Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Jan. 31, 2021

Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Jan. 31, 2021


Daniel L. O’Connor to Tyrell Smith, 31 Ottawa St., $279,000.

James Claudio Stellato and James C. Stellato to Michael J. Pisano and Amy Pisano, 459 River Road, $212,000.

Jennifer Simpson to Konstantin Geletyuk and Natalya Geletyuk, 164 Beekman Drive, Unit 164, $170,750.

Mark D. Olson to 716 Spring Valley LLC, 49 North St., $625,000.

Maureen L. Parrott to Property Advantage Inc., 32 King St., $75,000.

Michael A. Converse to Asmir Katica and Leonora Hassini, 33 Beekman Drive, Unit 33, $145,000.

Ryan M. Scott, Emily M. Scott and Emily M. Roberts to Jason L. Elder, 11 Liberty Ave., $250,000.

V & A Realty LLC, to Daniel C. Erickson, 127-129 High St., $233,000.


Janice A. Shumway, Paul C. Shumway, trustee, Steven A. Shumway, trustee, Richard L. Shumway Revocable Trust Agreement and Paul C. Shumway, attorney-in-fact, to Joel M. Greenbaum, 77 North Whitney St., $562,500.


Christopher C. Phelps and Jennifer A. Phelps to Shane Hollenbeck and Jillian Harrington, 42 Clark St., $248,000.

Charles J. Forest Jr., and Jennifer J. Forest to Jordan Ross and Madesyn Nale, 232 Rockrimmon Road, $305,000.

Jennifer L. Dean and Brenden C. Eck to James W. Carr and Andrea L. Carr, Enoch Sanford Road, $8,000.

Dean A. Marshall and Sarah A. Marshall to Ashley Gallagher and Reed Marion, 111 Warner St., $369,900.

Nicole A. Miner to Justin Ritter, 85 Jackson St., Walnut Street, Howard Street, and Lower Road, $267,500.

NJRE Property Group LLC, to Alyssa Puia and Ashley Ginda, 37 Pinebrook Drive, $315,000.

Robert A. Morra to Matthew R. Ridenour and Michaela G. Goodenough, 18 Pine St., $472,609.


Henry Czeremcha to LFI Inc., Gibbs Road, $106,000.


Mark G. Saloio and Meara Williams Saloio to Kyle T. Hill and Traci Hill, 16 East Hill Road, $439,000.

Theresa M. Muska, representative, Carolyn J. Porter, estate, Andrea J. Frykenberg and Kevin R. Frykenberg to Kelly Marie Carroll and Jason A. Ross, 111 Brookfield Road, $285,000.

Wendy Pinnow to Andrew J. Bixby, Oakwood Road, $13,100.


Rachel Lin Dube and Elinor Anna Massengill to Alexander L. Nutter, 186 Lower St., $192,000.


Travis Hess to Mary K. Stone and Michael E. Stone, 127 Round Hill Road, $35,000.


Christine Kulig-White, representative, and Ruth Mary Kulig, estate, to Marta Ayala, 1057 Granby Road, $253,000.

Janice B. Korona to Thomas Patrick Curran, 104 Johnson Road, Unit 1201, $188,000.

Linda R. Carlson, representative, and Irene T. Remillard, estate, to Maria M. Sierra and Daniel Gonzalez, 130 Rimmon Ave., $207,000.

Lori I. Toth, Gary Toth, representative, and John Toth, estate, to Center for Human Development Inc., 102 Felix St., $279,900.

Michael J. Klaus and Starlene A. Klaus to Alex M. Koval, 29 Jennings St., $315,000.

Paula L. Hebert, estate, and Jonathan P. Hebert, representative, to Aguasvivas Realty LLC, and Inspired Living Solutions LLC, 42 Forest St., $130,000.

Phuong Thai Ly and Karina Linares to Angelique Macphail, 47 Greenleaf St., $155,000.

Robert L. Beaulieu, estate, Robert Leo Beaulieu, estate, Rita Napolitan, representative, and Rita Motyka, representative, to A Plus Enterprises Inc., 101 Summit Ave., $100,000.

Ryan S. Kumiega and Amanda J. Kumiega to Evaristo Almonte and Ana Luz Trinidad Espinal, 81 Lord Terrace North, $430,000.

Sandra M. Leese, James D. Gendron, Karen L. Gendron and Laurie A. Kelley to Tyler William Judicki, 52 Percy St., $220,000.

Sharon R. Raverta , representative, and Roy Fanti, estate, to Roy & Shirley Fanti LLC, 708 Memorial Drive, $415,000.


Katherine Lee Cole Revocable Trust, Katherine Lee Cole, trustee and individually, “aka” Katherine L. Cole and James H. Giesman, individually, to Rudel Living Trust, Sandra Buesking Rudel and David Jeremy Rudel, trustees, 9 Dunnell Drive, $442,000.


Laura C. Woodard, “aka” Laura C. Woodward and Wayne C. Woodard, “aka” Wayne C. Woodward, to Elizabeth Creque and Andrew J. Lively, 474 Wilder Hill Road, $197,000.


Jane B. Emerson and Steven Emerson, attorney-in-fact, to Dann Emerson, Marcia Emerson and Steven Emerson, Old Route 9 and Bush Road, $463.


4 Park Avenue LLC, to Escalante LLC, 4 Park St./4 Park Ave., $600,000.

Nicole R. Talbot to Sally J. Cary, 35 Thayer St., $330,000.

Anthony Martino to Nicole R. Talbot, 23 Lee Road, $410,000.

Ragus LLC, to Theodore Davis and Paula O’Brien, 7A Gray Lock Lane, Unit 22A, Sugarloaf Condominium, $324,000.

East Longmeadow

Christina L. Johnson to Jason Donaldson, trustee, and Etabav Realty Trust, trustee of, 60 John St., $136,500.

David G. Chapdeliane to Lynda Susan Azar, 41 Helen Circle, $265,000.

Joseph A. Blais and Candida S. Blais to Nicholas Milluzzo and Nicholas Joseph Milluzzo, 9 Fairview St., $295,000.

Paul Giguere and Ann Marie Giguere to Timothy Giguere and Elizabeth Giguere, 41 Rural Lane, $397,000.

Sheila F. Brainerd, Edward M. Brainerd and Steven Brainerd to Jacob Aaron Levine, 128 Lasalle St., $205,000.


Irene Lempke, personal representative, Robert L. Blanchette, estate, and Robert Blanchette, estate, to Scott A. Smith, 10 John St., $235,000.

Diane P. Facey, trustee, Edna M. Bresnahan Living Trust, Edna M. Bresnahan and Diane P. Facey, attorney-in-fact, to W. Marek Inc., 108 Line St., $210,000.

Thomas Bacis to Stephen Thomas Hyde and Hayley Marie Singleton Hyde, 217 Hendrick St., $344,000.


Bethann R. Bezio, “aka” Bethann Rose Kaczenski, to Jenifer K. Labelle and Kevin J. Labelle, 1 Rose Lane, $275,000.


Rainer Noess, Cathy Noess and Brian Noess, attorney-in-fact, to Hosea Baskin and Sarah Buttenwieser, 26 West Shore Drive, $440,000.

Nordic Real Estate LLC, to Andrew B. Watt, 104 Ball Road, $290,000.


Windkrest Properties LLC, to Virgil Zambelli and Dianne Zambelli, Easton Street, $67,500.

Roberta M.L. Green and Ralph J. Genella to Adam D. Corcoran and Amy L. Corcoran, 52 Ferry Hill Road, Ferry Street and Ferry Bill Road, $527,500.


Joseph F. Walsh and Karen O. Walsh to Andrew J. Richardson and Erin O. Richardson, 126 Barnard Road, $308,500.


Paul H. Delisle to Hohengasser Funding Trust, Daniel A. Hohengasser and Leslie Ann Hohengasser, trustees, Munson Street, $23,000.

Paul H. Delisle to John M. Canon and Norma E. Canon, White Birch Ave., $15,000.

James A. Giknis to Joseph Czajkowski, 24 Factory Hollow Road, Factory Hollow Road, $128,440.26.

James A. Giknis to Joseph Czajkowski, 24 Factory Hollow Road/Factory Hollow Road, $146,559.74

Roman Catholic Bishop of Springfield to Robert Daffner and Victoria Baeger Daffner, 182 High St., $291,000.

Chad Sumner, Kelson Ting and Stephen Westerling to Holly Crowell, 18-20 Homestead Ave, and 16-18 Homestead Ave., $213,000.


Bruce D. Montague to Richard A. Walton Sr., and Suzanne M. Walton, 108 Rocky Hill Road, $489,000.


Michael Bavaro Jr., and Debra L. Bavaro to Thomas E. Young and Mary T. Young, 77 Old Orchard Road, $322,000.


Carl G. Burwick and Angela F. Burwick to Old Mill Enterprises LLC, 87 School St., $987,000.


Garry Helyer and Janet Scotto Helyer to Amr Hafez, Taylor Brook Road/Flagg Hill Road, $30,000.


Emery L. Fitts Jr., and M. Jeanne Fitts to Emery L .Fitts Jr., and M. Jeanne Fitts, 14 Blodgett Road, $100.

Gregory L. Morsbach and Suzanne Morsbach to Lynn Elmy and Keith Elmy, 11 Vinton Lane, $345,000.


Christopher D. Morales, Heather M. Morales and Heather M. Kocsany to Sarah Qin Hachadourian, Arbor Way, Unit 11A, $108,000.

Clarence E. Kaye to Laura Bloom, 14 Arbor Way. Unit 14C, $89,000.

Deborah E. Parent to Jessica Ann Monett, Kimberly Ann Duclos and Leo Duclos, 19 Village Road, $215,000.

Evaristo Almonte, Marina Veras and Ana Luz Trinidad Espinal to Alexander Anthony Almonte, 67-69 Brown Ave., $265,000.

Jahjan LLC, to Miguel Colon, 246 West Franklin St., $255,000.

John Sadowski, Jan Sadowski and Halina Sadowski to Carlos A. Millayes, 90 Lyman St., $193,000.

Patricia Hart to KNC Home Renovations LLC, 241-243 West Franklin St., $30,000.

Whisperwood LLC, to Joan E. Jackson and Peter R. Jackson, 4 Loomis Ave., $385,000.


Andrew J. Pavlica Jr., and Deborah A. Pavlica to Andrew J. Pavlica Jr., Deborah A. Pavlica, James W. Pavlica and William D. Pavlica, Blandford Hill Road and Blandford Road, $100.


Baiqing Li and Mei Han to Robert M. Mack, 27 Fairfield Terrace, $305,000.

Charles F. Baatz and Kathleen T. Baatz to Quercus Properties LLC, 131 Yarmouth St., $122,500.

Cig2 LLC, to Carolyn Palmer-Wallace, 104 Barclay St., $287,000.

Derek Upson and Wendy M. Upson to Joshua Vinocour and Jill Vinocour, 27 Longmeadow St., $435,000.

Donald R. Einck and Meredith M. Einck to Harry Miller, 193 Edgewood Ave., $300,000.

Elizabeth A. Williams to Debra Deene Zimmerman and Jessica Deene Stephens, 73 Herbert St., $259,500.

Meadows RE LLC, to Madhu K. Shenoy, trustee, Sunila M. Shenoy, trustee, and 2019 Shenoy Family Living Trust (TRS OF), 66 Morningside Drive, $507,500.


Barbara Capuano, executrix, Jay C. Capuano, estate, and Jay Capuano, estate, to Matthew H. Cloutier and Ashley M. Cloutier, Bondsville Road, $15,000.

Heather Greenberg and Heather Murphy to Dolores Murphy and Meaghan Murphy, 117 Kirkland Ave., $25,000.

Kenneth A. Butts to Meghan A. Hogan and Meghan A. Ketchum, Lyon Street, $15,000.

Randolph Cote, representative, and Karen E. Dion, estate, to Emtay Inc., 48 Letendre Ave., $96,000.

Whitetail Wreks LLC, to Paul D. Tatro and Dorothy Tatro, Autumn Ridge Road, $139,900.


Billy W. Pope to Gary D. Suter and Donna M. Suter, 13 Paradise Lake Road, $410,000.

John P. Lanucha to David E. Cote and Doreen Whitney-Cote, Stebbins Road, $37,995.


Richard A. Young to Benjamin Crane Miller, 7-9 Federal St., $270,000.

Chelsey Little and Todd R. Little to Corey J. Richotte and Tina M. Richotte, 136 Montague City Road, $230,000.

Jenifer K. Labelle and Kevin J. Labelle to Chelsey A. Little and Todd R. Little, 34 Oakman St., $310,000.


Thomas J. Morin, personal representative, and Anna G. Morin, estate, to Breanna K. Lynch, 53 Acrebrook Drive, $326,388.

Sunwood Development Corp., to Craig Meck Machado and Richard Lee Hasbany, 117 Olander Drive, $371,058.

Frances V. Krumpholz, Elizabeth A. Mahoney, Kelly K. Sharpe and Elizabeth A. Mahoney, attorney-in-fact, to Corinne Butler Guest and Karen Sayers, 30 Park St., $280,000.

Declan O’Connor-St. Pierre and Colleen M. O’Connor to Benjamin Harris, 9 Orchard St., $349,000.

Alexia Manin to Janixa Massiell Tercero-Parker and Jenifer Lynn Gray-Lewis, 20 Bates St., $340,800.

Bruce A. Gibbs and Douglas A. Gibbs, attorney-in-fact, to Leah King, 34 Fruit St., $350,000.

Rosemund LLC, to David Morse and Joan Morse, 137 Emerson Way, $665,000.

John E. Mahoney Jr., to William S. Hogan III, 8 King Ave., $212,500.

John E. Mahoney Jr., to William S. Hogan III, 8 King Ave., $37,500.

Joan M. Hart, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Joan M. Hart to Justin Smith, 23-25 Elizabeth St., $390,000.

Matthew Motamedi and Stephanie Motamedi to Michael L. Matuszek, 19 Ellington Road, $287,000.

Michele L. Kirouac, Lisa M. Kirouac, Lynne M. Kirouac, Craig R. Kirouac and Lisa M. Sussman to Matthew Joseph Horan, 186 Bridge St., $540,000.

Sunwood Development Corp., to Karen Clay and Mary Heney, 117 Olander Drive, $590,078.

George L. Goodridge, trustee, and Dryads Green Trust to Reid W. Bertone-Johnson and Elizabeth R. Bertone-Johnson, Dryads Green Off, $8,000.

George L. Goodridge, trustee, and Dryads Green Trust to William S. Cutler and M. Lee MacKinnon, Dryads Green Off, $8,000.

Homestead Connections LLC, to Roger L. Friedel and Sarah Z. Friedel, 1261 Burts Pit Road, $284,000.

Jacquelyn Duda to Kay Canavino and Patricia Lyga, 56 Laurel St., $376,000.

Sturbridge Development LLC, to Allison Snow and Peter Curtis, 47 Higgins Way, $135,000.

Patrick J. Melnik Jr., trustee, Zoe B. Zeichner, trustee, and Zeichner Melnik Family Trust to Devon Ruesch, 76 Gothic St., $302,500.


Ann M. Becker and Ray W. Becker to Nathaniel R. Boyd, 749 Millers Falls Road, $229,900.


Linda M. Swift to Nicholas A. Martowski, 1246 Park St., $121,000.

Mark T. Baldyga and Carolyn I. Baldyga to Siyang Song and Shixiao Shen, 10 Fieldstone Drive, $500,000.

Paul J. Les and Theresa A. Les to Lauren Meister, 19 Colonial St., $355,000.

Steven P. Skaza to Andrew J. Martin, 54 Mechanic St., $194,000.

Susan Monat to Mary E. Dembkowski and Steven E. Dembkowski, 3 Salem St., $300,000.


Tomkat International Corp., and Tomkat Holdings Corp., to Maud Geng and Robert Kasper, Liberty Street, $169,717.

South Hadley

Cheryl Calhoun, Cheryl Bisson, Ronald Calhoun and Glenn Calhoun to Cheryl Calhoun, Cheryl Bisson, Ronald Calhoun, Glenn Calhoun and Chelsea L. Calhoun, 388 Newton St., $100.

BBP Realty LLC, to Christopher J. Pope and Melissa L. Pope, 13 Hadley St., $100.

Raymond A. Spear, personal representative, Maurice V. Spear III, personal representative, Maurice V. Spear, estate, and Maurice V. Spear Jr., estate, to Jaroslaw M. Przybyla, 54 Pine Grove Drive, $236,000.

Ronald R. Larocque, trustee, and Leslie A. Dickinson Living Trust to Amanda Jane Shallcross and Pallavi Durga Visvanathan, 23 The Knolls, $405,000.

Ethan L. Bagg and Tiffany Bagg to Kevin Austin Trousdale and Elizabeth Loraine Laskey, 57 Hadley St., $235,000.


RGB Industries Inc., to David Garstka Builders LLC, Fitch Farm Way, $138,500.


Eric W. Lottermoser and Linda J. Lottermoser to Michael J. Pellerin and Linda L. Alfonso, 1 Lexington Circle, $535,000.

Michael A. Burns to Jared M. Hamre and Matthew Maynard, 138 Point Grove Road, $110,000.

Sarah E. Barton and Christopher C. Barton to Aaron Bryant and Vanessa Fernandez, 51 Pineywood Road, $250,000.


Alycar Incvestments LLC, to Dennis Vasquez, 80 Northampton Ave., $270,000.

Alyson G. Reed to Anne Ragusa, 365 Nassau Drive, Unit 365, $130,500.

Anthony S. Diliberto and Aimee L. Diliberto to Jill C. Nelson, 59 Corey Road, $230,000.

Barbara M. Robillard to Lana Adero and Emmanuel Adero, 17 Bellevue Ave., $275,000.

Barbara Potter to John J. Paquin and Denise M. Laino, 51 Pulaski St., $227,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Juan E. Espinosa and Yolanda Espinosa, 176 Barrington Drive, $440,000.

Brian O’Leary and Anthony Grassetti to Barry Nadeau, 215 Eddy St., $105,000.

City View Property Services LLC, to Meaghan E. Murphy, 8 Hartford Terrace, $250,000.

Casiano Ramos and Joan F. Ramos to Glenmary Ortiz Alvarado, 18 Beaven St., $170,000.

Christopher J. Gamble, Mary M. Salvon and Charlene A. Dupuis to KTHP Realty LLC, 83-85 Mayfair Ave., $235,000.

Cory B. Coleman and Cheryl K. Coleman to Joshua H. Rando and Laura Rando, 40 Ingersoll Grove, $287,500.

Deborah Courtney and Raymond Courtney to Concerned Citizens for Springfield Inc., 36 Spruceland Ave., $20,000.

Donald A. Courtemanche III, estate, and Michael J. Chernick, representative, to Emily Le, 220 Maple St., $339,000.

Dorothy A. Gloster to Willis E. Glidden, 83 Catalina Drive, $240,000.

Dylan A. Chasse to Brandon A. Ford, 189-191 Corthell St., $225,000.

Edmarie Parrilla Acevedo and Edmarie Parrilla to Edmarie Parrilla Acevedo and Immanuel Nelson Acevedo, 60 Ronald Drive, $100.

Emmanuel L. Adero and Lana M. Adero to Genevieve Construction Development Group Inc., 146 Colton St., $82,000.

Ferdinand Gonzalez to Miriam Medina, 22-24 Highland St., $143,000.

Hernan A. Fabian to Yanming Wang, 90 Kensington Ave., $315,000.

Iris Valentin to Elizabeth Maisonet, 339 Newbury St., $173,400.

Jin Dong to Lakeisha Marie Reed, 126 Harvard St., $95,000.

Joaquim C. Martins and Maria A. Martins to Kameron Wilson, 1422-1424 Worcester St., $245,000.

John P. Goodwin to Roland Nkwanyuo, 147-149 Arnold Ave., $329,900.

Jonathan Cruz to Framary Maldonado Resto and Joel Ramon Roman, 49 Sherman St., $256,000.

Joshua M. Cedeno to Patrick Thomas, 111-113 Parallel St., $236,000.

Keena S. Clarke-Guillaume and Roody A. Guillaume to Daneiry Velez, 101 Avery St., $310,000.

Larkspur LLC, to Lorna Rickord, 18 Larkspur St., $235,000.

Linda C. Kinsley and Kenneth N. Kinsley to Mark M. Suazo and Krista M. Suazo, 138 Park Drive, $460,000.

Marc A. Hertz and Susan Lasker Hertz to Deepak Limbu and Kul Bahadur Sunar, 230 Forest Park Ave., $355,000.

Marie T. Jablonski, representative, Arthur N. Phaneuf, estate, and Rechelle L. Phaneuf to Janet Namono, 213 Arcadia Boulevard, $190,000.

Mark Robbins and Deborah Robbins to Julisa Rosado, 15 Euclid Ave., 17, $215,000.

Melva Martinez, Melva DeJesus and Crystal DeJesus to Aimee L. Gladden, 112 Penrose St., $192,000.

Michele A. Ouimet-Rooke and Tracie J. Ouimet to Oksana Lee Gonzalez and Oksana L. Gonzalez, 16 East Canton Circle, $195,000.

Michelle D. White, Susan E. Garcia and Debra A. Smith to Rachel Elliott, 12 Burns Ave., $190,000.

Nancy Figueroa to Sineade Sokolskiy, 710-712 Belmont Ave., $285,000.

Nicholas S. Manolarakis and Sheila Manolarakis to Ann Saez, 35 Knollwood St., $211,000.

Nicole A. Rodriguez to Yolonda Pearson, 68 Grandview St., $212,000.

Oanh Ngoc Phan to Robert Monegro, 164-166 Woodlawn St., $255,200.

Olga L. Orbe to MCN New Wave LLC, 59 Terrence St., $121,000.

Paul J. Lizak to Jonathan Dos Santos and Cristina Dos Santos, 48 Enfield St., $250,000.

Radwan Zaitoun and Walaa Zaitoun to Chizoba Okoye and Unoma Oforah, 3 Silver St., $239,900.

Richard A. Blodgett, estate, and Gerald E. Enright, representataive, to Brizeida Delgado Ayala and Felicita Ayala, 27 Preston St., $152,900.

Robert Marowski, estate, and Carol Ann Marowski, representative, to Anthony Jevon Johnson Jr., 83-85 Sterling St., $223,000.

Rose Ngigi to Luis G. Valcarcel, 88-90 Phillips Ave., $200,000.

Ryan W. Kalriess and Marian Tombri-Kalriess to Thomas Cloarec and Hollye N. Cody, 152 Grayson Drive, $272,000.

Samantha Thompson to Nahiomi Pagan, 758 White St., $200,000.

Springfield City to Edwin M. McCray Jr., 21 Greenwich St., $34,650.

Susan E. Jones to Luxiana Property LLC, 172 Keddy St., $153,000.

Susan G. St. Onge to Jayleen A. Rivera, 11-15 Alsace St., $280,000.

Tamara L. Brown to Fannie J. Loadholt and Katherine Vargas, 15 Mazarin St., $260,000.

TL Bretta Realty LLC, to Sundari Kishore and Kishore Gopal, 135-137 Laconia St., $345,000.

Value Properties LLC, to Rosabel Andrillon and Raymond Munoz, 149 Glenoak Drive, $270,000.

VDS Properties LLC, to Melissa Magnan, Grand Street, $285,000.

Walter S. Czepiel to Robert Arnett III, 42-44 Dubois St., $224,500.

Willie E. Glidden III, and Willis E. Glidden III, to Melvin Malave, 29-31 Mansfield St., $172,000.


61 Old Amherst Road LLC, to Old Amherst Road LLC, 61 Old Amherst Road and 67 Old Amherst Road, $262,500.


Aldred A. Dadalt, Judith Dadalt, Alfred J. Dadalt and Lynn A. Dadalt to Randy Pascale, 157 Monson Road, $112,000.


Marth-E LLC, to Scott Lunt, 25-27 Grove St., $247,300.

Jason McBride to Debra A. Valois, 24 Sherwin St., $181,000.

Linda T. Richards, personal representative, May Dudek, Mary Dudek, Lois Simmonds Macuga, executor, and Henry J. Macuga, estate, to David Warren and David C. Warren, 5 Maple St., $250,000.


Terry B. Porter to Rachel D. W. Rome and Carl A. Schmidt, Richmond Road, $46,500.

West Springfield

Angel R. Villar and Ruth Villar to Lakshmi Shreenivas Mudumba and Meenakshi Venkat Mudumba, 353 Rogers Ave., $520,000.

George J. Racicot to Donna L. Maynard, 95 Park Ave., Unit 10, $100,000.

Minas Alitbi to Johany Narvaez, 63 Elm Circle, $237,000.

Mykola Persanov and Svitlana Persanova to Bawichin Sung, 47 Angeline St., $189,000.

Nelya Mecher to Elenilton Oliveira and Miriam Oliveira, 40 Fairview Ave., $320,000.

Rodney J. Dole and Linda I. Dole to Matthew T. Maratea and Karen A. Maratea, 135 Wilder Terrace, $227,000.

Valarie L. Rafus, representative, David Perry, estate, and David W. Perry, estate, to Paul Banas and Jeannie Banas, 80 Brush Hill Ave., Unit 50, $110,000.


Anne F. Polaski, representative, James William Polaski , estate, Thomas S. Polaski, estate, and Florence R. Godin to Adam Daniel Orth and Nancy Lee Orth, 111 Birch Bluffs Drive, $205,000.

April Mae Lewis-Krol and Jeffrey F. Krol to Bridget A. Barber, 91 Shaker Road, $239,000.

Cig2 LLC, to Bridgette T. Mulville, 95 Lindbergh Boulevard, $233,000.

David P. Crichton Jr., Erica T. Crichton and Erica T. Dupuis to Christine Ciollaro, 3 Powdermill Road, $365,000.

Francis Wheeler Construction Inc., to Joseph N. Zurheide and Kara L. Zurheide, 11 Violet Circle, $410,500.

Jennifer Balukonis and Ryan O’Connor to David F. Burgoyne and Donna May Burgoyne, 7 Atwater St., $232,200.

Kristy L. Johnston and Kristy L. Perusse to John Joyce, Sackville Avenue, $150,000.

Mario Santaniello and Lynn Santaniello to Arshik Ahamed Abdul Samad, 4 Shepard St., $284,000.

Mary Mahan, David Jemiolo, Anita Roche and Karen Thompson to Andrew James Durocher, 48 Ridgeway St., $208,000.

Samantha King to Timothy Morris, 22 Montgomery St., Unit 5, $107,500.

Sruti M. Brahmbhatt to Jason Pressey and Charity Pressey, 53 Bailey Drive, $449,000.


Christopher M. Tautznik and Erin A. Tautznik to Conar Myers and Kaitlyn M. Myers, 112 Kings Highway, $365,000.


Mary Young and Thomas Young to Daniel Robert Tusler, 547 Stony Hill Road, $273,900.

Paul J. Robbins, Sharon L. Haley-Robbins and Sharon L. Haley to Taina Vargas, 791 Stony Hill Road, $400,000.

Richard J. Fraziero and Tracy Fraziero to James Joseph Pignatiello Jr., and Kimberly N. Clay, 3 Patriot Ridge Lane, $619,900.

Ruby Realty LLC, to IJN Equities LLC, 24 Dumaine St., $140,000.

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