• Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Norman Rockwell art still popular collectibles: Antiques & Collectibles | Home & Garden

Other important Rockwell milestones included his years with Look magazine as well as becoming a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Throughout recent years, many multicolor Freedom from Want artworks showing grandparents serving Thanksgiving dinner have ranged from $3.79 to $2,000, sometimes more, in many cases based on materials used to print the pieces.

Question: When my parents purchased a seashore home many years ago, an interesting old painted cast-iron doorstop was included in the sale. Shaped like a basket of multicolored flowers, it is in very good condition and was made by a company named Hubley. I am curious about the doorstop, its maker and possible present worth as an antique or collectible and hope you can provide information about it. — B.L., Stone Harbor

Answer: Incorporated by John Hubley at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1894, Hubley initially made cast iron, horse-drawn vehicles as well as dogs, steam shovels and other interesting unusual playthings.

Eventually, products such as clocks, guns, motorcycles, airplanes, models of popular American vehicles and some household items including doorstops were sought-after Hubley products. Hubley later became one of the largest makers of doorstops.

Collectors who search for Hubley doorstops want examples with no rust, paint loss, repairs of repainting.