• Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

Pandemic, lockdown result in changing spaces, attitudes

In talking with designers and gardeners about what’s trending in 2021, it became clear that an overall shift has occurred in the ways in which people are using their space.

We talked with HGTV’s home director and content manager Jami Supsic and owner/designer Jayne Cedeno of Osterville-based Fernbrook Interiors, who both say the biggest thing this year has not just been people transforming their home spaces, but also a desire to bring more nature into their homes.

On that note, master gardeners Cherie Bryan, Tom Farkas and Sharon Oudemool enlightened us on trends in the garden, where a newfound awareness of sustainability seems to be growing.

Home: creating space

Due to the pandemic and the resulting working from home, people are ramping up spare bedrooms, garages, any previously unused space, and creating new spaces. “Without a doubt, the biggest thing we’ve been focusing on is how people’s homes are changing,’ said HGTV home director and content manager Jami Supsic. “We’re creating home offices, rooms for homeschooling, home gyms, home bars,” Supsic said.