Nabilla super proud of her son Milann’s incredible bedroom! – Inspired Traveler

Nabilla super proud of her son Milann’s incredible bedroom! – Inspired Traveler

Nabilla has done some crazy things for Milann again! The star showed off her son’s incredible bedroom. And it is impressive! We show you!


Nabilla never does things by halves for Milann! Indeed, the young mother imagined a amazing room for her one year old baby boy! Quickly discover all the images in the rest of the article!

It’s no secret: Nabilla is a real mother hen! The pretty brunette can never part with her son! And the latter is ready for everything for the happiness of Milann.

Thomas’ sweetheart makes many follies for the little boy. Toys, designer clothes, strollers… the star always sees things big for her child.

Nabilla recently decided to renovate the room de Milann in his new villa. She thus imagined a real playroom for her little one!

Yesterday the bomb proposed a room tour to his fans on Instagram. She showed her son’s room in great detail! We love !

Nabilla proud of her son Milann's magnificent bedroom!
Nabilla proud of her son Milann’s magnificent bedroom!

Nabilla very happy to present Milann’s new bedroom to her fans!

The bomb does the around the room and explains: “Milann’s room is finished, so tell me what you think!” We first had a long piece of furniture made with a small sofa and storage space ”.

Nabilla then presents the pretty decorated walls: “We painted everything with montages, animals, little monkeys. We also put frames with photos. “

But that’s not all ! Thomas Vergara’s sweetheart also thought of everything while choosing the new furniture. “He has a great little bed that he can keep when he grows up. And a tent that he loves, he likes to hide too much so it’s perfect! “

No doubt, the young mother is very proud from her son’s new bedroom. The latter even offers fans to vote to give their opinion. And these are then more than 90{911ea05452e114f1778c76ca86733b6032c246f8f651bb1f01d12abf04b54efb} to fall for the adorable decoration.

It is therefore still a faultless for Nabilla. And you what do you think ?