.”

Karishma also gave a glimpse of their walk-in wardrobe, as she expressed surprise that her husband has more clothes than her. She also noted that she and Varun have a lot of ‘beautiful memories’ connected with all the furniture in their house because they ‘personally went everywhere and finalised every corner.’

Karishma also revealed a habit of hers that can be counted as her worst roommate quality where her husband is concerned. She said, “My worst roommate quality is I love the room to be pitch dark and Varun likes it like this,” she said as she opened the curtains in her bedroom to let the sunlight in. The living room, where the television was placed in front of their bed, also had a neutral theme going on.

Karishma also shared that she and Varun like to have separate bathrooms. She said, “My first thought of sharing a bathroom with my boy which is Varun was a little dicey because I love my space and Varun loves his space. So luckily we don’t share our bathrooms. We have two separate bathrooms.” She revealed that another thing they disagree upon is the placement of their stuff in the bathroom, as Varun likes to keep everything inside the drawers while she wants to see them outside. Karishma said that the highlight of the house is their powder room.

Karishma and Varun tied the knot on February 5. Varun said during the home tour that Karishma’s bridal entry during which she danced to Sajna, Say Yes To The Dress was his favourite part of the day.