Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Jan. 3, 2021

Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Jan. 3, 2021


Annemarie Wilkes, trustee, and Gene Elizabeth Giammarino Trust, trustee of, to Andrew Parrish, 103 Barbara Lane, $300,000.

George A. Vassos III, to 170 Main Street LLC, 158-170 Main St., $750,000.

Justin M. Archambault, Samantha L. Archambault and Samantha L. Short to Ann Marie Rivers and Zachary S. Rivers, 140 Autumn St., Unit D, $130,000.

Mark E. Maczka, Nancy M. Maczka and Nancy Marie Maczka to Michael LaPointe, 20 Meadow Ave., $215,000.

Phillip E. Aucella, Robert P. Aucella, Rosanne M. Kudlic and Frank J. Aucella to Dan Modirca and Andrei Modirca, 25 Wrenwood Lane, $256,500.

Susan J. Winters, representative, Debra A. Pope, representative, and Jane E. LaPlante, estate, to Debra A. Pope, 33 Begley St., $188,000.


Equity Trust Co., custodian, and James M. Kane IRA to Michelle Keuchkerian and Sotirios Stamatis, 24 Greenleaves Drive, $168,000.

Steven Kehler and Vanessa Kehler to Marina Durano, 16 Arlington Road, $375,000.

Julie C. Kaneta, trustee, and Julie C. Kaneta Revocable Trust to Michael S. Deutsch and Cory C. Rundle, 143 Harlow Drive, $445,000.

John R. Brown and Jessica H. Brown to Jose A. Flores and Rebecca L. Flores, 389 Bay Road, $157,500.

Iva Curcija and Ana M. Curcija to Dragan Curcija and Ljiljana Curcija, 196 West St., $319,886.

Thomas Schneeweis to Melinda Ann Ewen, trustee and Melinda Ann Ewen Inter Vivos Trust, 10 Cortland Drive, $500,000.

Kathryn V. Bryne to Shirley Pion, 37 Palley Village Place, $350,000.

Michael J. Morgan and Nancy F. Rothschild to Daniel H. Reis and Ilana L. Schoenfeld, 26 Morgan Circle, $462,500.

William M. Vannah and Janet E. Slocum to Hannah Sobel, 58 Henry St., $245,000.


Kimberly Brozo and Robert A. Petrizzi to Lucas Lafleur and Stephen P. Stewart, 646 Plainfield Road, $215,000.


David Kibbe to David C. Kibbe and Casey E. Kibbe, 166 Sargent St., $100.

Joan M. Niejadlik to Joseph J. Niejadlik and Jessica M. Mundell, 73 Green Ave., $100.

Matthew S. Jackson and Matthew Jackson to Matthew S. Jackson and Annmarie L. Jackson, 39 Maplecrest Drive, $100.

Abel Goncalves and Maria F. Goncalves to Christopher J. Twining and Heather A. Twining, 293 South Liberty St., $387,000.

Abel Goncalves and Maria F. Goncalves to Christopher J. Twining and Heather A. Twining, South Liberty Street, $70,000.

Brian T. Boudreau to Brian T. Boudreau and Sierra J. Humiston, Rural Street, Boardman Street and Rural Road, $100.

Donald LaFerriere Jr., and Sharon E. LaFerriere to Alan R. Bourbeau and Cynthia M. Bourbeau, 51 Westview Drive, $380,000.

Ryan Connolly and Kristen M. Connolly to Erin Georgia Young and Tyler Jette, 15 Hemlock Hollow, $365,000.

Anne M. Sanders and John P. Sanders Jr., to Robin G. Oey and Edward J. Oey, 6 River St., $280,000.

Scott R. Gadoury, Kathleen M. Gadoury and Scott Gadoury to Haleigh Sullivan, 47 Sheffield Drive, $393,000.

J. N. Duquette & Son Construction Inc., to Barry Johannes Bergen and Joyce Sierk Bergen, 61 Magnolia Lane, $449,900.

Summer Hill Estates Development LLC, to Roger H. Beeltje and Ann E. Beeltje, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, $325,000.

Denise K. Dineen to Christopher M. Ronkese and Debbie-Jo Wiley, 35 Oasis Drive, $625,000.

Donna Lopatosky, Donna Lopatosky, personal representative, and Martha L. Paradiso, estate, to Robert W. Harris and Charlotte R. Simmons, 38 North Main St., $245,000.

Susan M. Trompke to Jeremy M. Shaw, 12 Blacksmith Road, $295,000.

Nancy Lamb and Dianna Dapkins, attorney-in-fact, to NJRE Property Group LLC, 7 Fletcher Ave., and Allen Street, $185,000.

Frederick C. Kielbasa and Suzanne M. B. Kielbasa to Kevin Bronson, Kevin J. Bronson, Nicole Bronson and Nicole A. Bronson, 66 Canal Drive, $347,500.

James R. Sheehan and Joan A. Sheehan to Madeline C. Gay, 111 Daniel Shays Highway, $262,500.

Jennifer R. Salander and Zachary Salander to Enix Zavala, 11 Rita Lane, $249,000.


Eric Z. Dastous and Crystal L. Dastous to Donald G. Cornelius III, 6 Sunset Road, $195,000.

Ryan Charles Kelly and Danielle J. Kelly to Sara Kendall, 56 Woronoco Road, $224,000.


Frank L. Macumber, Dan Leo Macumber, representative, and Dan L. Macumber, estate, to Said Douai and Rachida Mhachi, 293 Brookfield Road, $70,000.


Dennis P. Bellows and Owen R. Bellows to Crystal Spurling-Wetterwald and Tyler Jarvenpaa, 14 Heath State Terrace, $195,000.


Helen H. Lang to Joseph P. Hepworth Jr., and Carol Hepworth, Birch Circle, $20,000.


Amber L. Fink, Amber L. Fitzgerald and Martin Paul Fitzgerald to Byron Johnson Drinkkwine Jr., and Jane M. Drinkkwine, 35 Clarendon Ave., $245,000.

Claude J. Vermette to Stephen Wojcik and Jessica Wojcik, 220 Woodcrest Drive, $195,000.

Duane Paraday and Mary Ann Paraday to Delvine N. Mandari, 13 Davenport St., $230,000.

Josephine V. DeJordy to Student Builders Inc., Hamel Street, $25,000.

Kevin O. Lynch and Samantha A. Lapan to Harry J. Rodriguez, 499 Chicopee St., $134,900.

KV Properties LLC, to Paul G. Silva and Johanna Fernandez Silva, 22 Canal St., $260,000.

Marc S. Roberts and Janice M. Roberts to Brian Brisbois and Janice Brisbois, 90 Ann St., $190,000.

Melanie Wilk, representative, and William E. Wilk, estate, to Luis S. Ribeiro, 79 Orchard St., $265,000.

Michael J. Shea Jr., to Eric D. Althoff, 100 Colonial Circle, Unit 100B, $121,000.

Michael R. Lively to Norquelis Veras, 267 Fairview Ave., $270,000.

N. Riley Development Inc., to Miguel Angel Vasquez and Stephanie Esther Nunez, 43 Fredette St., $399,900.

Pamela Nadeau and Damion Nadeau to Janelle Portorreal, 30 Fuller St., $212,000.

PPK LLC, to RBT Enterprise LLC, Hampden Street, $430,000.

Round Two LLC, to Linette Otero, 32 Front St., $245,000.

Shah Ma Realty LLC, to EBK Properties LLC, 32 Highland Ave., $465,000.

Timothy F. Shea to Michael J. Shea Jr., 111 Applewood Drive, Unit 6102D, $103,000.

WestMass Area Development Corp., to Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Carew Street, $449,235.


Charles Lappen to Jonathan Woolley and Jennifer Van Wyk, 1 Gilbert Drive, Crosier Lane and Stetson Brothers Road, $415,000.

2019 Castle LLC, to Norman Ward and Sandra Ward, High Street, $1,000.


Treffle A. Mercure Estate, “aka” Treffle A. Mercure Jr., Estate, Doris A. Mercure-Gagnon, personal representative, to Scott L. Gagnon, 45 Bent Nail Drive/Bent Nail Drive, $180,000.

Russell A. French to Aimee L. Anderson, Laurie A. Heilman, Robert A. Langevin Jr., and Katrina L. Ruby-Chicro, Ashfield Road, $400.

East Longmeadow

Amanda M. Andress and Heather M. Andress to Tina Marie Johnson and Peter Christopher Thornton, 346 Prospect St., $480,000.

Amelia E. Brookes and Daniel J. Brookes to Willbert Garcia and Jennifer Rodriguez, 18 Yorkshire Place, $393,000.

Helen V. Smith to APCA LLC, 165 Shaker Road, $437,500.

Jason Catanzaro and Josephine Chou Catanzaro to Daniel J. Brookes and Amelia E. Brooks, 167 Canterbury Circle, $564,000.

Jonathan J. Davey, conservator, Daniel W. Surridge and Mary Ann Surridge to Martin J. Phillips, 423 Dwight Road, $202,000.

Joseph E. Lalli, Amanda L. Lalli and Amanda L. Rinaldi to Richard Lawrence Keefe II, and Misty D. Keefe, 79 Allen St., $245,000.

Katie E. Winseck to Kerry Ann Chapderlane-Cox, 26 Hanward Hill, $305,000.

Kenneth R. Bernard and Sharon H. Bernard to Katie E. Winseck and Ryan D. Tabb, 12 Country Club Drive, $490,000.

M&G Property Group LLC, to Christine Withbroe, 191 Canterbury Circle, $509,900.

Myrna Gonzalez to Evelyn Gonzalez, 74 Harkness Ave., $185,000.

Pasquale Liquori and Filomena Liquori to Shaji P. Daniel and Annie S. Daniel, 51 Rollins Drive, $990,000.

Tina M. Johnson to Sarah Roos, 6 Bayne St., $324,000.


David Magazu, Radmila Magazu, Thomas Magazu and Rhonda Magazu to Gregory Schweitzer, 28 High St., $334,000.

Patrick Ryan, Nathan Ryan, Matthew Ryan, Lisa Ryan, Krystyne Saltis and Matthew J. Ryan to Steven M. Tataro and Kristine M. Tataro, 9 Maxine Circle, $250,000.

Stanley Kuchyt, Christine Laprade, Helen Leupold and Helen Stefan to Lydia I. Bussiere and Sherri L. Schon, 3 Vadnais St., $275,000.

Peter M. Gregg and Barbara A. Gregg to Scott Joseph Rebmann, 7 Jessie Lane, $288,300.


Christopher A. Glabach and Jocelyn Glabach to Torin R. LaPointe, 22 Main Road, $222,800.


Christopher N. Mott and Jennifer L. Mott to Angel Zhang, 106 Shaw Road, $322,500.

Howard L. Paley, Susan Kraft Paley and Susan K. Paley to Ana Maria Rodica Moise, 72 Ball Road, $365,000.


Richard A. Benoit, Louise J. Benoit and Louise J. Caputo to Brittany R. Lord and Derrick S. Budreau, 11 Ken Lane, $224,000.

Mark A. Tabb and Janet M. Tabb to Radu Vlas and Cristina Vlas, 114 Maximilian Drive, $574,326.

Robert F. Vining to Catherine R. Nally, 2 Granby Heights, $141,500.

Scott A. Anderson and Jeffrey Anderson to Michael Rioual, 86 Batchelor St., $250,000.

Randy Sefton to Refined Design Homes Inc., 12 Greenmeadow Lane, $230,000.

Joshua Gomez, Stefanie M. Rodriguez and Stefanie M. Beauchemin to Nathan E. McCarthy and Rachel McCarthy, 145 South St., $332,500.


Jay R. Larsen II, Tammie L. Larsen and Jay R. Larsen to Nicholas D. Fitzgerald and Melissa N. Ogulewicz, 767 Main Road, $371,000.


Steven P. Barrett and Ruth L. Barrett to Michael F. Downey and Claudia Downey, 8 Cemetery Road, $300,000.

Maryellen M. Fitzgibbon to Sarah K. Khan and Henry J. Drewal, 68 Comins Road, $439,000.

Gregory H. Alexander to Jason P. Zabko and Nicole A. Zabko, 11 Woodlot Lane, $649,900.


Megan J. Green, representative, Alan J. Fritts, estate, and Alan Justin Fritts, estate, to Jeffrey E. Bean and Pamela Bean, 135 Glendale Road, $400,000.


Todd A. Lockwood to Michael James Colwell-LaFleur, 23-25 Chestnut St., $250,000.


Charles Gildea to David B. Porter and Elizabeth D. Crawford, 36 Overlook Road, $300,000.

Jennifer J. Cibien to Philip Hoenig and Melissa Hoenig, 83 Sturbridge Road, $258,000.

Robert Stanley Dean Jr., and Robin T. Pelletier to David Noyes, 5 Roberts Park Road, $165,900.


David Frost, Ronald Frost and Henry A. Frost Jr., to Jaime Lopez and Elizabeth Lopez, 41 Bray Park Drive, $259,500.

Down Home Properties LLC, to Lea C. Waldbillig, 354 Maple St., Unit L, $82,300.

U S A Housing & Urban Development to Alycar Investments LLC, 31-33 Lincoln St., $133,000.

Equity Trust Co., Amani Boutros IRA, and Amani Boutros to Carlos J. Colon, 1446 Dwight St., $198,000.

Garry S. King and Marlene A. King to Katie King, 80-82 Calumet Road, $250,000.

High Street Holyoke Properties I LLC, to Catalpa Inc., 358-364 1/2 High St., $560,000.

John Reidy Treworgy and John Raymond Reidy to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Pszczyna Realty Trust, trustee of, 345 Jarvis Ave., $125,000.

Judith Ann Barclay, Judith Holzherr, Stuart B. Wetherbe and Stuart B. Wether to Brenna H. Werme, 489 Beech St., $252,000.

Mary J. Alfano, estate, and Judith M. Alfano, representative, to Jerry P. Will Jr., 163 Huron Ave., $290,000.

Robert W. Cortes to Matthew Andrus, 1455-1457 Northampton St., $255,000.

Shirley C. Elliott and Robert L. Elliott to Malia Homebuyers LLC, 11 Alderman St., $121,000.


Richard P. Charron and Laurel A. Savoy to Jade L. Fleury, 4 Stage Road, $191,000.


Linda Caron to Ellen E. Drews, 46 Camp Road, $360,000.


Virginia Rockwood to Rockwood 2020 Irrevocable Trust, Jennifer A. McClure, trustee, and Dale McClure, trustee, Beaver Meadow Road and Keets Brook Road, $100.


Bertrand Janne Dothee and Sandrine Janne Dothee to John Joseph Fialkovich and Sharon Jinry Fialkovich, 45 Exeter Ave., $605,000.

Christopher DiStefano to Carri Greenman, 390 Bliss Road, $265,000.

David W. Bogan and Heather F. Hunt to Michael John Cobill and Kristy M. Riley, 655 Longmeadow St., $565,000.

Julius Stephen Brecht to Julius Stephen Brecht and Cynthia A. Brecht, 131 Tennyson Drive, $100.

Robert B. Morgan to David Fortier, 86 Dover Road, $250,000.

Sara C. Lavoie, Sara C. Tufts and Michael R. Lavoie to James Christensen and Ruth Christensen, 212 Hopkins Place, $300,000.

Springfield Homes LLC, to Fjodor Agranat and Kathryn L. Agranat, 384 Longmeadow St., $364,803.


Brandee Paroline to Breanna Line and Rachel Guerin, 50 Blanchard Ave., $214,777.

Laurie M. Dymon to Sofia Fernandes, 52 Laroche St., $325,000.

Rachel Baker, representative, and Victor Jay Field, estate, to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Abraxas Realty Trust, trustee of, 81 Laurel Lane, $160,000.

Whitetail Wreks LLC, to Kelvin Zheng and Liduan Zhu, Harvest Drive, $139,900.


Samuel H. Wilds to Christine Strickland and James Strickland, 25 Davis Road, $155,000.


Gary Hess and Heather Kehoe to Joshua M. Rose and Katrina L. Rose, 130 Wood Hill Road, $310,000.

Justin B. West and Christine A. West to Eric Wade Beeson and Sunshine Beeson, 27 Woodridge Road, $500,000.

Theresa F. Grimes to Robert J. O’Donnell, 31 Stafford Road, $227,500.


Earl J. Spear to James F. Demers, 89 Mormon Hollow Road, $200,000.

Joanna M. Zawada and Jozefa K. Zawada to Christopher A. Senecal, 551 Turners Falls Road, $287,250.

New Salem

Karen E. Landry, Kathleen R. Mahsem and Hendra S. Reidy to Erik J. Bielanski and Melinda J. Hazen, 333 Wendell Road, $240,000.


James Quinn to James Quinn, trustee, and James Quinn Revocable Trust, 78 Vernon St., $100.

Tony Clarke, personal representative, Margot Menkel, personal representative, and Kathleen Hibshman, estate, to Richard Barshay and Tracy Einstein, 44 Fox Farms Road, $565,000.

Richard S. Stultz, trustee, Joanne Stultz, trustee, and Stultz Revocable Living Trust to Joanne Stultz and Richard S. Stultz, 42 Norfolk Ave., $100.

Richard S. Stultz and Joanne Stultz to Richard S. Stultz, trustee, Joanne Stultz, trustee, and Stultz Revocable Living Trust, 42 Norfolk Ave., $100.

John Curran and Candace Curran to Edith P. Kirk and David K. Kirk, 36 Sovereign Way, $559,900.

Christopher Meyer and Jennifer Meyer to David M. Cowan Jr., and Amber L. Tanudjaja, 1095 Westhampton Road, $320,000.

Erin E. Daley and Erin E. Montague to Felix Grygorcewicz and Melodie Grygorcewicz, 48 Evergreen Road, $172,500.

Erin E. Donohue to Sarah E. Field, 69 Overlook Drive, $257,000.

Sheryl Grabon, personal representative, Sandra A. Putala, estate, and Sheryl A. Grabon, personal representative, to Karen M. Pohlman, 7 Park Ave., $236,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., and Orlans P.C., attorney-in-fact, to Loom Properties LLC, 31 Laurel Park, $87,000.

Emerald City Partners LLC, to Patricia Lee Lewis, 25 New South St., $289,000.

Emerson Way LLC, to Sovereign Builders Inc., 187 Emerson Way, $145,000.

Emerson Way LLC, to Sovereign Builders Inc., 214 Emerson Way, $150,000.

Karina B. Swenson to Derek C. Grimm and Marika P. Faytell Grimm, 13 Gregory Lane, $370,000.

Strong Ave LLC, to Taylor Northampton Re II Holdings LLC, 29 Edwards Square, $267,500.

Michael Marcotrigiano, trustee, and Michael Marcotrigiano Revocable Trust to Ashley Nelson and Adam Reid Nelson, 267 Locust St., $146,500.

Simon D. Halliday and Amy S. Halliday to Kristen Mara and Sophia Awad Rice, 135 North Main St., $375,000.


Paul F. Simpson to Joni E. Schriver, 245 North Lane, $195,000.

Henry G. Davison and Susan Lightner Davison to Allison J. Bell, 74 Highland Ave. and 44 Highland Ave., $220,000.

Joseph M. Debethune to John Jackson, 39 Ferncliff Ave., $220,000.


Wanda S. Kukas to Andrew T. Bates and Todd B. Punderson, 30 Ward Road, $100,000.

Aramand J. Dugas Estate, Michael P. Dugas, personal representative, Francis J. Killay and James M. Killay, individually, and Marion A. Laing Estate, Philip Laing, personal representative, Lynn E. Lawsky, Terri A. White, “aka” Terri Ann White to Kim Belanger, Lake Mattawa Road, $22,500.

Jessica A. Stewart to Todd Wilson, 135 Eagleville Road and 131 Eagleville Road, $65,000.

Brianna M. Lacki and Sean M. Lacki to Danielle Priest, 185 Packard Road, $240,000.

Dennis M. Annear and Tina L. Annear to Christopher W. Rutola, 35 Johnson Road, $211,000.

Donald L. Risatti and Joy E. Risatti to Ross N. Dembek, 126 Bartlett Lane, $345,000.


Aaron J. Clifton to Escarle Soto Jaquez De Diaz, 61 Bourne St., $193,000.

Jeffrey S. Hicks, representative, and Mark L. Sherman, estate, to Sherman Oil Co. Inc., 236 Wilbraham Road, $19,700.

Mark Ducomb, trustee, Nancy Snow, trustee, and Peter A. Ditto & Thomas J. Ditto Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, to David Ducomb, Calkins Road, $3,000.

Sandra W. Reed-Hofstetter to Jeffrey Brassard and Emma Scanlon, 21 Beebe Road, $266,000.

Stephen T. Masley Jr., to Jeffery K. Florence, 1018-1020 Maple St., $262,500.


Ernest T Selig IV., trustee, and Rae Nelson Selig Trust to Rae Nelson Ferree Selig Kwinitekw LLC, 49 Harkness Road, $100.


Daniel M. Marra and Brenda L. Marra to Dale A. Darosa and Heather J. Darosa, 321 Woronoco Road, $272,000.

Jeffrey E. Bean and Pamela Bean to Joshua MacDonald, 400 Dickinson Hill Road, $267,000.

Robert A. Prout and Margaret M. Prout to Christopher Woffenden and Sarah Richard, 1099 Huntington Road, $154,600.

South Hadley

Veronica M. Chapman to Linda Beverly Dennehy, 51 Pine Grove Drive, $256,000.

Alan G. Golinski to Charlene Rock and Matthew Rock Jr., 117 Willimansett St., $200,000.

Susan Mackler and Leslie O’Donnell to Kassandra D. Jolley, 115 Pine Grove Drive, $359,900.

Hanna Garman and Issam Khayata to Sadia Khuram and Khuram Abbasi, 302 North Main St., $280,000.

Jerry P. Will Jr., Leah Will and Leah Orsucci to Molly Abigail Pause and Robert John Pause, 147 Granby Road, $265,000.

Scott Family Properties LLC, to Emily A. Tebo, 40 Hadley St., $169,000.

Oak Ridge Custom Home Builders Inc., to Amber L. Fitzgerald, 361 East St., $456,000.


Jonathan A. Ewald and Patricia A. Zahler to Christopher Nelson Mott and Jennifer L. Mott, 79 Pomeroy Meadow Road, $459,000.

W. Marek Inc., to Robert Richard Oehmke and Megan Handwerk, 7 High St., $514,900.

Susan B. Lynch to Edward K. Schlieben and Thea Schlieben, 123 Russellville Road, $354,000.


Ali B. Kitchell and Helen S. Kitchell to Anthony R Witman, 9 Chapman St., $145,000.

Brandon M. Tessier to Kate Brunges and Connor Joseph Murphy, 74 Berkshire Ave., $180,000.

Deborah C. Morrissey and William B. Morrissey III, to Lisa C. Toal and Donald A. Toal Jr., 26 Birchwood Road, $270,000.

Emtay Inc., to Zulija Duric, 26 Granville Road, $262,500.

Hamelin Framing Inc., to Paul Giusto and Liliana Melguizo Giusto, 11 Sawgrass Lane, $495,000.

Kenneth A. Marks and Nora M. Marks to Raymond Mitchell, 389 North Loomis St., $285,000.

Kopatz Construction LLC, to Willard J. Kopatz and Emily K. Genovese, 7 Overlook Lane, $525,000.

Mary F. Whalen to Carole L. Janicki, 9 Junction Station Road, $346,500.

Ralph DePalma, Roseanne Casale DePalma and Rosalie DePalma to Joseph A. Walz and Kristy L. Walz, 267 Hillside Road, $1,165,000.


A. Geovanni Bernal and Jacqueline Bernal to Alexandra M. Medina Jimenez, 85-87 Prospect St., $240,000.

Ali B. Kitchell and Helen S. Kitchell to Anthony R. Witman, 14-16 Lockwood Ave., $150,000.

Ali B. Kitchell and Helen S. Kitchell to Anthony R. Witman, 20-22 Lockwood Ave., $150,000.

Amaan Realty LLC, to Alexis J. Martinez, 79 Blunt Road, $245,000.

Antonio Catalfamo Jr., and Cheyenne S. Catalfamo to Linda Zolendziewski, 97 Groveland St., $78,200.

Bella Marie Corbin to Angela M. Ramirez Bruno, 129 El Paso St., $164,950.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Carlos Mario Sanchez and Andrea Nicole Sanchez, 49 Delaware Ave., $280,000.

Carmen A. Pantoja to Jeilyne Nieves, 23 Notre Dame St., $198,000.

Catherine H. Smith to Humboldt Realty LLC, and Brantley Enterprises LLC, 51-53 Marlborough St., $50,000.

Charles C. Latham to Jose L. Alvarado, 72-74 Westford Circle, $270,000.

Clifton Ave. LLC, to Edgardo Delgado and Ada I. Resto, 75-77 Clifton Ave., $200,900.

Daisy Rosado to Ricardo Santa, 65 Biella St., $146,000.

David Douglas III, Nancy J. Douglas, Michelle Brown and Peter K. Brown to Kayla M. Krafchuk, 50 Jennings St., $165,000.

David W. LaMontagne, Michelle M. LaMontagne and Michelle M. Cordeiro to Matthew A. Lopez and Danielle K. Barry, 86 Peekskill Ave., $190,000.

Deborah Sepulveda to Rigoberto Noe Roblero Mendez and Jessica Marina Mendoza Moncada, 10 Merrick Ave., $135,000.

Efrain Morales and Damaris Morales to Efy Ruby Lopez-Matamoros, 725 Bay St., $136,000.

Elizabeth M. Lundberg, Elizabeth M. Duclos and Kevin Lundberg to Nicole M. Denver, Joanne M. Denver and Mark P. Denver, 25 Mayflower Road, $187,000.

Emtay Inc., to Juan Rangel Pacheco, 282 Page Boulevard, $225,000.

Extremely Clean (2) LLC, to Marllian Rivera, 95 Westminster St., $225,000.

George L. Johnson III, to Malia Homebuyers LLC, 361 Forest Hills Road, $190,000.

Grahams Construction Inc., to Maurice L. Martin and Keyante R. Martin, 27 Elaine Circle, $365,000.

Haleigh E. Sullivan to Alexandria C. Butler and Corina M. Demeo, 183 Seymour Ave., $280,000.

James H. Bugbee to Evelyn Rodriguez, 101 Mulberry St., Unit G-10, $65,000.

Jason D. MacLeod to Shamira Nicole Davis, 229 Fountain St., $201,000.

Jeannette Hart-Steffes and Doris Hart-Steffes to James C. O’Toole, 1710 Parker St., $188,800.

Jennifer Ramos to Charles E. Gallacher and Catherine A. Gallacher, 212 Savoy Ave., $165,000.

Jessica Alicea to Irene Adolphus, 26 Desrosiers St., $187,000.

JJB Builders LLC, to Innovative Housing Group LLC, Bayard Avenue, $40,000.

JJB Builders LLC, to City of Homes Real Estate Ventures LLC, Bayard Avenue, $100,000.

John D. Caldwell to Dionnie Johnson-Burnett, 76 Manhattan St., $158,000.

John F. Williams and Margaret Mary Williams to Jillian A. Fisher, 267 Connecticut Ave., $161,000.

John J. Pino and Donna J. Pino to Samantha Joy Scherff, 41 Davis St., $140,000.

Joseph J. Mendes to Kelnate Realty LLC, 3-5 Noel St., $100,000.

Keith R. Northwood to Cory DelNegro, 137 Bacon Road, $137,000.

Kerry A. Cox and Kerry A. Bryan to Mary Catherine McBride and John Albert Paolino III, 61 Ramblewood Drive, $199,000.

Laurie Ann Fox, Laurie Ann Alter and Brian Alter to Hacibey Karaaslan, Hajibey Karaaslan and Hummet Karaaslan, 214 Hartwick St., $225,000.

Leonard B. Bennett to Elizer Vasquez, 134-136 Woodlawn St., $257,000.

Lisette Gomez and Lisette Rodriguez to Carlos A. Garcia, 32-34 Sullivan St., $165,000.

Madison Property Investors LLC, to Nishan Giri and Kedar N. Giri, 109 Pine Grove St., $290,000.

Marty Berliner and Martyn Berliner to Luis C. Infante Perez, 194-196 Massachusetts Ave., $230,000.

Michael Derose and Barbara Derose to Brendon B. Welz and Alesia M. Welz, 64 Cara Lane, $329,000.

Midfirst Bank to Cig4 LLC, 37-39 Leyfred Terrace, $142,000.

MNB Builders LLC, to Yadaris Rivera, 13 Notre Dame St., $185,000.

Moises Zanazanian and Marie Zanazanian to Jose A. Montero, 657-659 Carew St., $220,000.

Nikolay Vaysbaum to Noemi Peluyera and Jose E. Figueroa, 41 Trafton Road, $215,000.

Norbert A. Maleshefski, estate, and Clint Maleshefski, representative, to North Branch LLC, 85 North Branch Parkway, $165,000.

Omar Loaiza to Patricia L. Caliento and Abdul-Kareem I. Kibodya, 47-49 Rochelle St., $240,000.

Onota Rental LLC, to Jennifer Ramos and Chantal Victor Nortez, 165 Hampden St., $148,000.

Rene Veloz and Marianella Rivera to Albert Cuevas, 22 Hadley Court, $252,000.

Sadia Kausar to Lizbeth Cruz Velez and Hector Rodriguez Jr., 18-20 Kenwood Park, $150,000.

Sandra L. Wilson to Rebecca M. Lowe, 244 Allen St., $210,000.

Sarah Mattey to Nicholas Fouche, 61 Greaney St., $180,000.

Sean Collins to Garrett Owens, 154 Mayflower Road, $199,000.

SLC Associates LLC, to Cristydiam Colon, 45 Loring St., $133,000.

Tiffany L. Quan to Joshua Dufresne and Stacey Dufresne, 60 Burton St., $244,900.

TL Bretta Realty LLC, to Luis H. Davis Jr., 55-57 Beverly Lane, $265,000.

U S Bank, trustee, and Residential Funding Mortgage Securities I Inc., trustee of, to Le & Associates LLC, 328 Oakland St, $55,500.

Walgreens Eastern Co., Inc., to Holyoke Retail LLC, 56 Saint James Boulevard, $430,000.

Wandysbel Davila to Angel F. Cruz Marquez, 88-90 Chester St., $191,000.

Whiting S. Houston Jr., and Helene M. Houston to Eric Waldman, 235 State St., Unit 502, $170,000.

Zakaria Saleh and Fodda Younes to Yeika M. Serrano and Jose Alvarado, 108 Silas St., $180,000.

Zeljko Arbanas and Vjera Bozinovic to Jamillah Medina Nova, 62 Kimberly Ave., $288,500.


Amy E. Taylor and Amy E. Hixon to Keith L. Moquin and Suzanne Moquin, 335 Hartland Road, $56,000.


Jeannette Leveillee, representative, John C. Leveillee, estate, Paul J. Leveillee, Claire L. Leveillee and Claire L. Demerski to Dianne Jaworski, 21 Shore Drive, $175,000.


John Jamilowski to NINJA Management LLC, 52 Gould Road, $85,000.

Christopher Johnson to Dale A. Shaw, 21 Eagle St., $116,000.

Russell N. Bergeron and Linda M. Bergeron to Russell Barbour, 82 West Main St., $110,000.

Amanda M. Young to Abigayle Victoria Sidur and Eli James Goudreau, 29 Fisherdick Road, $223,000.

Allen A. Reynolds, estate, Nancy J. Marcil, personal representative, and Nancy Marcil, personal representative, to Amanda M. Young, 44 Morse Ave., $190,000.

Douglas B. Meekin and Bruce D. Meekin Jr., to Brandi Estridge, 67 Old Poor Farm Road, $280,000.

David J. Blom and David Blom to Jose R. Quinones, 18 Berkshire Circle, $250,000.

James T. Supczak and Karen J. Supczak to Deborah A. Haskell and Tammy Lynn Emerson, 22 Eagle St., $129,900.

Brandon J. Kroll to Ana R. Estien and Juan R. Estien Melendez, Doane Road, $20,000.


David A. Bruce to Aaron Songer, Orange Road, $39,000.

West Springfield

Adam Lindeland to Jean Gosselin and Lynn Gosselin, 465 Prospect Ave., $235,000.

Beatrice Thibault to Rolando Cruz and Rosemary Cruz, 137 Apple Ridge Road, $470,000.

Brett A. DiClementi and Alicia DiClementi to Bruce R. Buckley and Lorna M. Buckley, 118 Bonnie Brae Drive, $253,250.

Faith A. Priest Nekitopoulos and Faith A. Priest to Rachel L. Greenway, 6 Alderbrook Lane, $250,000.

John C. Cotton Jr., Jeannie Louise Van Allen, Jeanne L. Curto and Patricia A. Matusiewicz to Alex Vilkhovoy, 9 Albert St., $150,000.

Lawrence Krahn and Joyce Krahn to Matthew Sean Krahn, 37 Clyde Ave., $230,000.

Luis Antonio Ureta Jr., to Zachary Hodges and Casey Hodges, 150 Ohio Ave., $320,000.

Montauk Morning LLC, to Rudd Holdings LLC, 2097 Riverdale St., $310,000.

Rebecca Rondeau to Grace E. Mariani Eurkus, 65 Kent St., $250,000.

Rosanne M. Casavant to Sandra Savenko and Peter Savenko, 40 Gibson Way, Unit 47, $315,000.

Sergey Dikan to Benjamin Zeller, 48-50 Chapin St., $265,000.


Allison Gearing-Kalill to Tony Lacasse and Bethany Lacasse, 187 Munger Hill Road, $540,000.

Ammar Khawaja to Talat Pasha Khawaja, 45 Montgomery St., $200,000.

Annie L. Potts and Harold F. Potts Jr., to David F. Potts and Sara C. Anderson-Potts, 7 Jeanne Marie Drive, $625,000.

B. Slayton LLC, to Arnold Street Properties LLC, 11 Arnold St., $536,700.

Christopher E. Balise to Eric Charles Johns, Bethann Johns and Bethann Mccoy, 63 Ridgeview Terrace, $242,000.

Jabob Sanders Leis and Geena Charow to Susan H. Avondo, 14 Sibley Ave., $147,500.

Madeline C. Nicoletti to Maksim V. Merenkov, 29 Radisson Lane, $430,000.

Michelle A. Sorcinelli and Robert J. Sorcinelli to Stephen J. Pariseau and Lynn S. Pariseau, Prospect St. Extn, $1,000.

Oscar P. Naula Naranjo to Francis J. Weir Jr., 54 Montgomery St., $220,000.

Stephanie R. King to Christie L. Kiernan, 27 Dewey Ave., Unit 12, $158,000.


Gordon Michael Scallion and Cynthia M. Keyes to Daniel R. Crouss and Kathryn S. Crouss, 2 Reservoir Road, $69,000.

Edward C. Fisher, trustee, Richard J. Fisher, trustee, and Elizabeth Balise Pinto Testamentary Trust to Justine W. Barrett Figura and Grant W. Figura, 3 Kings Highway, $209,000.


Steven Robert Keyes Estate, “aka” Steven R. Keyes Estate, Kataherine Adams, personal representative, to Thirteen State Road LLC, 13 State Road, $220,000.

Edwin J. Urkiel Estate, Sanda Urkiel-Jobst, personal representative, to Alexander Urkiel, Austin Urkiel, Richard Urkiel and Samuel Urkiel, Long Plain Road, $65,000.


Brian Quang Hang, Quang N. Hang and Sophie Chen to Timothy C Tencati, 111 Manchonis Road, $185,000.

C & M Builders LLC, to Christopher R. Venne and Mary E. Venne, 7 Wilton Drive, $505,000.

Denise L. Duchene to John Brasin, 9 Park Drive, $350,000.

Derek H. Wayne and Dodi A. Wayne-Leblanc to Carlos A. Colon and Wendy T. Colon, 4 Jewell Lane, $220,000.

Derrick L. Tallman and Francine R. Tallman to Prudenza G. Crivelli, 37 Cypress Lane, Unit 37, $427,500.

Miller Family Realty LLC, to Ainsley Brooke Krekorian, 6 Highmoor Drive, $285,000.

Rolando Cruz, Rosemary Cruz and Rosemary Martinez to Bin Xue Lin and Xi Tuo Chen, 146 Mountain Road, $320,000.


Timothy E. Mimitz Sr., and Donna Mimitz to Peter F. LaFogg and Joan C. LaFogg, 2 Bullard Road, $135,000.

Patricia M. Nichols and Michael D. Hooker, power-of-attorney, to Priscilla M. Ross, 79 Depot Road, $331,500.


Brandon C. Lagoy to Dalton J. Larabee and Emily M. Piazza, 138 Witt Hill Road, $285,000.

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