• Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

Southern Indiana ranch-style home boasts modern motif, Star Wars theme

Scott Douthitt and Melissa Cline-Douthitt have made major changes to the Cobbler’s Crossing home they purchased three years ago.

“It looked totally different,” Cline-Douthitt recalled. “The entire house was this drab yellow color. We redid everything. We had the entire house painted … (we) just kind of modernized it.”

In addition to updating the walls with fresh coats of paint in new hues, Cline-Douthitt also makes it a point to keep the house current with timely decorations.

Home for Harrison

“I want to make him to feel like every holiday is a special event and occasion,” Cline-Douthitt said of their 5-year-old son, Harrison. At the moment, she is accomplishing this with pumpkins of every size, color, style and material placed throughout the space. Earth-toned gourds made of paper, ceramic, and more adorn the dining table, while Thanksgiving-themed sugar cookies from Louisville baker @_thecookie_jar sit atop the kitchen counter.