NYC restaurants awarded prizes for the best outdoor dining setups

NYC restaurants awarded prizes for the best outdoor dining setups

Alfresco NYC, a newly formed coalition comprised of the Design Trust for Public Space, Regional Plan Association and Tri-State Transportation Campaign, today announced the winners of its Alfresco Awards, which recognize the city’s best outdoor dining designs

Winners were selected by Alfresco NYC’s assembled hospitality and economic development professionals, journalists and mobility advocates. Honorees from each borough were announced Monday morning in a ceremony at pop-up beer garden Maiden Korea in Manhattan. Each restaurant will receive $500 in prize money. 

In Manhattan, Empire Diner was named for its “efficient seating arrangement with slim design” and accessible dining area that “takes up minimal space without feeling crowded.” Casa La Femme was lauded for “maximalist design and decoration” and design elements that “create a relaxing and luxurious outdoor dining experience.” 

Brooklyn’s Kokomo was lauded for “transporting you to the Caribbean while providing improved wheelchair access, warm lighting, movable banquettes and variety of seating,” and Peaches Kitchen and Bar for using “reclaimed plastics made into building block bottles for a stylish and sustainable aesthetic.”

In Queens, Alfresco NYC recognized Blend Astoria for “seamless design and color coordination that significantly enhances the vibe at the corner of 30th Avenue and 38th St.” The coalition applauded Boogie Down Grind in the Bronx for its “subway car” design” and free events that demonstrate “a big effort in an area with few Open Restaurants.” Staten Island’s Vinum was noted for its “elegant rustic wood exterior aesthetic” that’s “neatly aligned with the curb and the street’s slope.” 

Top honors for Open Streets initiatives went to the Tompkins Avenue Merchants Association in Brooklyn, 34th Avenue in Queens, Piazza di Belmont in the Bronx and Stapleton Saturdays in Staten Island.

“Outdoor dining helped save thousands of restaurants throughout the pandemic, was responsible for them hiring back 100,000 people, while allowing New Yorkers to socialize safely outdoors over a great meal after months of shut down orders,” Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance and selection committee member, said in a statement

“That’s why it’s so thrilling that the Alfresco Awards is now recognizing and honoring restaurants throughout the five boroughs that exemplified some of the most creative and sustainable outdoor dining setups that served and beautified our city streets.”

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