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MY AMISH HOME: Going back to Cadwell | Home & Garden


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Now what? OK, sorry Melvin Otto but you are getting a call. So yeah, I called “Cadwell” Melvin Otto, gave him my tale of woe. He actually could come out. He got the battery going but said I need a new charger. Ours just isn’t working. I can come over, he’s got one. He sells them. So after I picked up Erwin at work we went to Cadwell. It was actually sunny and a nice drive. If I didn’t think of everything that needed to be done at home.

Going to Cadwell really brought back memories, but everything has changed.

When we lived close to Cadwell, Clifford Martins were alive and well, their children were at home and Edwin and Martha Yoder lived across the road from Cliffords. I loved going over to Edwins.

Then in Cadwell, more changes. I sure wish I’d have pictures of Cadwell back probably in the ‘60s. Memories really came back. Some sort of embarrassing.

Most of the ones who knew about this particular incident are gone or have moved on.

Our parents were in Cadwell a lot and we kids, well, we were kids. Me, I was a tomboy, a hefty one at that. I climbed a tree and got out on a branch. And the thing broke! Wasn’t made for a heavyweight, I guess! I fell. I wasn’t hurt. Probably just bounced.

But I was embarrassed! I’ll say!

Anyway, Cadwell Melvin lives where Amos Millers used to. Amos had a harness shop. Melvin now builds buggies in that shop, sells batteries and related items.