• Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

One lifetime is enough to fight drought, blizzards and sneaky snakes!

I have been introduced to St. Patrick’s Day by determined decorators around here. I came back to headquarters from the feed store and was surprised to see green shamrocks strung up and down the driveway! The sun twinkled on them and they glittered to beat the band, but I sure did not recognize them as a holiday decoration. An old beef producer is sometimes the last one to know!

The festive green garland was all along the front walk and candles lined the sidewalk. What in the world was the deal? And so, I proceeded in the back door to ask. The kitchen was abuzz with female cooks cutting out cookies and decorating the ones that were baked. My close relative was directing the business and I was not noticed.

I slipped in and washed up, eased into the kitchen and collected a handful of the cookies and a cup of coffee. My regular afternoon break time, if possible, and my close relative was now aware of my intrusion. A day in the kitchen with her female offspring, married and original, was a delight to her. She informed me a party in the name of St. Patrick was planned and it was for the gentle sex and I was to find myself a place to be at 6:30 this evening!

I grinned and accepted the invite to be at a visiting and coffee drinking table and asked what time she thought she could fix supper. That produced a frown, and I said I would eat in town. Knowing the steers needed to be moved south, I departed after another helping of the cookies.

The steers are doing pretty good, sure need some green grass and the promised rain to fall on them. I suspect the summer will be dry, according to the moisture pattern this spring. Well, I know it was not actually spring yet, but the clouds missed our rock pile by a few miles north and south! The country changed when too many trees were cleared and we all recognize that. But, with the chicken litter to fertilize, we wanted more grazing land.

Maybe we are greedy with wanting more and thinking we have to grow. The nature of the human — need just a little more! We did the same thing on the rock pile when we got ahead enough to hire a dozer to clear a little pasture. Probably will clear some more around here after I retire and others are the rulers!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, one lifetime is about enough to fight drought, blizzards and sneaky snakes! I sure enjoy my life; sunrises are special gifts and sunsets are a peaceful way to end the day. I love the breezes that carry birdsongs and new calves and lots of good cattle. The Lord decided at the beginning that he would call the shots, and I am sure thankful for that! I am also thankful for all the blessings we enjoy daily, even on bad days!

And there are some on days of dredge and misery. Water, air, food and even a light when a switch is touched. All of us need to be aware and be thankful!

Take your widow neighbor a sack of birdseed today. She might never be able to afford one and what a delight that would be for her! Buy yourself some more ammo and remember the Alamo!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.