New Home Designs

New Home Designs

Like the seasons, décor and design trends are part of a never-ending cycle. Whether that’s due to new technologies, fresh ideas or the fact that things like shag carpet really did need to go out of style, design trends are always evolving. At Dream House, award-winning designers stay up to date on all the latest trends, from kitchens and cabinetry to bathrooms and closets. As 2020 comes to a close, here’s what Dream has to say about 2021 trends.

Colored cabinetry

Oak cabinets are officially out, and in their place are light shades with gray undertones. Light greens and blues have been gaining popularity as people stray from traditional wood tones. These options add a pop of color to kitchens or bathrooms, while maintaining a light, airy atmosphere. Light gray shades have also begun popping up in kitchens, adding a bit of color while remaining neutral.

Black cabinetry

On the flip side, black cabinetry has also been gaining momentum. Black cabinets may sound even more nontraditional than colored cabinets, but they give the right kitchen a chic, sleek and modern look.

Statement islands

Keeping with the theme of creative color trends, statement islands are adding a bit of nontraditional spunk to kitchens. In particular, royal blue islands are about to have their moment. Having installed a few so far, Dream says that while royal blue may sound too colorful for a kitchen, when paired with the right wall color and flooring, kitchens look classy yet fun.

In recent years, farmhouse chic has been the staple design trend. But like the year 2020, this trend is coming to an end. If you want an updated look in any part of your home but do not know where to start, Dream House will be there every step of the way, from design conception to completion and every stage in between.

Dream House designed all-season porch with big windows and lots of sunshine

Dream Kitchens

Whether your home is modest and minimal or equipped with the latest bells and whistles, you’re probably asking it to function in more ways than ever before because of the pandemic. Many of us want our homes to work as offices, classrooms, gyms and more while providing optimal comfort and tranquility. Here are three tips for balancing it all.

Let the Sunshine in

Nature fights stress, and you don’t need to be hiking or camping to reap the benefits. Installing a skylight or expanding a window can add calming natural light to nearly any room. Consider enlarging windows that face a sunny garden or tree-lined street to transport your mind to the outdoors when you’re holed up indoors.

Cultivate Health with Plants

Indoor greenery creates a peaceful vibe while purifying the air. Fiddle-leaf figs and Monstera plants can make a dramatic statement in a foyer or living room, while pet-safe spider plants can fight pollutants in tighter spaces.

Feeling daring? Turn a staircase into a showstopper with a living wall, also known as a vertical garden. Selecting the right specimens is crucial, so be sure to consult a pro.

Hire a Design Expert

If anyone in your household works remotely, you may have tucked a desk behind a divider panel and branded it an office. But that doesn’t mean it truly functions as a workspace. Whether you want a study corner in the kitchen, a craft room that doubles as a home gym or another multifunctional space, hiring a design expert may be well worth the cost.

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