Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Feb. 7, 2021

Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Feb. 7, 2021


Martin M. Downey and Kimberly A. Downey to Vilai Sivongxai, 32 Federal St., $380,000.

MS Homes LLC, and MS Home LLC, to Nina Ivanov, trustee, Nadezhda Ivanov, trustee, and Ivanov Nominee Trust, trustee of, 301 South West St., $455,000.

Paul E. Provost, representative, Nancy Anne Edwards, estate, and Nancy A. Edwards, estate, to Dianne Robare, 49 Woodside Drive, $215,000.

Ruslan Kuzmenko to Jason R. Sinay, 92-94 Royal St., $260,000.


Chul Park to Farshid Abdi, 23 Webster Court, $182,000.

Norman S. Holland Jr., and Dona M. Kercher to Ertugrul Tonak and Ulku Z. Kutlu Tonak, 830 Bay Road, $445,000.

Robert E. Jones and Maxine R. Jones to Robert E. Jones, trustee, Maxine R. Jones, trustee, Robert E. Jones Revocable Trust and Maxine R. Jones Trust, 103 Aubinwood Drive, $100.

Gregory R. Zgrodnik and Jaime M. Zgrodnik to Jeremy D. Ober, Grantwood Drive, $65,000.

Laurie J. Chadbourne and Laurie J. St. Amand to Darrell Hunter, 473 Bay Road, $625,000.


Gerald A. Itzkoff, Patricia S. Itzkoff, Seymour W. Itzkoff and Julian Itzkoff ruby to 462 John Ford Road LLC, 462 John Ford Road, $328,000.

Keith Harmon Snow to John A. Kleber and Rachel Lyon, 177 Brown Road, $511,000.


Blanco Realty LLC, to Christopher Anciello, 6 Pine St., $450,000.

Benjamin B. Mattingly, Jennifer L. Mattingly and Jennifer B. Mattingly to Michael J. Stacy, 138 Kennedy Road, $399,000.

Christopher C. Pope to Christopher C. Pope and Timothy M. Pope, 85 North Washington St., $100.

William B. Keedy and William Keedy to Kenneth Eggleston and Elizabeth Eggleston, 1035 Federal St., $195,000.


Adrian Zane Bruening and Autumn Bruening to Brittney Stuck, 2 Russell Stage Road, $245,000.


Jay W. Burnham and Joshua D. Burnham to Elizabeth Bouyca, 15 Mountain View Drive, $55,000.


855 Liberty Springfield LLC, to MDDO LLC, 36 Artisan St., $540,000.

Cecelia M. Roy to Viankie Pagan-Bonilla and Angel Arattini-Carattini, 36 Bostwick Lane, $255,000.

Christine A. Morando to Nelson Alicea and Gabriela Alicea, 332 Grove St., $280,000.

Erin LaBreck to Brett Sullivan, 1640 Pendleton Ave., Unit 6223B, $145,500.

Gayle M. Moson to Jose O. Morales, 53 Saratoga Ave., $200,000.

Janet D. Mandeville to NG Chicopee Realty LLC, 52 Gladdu Ave., $315,000.

John J. Ferriter, representative, and Doris A. Stevens, estate, to E&G Joint Venture Nominee Trust, 92 Freedom St., $129,554.

Joseph F. Peluso, representative, and Josephine Barbara Smuk, estate, to Martin Thomas, 1466 Donohue Road, $185,000.

Leeann Whalley, representative, and Cathleen Dion, estate, to Curtis R. Wright and Isabel F. Wright, 61 Abbey Memorial Drive, Unit 168, $160,000.

Lori A. Norton to Thomas W. Adasiewicz, 20 Glendale St., $197,500.

Lorrie Buell, representative, Andra H. Carlisle, estate, Andrea H. Carlisle, estate, and Andra H. Buell-Carlisle, estate, to Nicholas Adams, 109 Arcade St., $178,250.

Mary M. Lamica to Steven P. Gray and Heather J. Bycenski, 61 Chester St., $195,000.

Michelle M. Dostie to Paul Bourbeau, 156 Greenwood Terrace, Unit 6019A, $134,900.

Valerie Campos, representative, and Fleurette Jeanne Dunne, estate, to Jessica Campos, 82 Mandalay Road, $150,000.

Walter A. Medianero to Barbara Baymon and Kimberly L. Dotson, 14 Paderewski St., $281,000.


MC AC & MC LLC, to Yen Mei Chuah and Keith Heberlein, 805 East Guinea Road, $625,000.

Susan J. Monahan to Marissa Ann Smith, Hoosac Road, $85,000.


James M. Collins and Julie G. Collins to Jack Klem, 1 Pocumtuck Drive, $485,000.

Joseph W. Gorey to Susanne Conlon and Wayne Conlon, 5 Hillcrest Ave., $535,000.

East Longmeadow

Andrew Lull, representative, Linda Lull, estate, and Linda Lull Rocca, estate, to Julio C. Torres and Lisa Maria Torres, 7 Princeton St., $40,000.

Conor M. Long and Tara M. Long to James Michael Lentz, 101 Nottingham Drive, $585,000.

James M. Lentz and Jennifer L. Lentz to Janene M. Kane, 116 Colony Drive, $337,500.

John A Robinson Jr., and Ellen L. Humphreys to Marvin Quentel Newkirk, 14 High St., $345,000.

Marco A. Scibelli to Toni K. Coombs, 94 Elm St., $273,800.

Steven J. Lussier and Susan L. Lussier to Alanna Lenahan and Phillip Huff, 43 Breezy Knoll Road, $479,900.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Christiana Trust, trustee, and BCAT 2020-1TT to Emtay Inc., 2 Harvest Circle, $210,000.


Michael J. O’Connor to David Marek and Gayle M. Moson, 30 Pomeroy St., $380,000.


Trombley Irrevocable Trust, Jacqueline Shumway Amor, Bonnie Shumway Felix, “aka” Bonnie Felix, Deborah Shumway Knorr, “aka” Deborah Knorr, Jacqueline Oliveri, Laurena Shumway Picciotti, “aka” Laurena Picciotti, all trustees, to Heather Lawton, 18 Walnut St., $184,000.


Michelle A. Sears and Jeremy J. Houlihan to Jeremy J. Houlihan, 2 Meadow Glen Drive, $100.

Jose Lopez to Jolene N. Brennan and Justin D. Hart, 169 Chicopee St., $330,000.


Laurie Fairbanks, Laurie T. Grant, Daniel J. Trenholm and Jonathan D. TrenHolm to Michael C. Stempel, 110 Beech St., $150,000.

Town of Greenfield to Eric J. Fahey, Cumberland Road and Old County Road, $1,000.

George R. Marchacos and Nancy J. Marchacos to Chapman Street Realty LLC, 162 Chapman St., $100.

John Burek and Kathleen Burek to Tammy C. Jezek, 148 Conway St., $207,500.

Heather L. Tencza to Rebecca Snow Kowal, 194 Leyden Road, $230,000.

Kenneth F. Deane to 187 Hope Street LLC, 187 Hope St., $5,000.

George E. Lynde and Donna W. Lynde to Appwein LLC, 24 Cleveland St., $113,000.


Philip W. Goulet, trustee, Jeannette A. Goulet Revocable Trust and Philip E. Goulet Revocable Trust to Philip W. Goulet, trustee, and Goulet Family Irrevocable Trust, 331 Russell St., $100.

Philip W. Goulet, trustee, and Jeannette A. Goulet Revocable Trust-1991 to Philip W. Goulet, trustee, and Goulet Family Irrevocable Trust-1991, Russell Street, $100.

Thomas F. Quinlan Sr., and Gwen A. Quinlan to Barry M. Sponder, Angmaya Sponder and Shanti Devi Sponder, 9 Hillside Drive, $600,000.

Bercume Construction LLC, and Nikki B LLC, to Norman S. Holland Jr., and Dona M. Kercher, 5 Nikkis Way, $729,000.


Martha M. Farnsworth to Martha M. Farnsworth and Shaun P. Linnehan, 44 Allen Crest St., $100.


Charles E. Denmark and Julie L. Denmark to Eva R. Quinn and Justin F. Quinn, 198 Hosmer Road, $170,000.


Whitney M. Vieira, Whitney M. Capwell and Michael R. Vieira to Brian Daniel Breen and Crystal Jean DelVecchio Burt, 10 Old County Road, $375,000.


Andrew S. Lape and Alexis L. Lape to Jesse Stasinos and Nicholas Stasinos, 37 Princeton St., $280,000.

Christopher W. Butler and Christpher W. Butler to Tambria Pioggia and Steven Jaimangal, 25 Hickory St., $265,000.

Conor J. Bevan and Katherine B. Bevan to Robert C. Daniell, trustee, Robert Christopher Daniell Revocable Trust, trustee of, Olive Ann Daniell Revocable Trust, trustee of, and Olive Daniell, trustee, 24 Ashley Road, $223,500.

David Cacciatore to Bryant Damours, 34l Maple Crest Circle, $124,900.

Gail A. Hornstein to Eva R. Jaffe and Peter B. Fagan, 16 Taylor St., $233,000.

Jamie M. Cardoza and Jamie Cardoza to Caroline Pinto and Julie M. Adamo, 36 Queen St., $276,000.

Laura E. Carmody and Jason G. Roberge to Sarah Michelle Gray, 23 Brenan St., $269,999.

Paul M. Bourbeau to Sonia E. Salgado, 93 Franklin St., $125,014.

Rafael Fernandez and Ada Fernandez to Ale Ventures LLC, 47 North Summer St., $140,000.

Yankee Home Improvement Inc., to Atlas Inspires LLC, 20 Longwood Ave., $205,000.


Eleanore C. Stevens to Paul R. Stevens, 69 Drury Lane, $215,000.

Maxwell D. Sullivan and Elizabeth R. Sullivan to Kelly Freeman, 103 Laurel St., $319,900.


Baystate Developers Inc., to Alex G. Kudla and Ewelina Kudla, Sunset Ridge, $125,000.

Jeffrey C. Dias to Laura Gibb, 6 Waters Edge Drive, Unit 6, $189,900.

Maria I. Fonseca, representative, and Gloria Ormeche, estate, to Dolores Rodrigues and Valdemar Rodrigues, 24 Ridgeview Circle, $190,000.

Theodore A. Bryant, Amanda Bryant and Amanda Marques to Cecile Bryant, 32 Lower Whitney St., $225,000.

Whitetail Wreks LLC, to Nicholas A. Zucco and Kayla Martins, Harvest Drive, $139,900.


Carleigh M. Dlugosz to Amanda Edson and Jason Edson, 14 Morris Ave., $272,000.


David A. Wright to Wright Wright, 22 Pine Ridge Road, $148,500.


Steven J. Niedbala to 408 Pleasant Street LLC, 408 Pleasant St., and Hockanum Road, $100.

William B. Hubbard, personal representative, Joan R. Wells, estate, and Joan H. Wells, estate, to Roger W. Salloom, 35 Westwood Terrace, $150,000.

James Burton Royal, trustee, and James Burton Royal Ingodwe Trust to Patricia A. Davison, trustee, and Patricia A. Davison Trust, 30 Village Hill, $395,000.

Benson W. Hyde to Christopher Shadoian and Armagan Gezici, 53 Clark Ave., $177,500.

Kerry Dinh to Martin Sexton and Georganne Sexton, Maynard Road, $229,000.

Noreen E. Mickiewicz, personal representative, Neal Thomas Ahearn, estate, and Neal T. Ahearn, estate, to Leigh Kimball Shippee and John Henry Burt Jr., 109 Overlook Drive, $190,000.

Columns at Rockwell Place LLC, to Patrick K. Gooden and Danielle M. Glenn, 30 Village Hill Road, $317,000.

Melissa J. Lampron to Carol Pineda and Michael MacDonald, 5 Orchard St., $372,000.

Heidi L. Eide and Heidi L. King to Tiffany Matrone, 73 Bridge St., $195,000.

Mark DePace and Karen DePace to Karen M. DePace, trustee, Mark L. DePace, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of Karen M. DePace, 194 North St., and Northern Avenue, $100.

Philip Moczulewski, Stephen Moczulewski, Edward Moczulewski, Karen Pepin and John Moczulewski to Nathan Moczulewski, 567 Sylvester Road, $135,000.


Sheila Cockerill, Susan Grant, Susan Hanke, Arthur James and Sharon Vant Land to John V. Bellenoit, 665 Millers Falls Road, $125,000.

Robert T. Duby Revocable Trust, Robert T. Duby, trustee, to Justin M. Kickery, 173 Four Mile Brook Road, $465,000.

William R. Chaney to Ryan Anastos and Joelle E. Fabrizio, 196 Millers Falls Road, $220,000.


Steven J. Desmarais to Carlton B. Martin, 260 Breckenridge St., $175,000.


Brittany E. Cox to Joshua Bush, 55 Cedar Terrace, $175,000.

Margaret Ann Kurtz to Paul Joseph Girard and Heather Girard, 75 Dickinson Hill Road, $290,000.


Gary L. Root and Joyce E. Root to Katelyn M. Choiniere and Todd M. Gerry Jr., 1204 Mohawk Trail, $265,000.


Jason P. Zabko and Nicole A. Zabko to Ariel Pliskin, 73 West Pelham Road, $350,000.

South Hadley

Jay D. Beaulieu, Jay Dylan Beaulieu, Janel M. Beaulieu and Janel M. Beaulieau to Evan P. Warner and Jessica J. Warner, 16 Columbia St., $220,000.

Jocelyn Wildman, personal representative, James M. Wildman, estate, and Dwight P. Wildman to Cody A. Griswold, 77 Judd Ave., $198,000.

Diane D. Aye and Scott W. Aye to Jinhwa Chang and Megan E. Saltzman, 19 Hadley St., $249,900.

Joanne Walton-Bicknell and Joanne M. Walton, Plainville Circle, $100.

Joanne M. Walton and Joanne Walton-Bicknell to Geoffrey Falade and Jessica L. Falade, 12 Plainville Circle, $425,000.

LaPlante Construction Inc., and R.E. Laplante Construction Inc., to Joe Villanueva and Ashley Ruth Russell, 108 College St., $410,000.

Ceasar P. Fernandes, Ann-Marie Fernandes, Ceasar P. Fernandes, attorney-in-fact, and Bernadette Fernandes to David G. Morris and Rachel C. Morris, 23 Chestnut Hill Road, $340,000.


Gil Farm Road Estates Inc., to Vyatcheslav Tsukanov, 37 Pequot Road, $120,000.


Fiore Realty Holdings LLC, to Hamelin Framing Inc., Honey Bird Run, $125,000.

Fiore Realty Holdings LLC, to Hamelin Framing Inc., Honey Bird Run, $140,000.

Fiore Realty Holdings LLC, to Hamelin Framing Inc., Honey Bird Run, $150,000.

Gerald M. Pohner and Holly Pohner to Southwick Care LLC, 796 College Highway, $392,500.

Kevin P. Brennan and Bridget T. Brennan to Frank Bogdanovich, 54 College Highway, $480,000.

Louis J. Evans and Deborah A. Evans to Laura O’Neill and Matthew Daniel O’Neill, 193 Berkshire Ave., $262,000.


Angela J. Murray to Lisa M. Bobbitt, 72 Jean Drive, $159,900.

Belmont State LLC, and 212 Pearl LLC, to Springfield Portfolio Holdings LLC, 208-212 Pearl St., $571,161.

Brandon Donnelly to Quinfield Realty Investments LLC, 400 Maple St., $499,000.

Bretta Construction LLC, to Niketa S. Melendez, 39 Herbert Ave., $350,000.

Brian St. Amand to Juan G. Sierra-Andino, 123 Florence St., $85,000.

Brico Properties LLC, to Frederick Afranie, 99 Leyfred Terrace, $257,000.

Carlos Morales and Madelyn Morales to Declan O’Connor-St. Pierre, 51 Atwater Road, $275,000.

Christopher M. Lemieux to Vanessa J. Zurita, 70 Alvin St., $250,000.

Damaris Morales and Efrain Morales Jr., to Crystal Velez and Clark Lee Brown, 53 Talmadge Drive, $210,000.

Elisandro Cuevas and Alexander Perez to Belki Tejeda, 72-74 Rittenhouse Terrace, $259,700.

Springfield City Code Enforcement Housing, Nancy Serrano, Jose L. Serrano and Ming Tsang, receiver, to Diplomat Property Manager LLC, 80-82 Silver St., $120,000.

Evelyn Cruz and Keila Rivera to Evelyn Cruz, 45 Manitoba St., $100.

Evelyn S. Lopez to Taiye M. Ologunro, 24 Cleveland St., $182,000.

GB Group Inc., to Cristal Turcotte, 45 Brickett St., $112,900.

James P. Ryan, representative, and Mary Francis Ryan, estate, to Felixavier Fuentes-Colon and Jessenia Sanchez, 224 Forest Hills Road, $232,000.

Jamie Kiniry and Jamie Pinette to Tracy C. Bradford, 19-21 Victoria St., $255,000.

Jennifer L. Flynn to Pedro Diaz Almenas, 1195 Berkshire Ave., $180,000.

Lindsey M. Knodler to Gina Bartolo, 49 Nutmeg Drive, $272,000.

Lucile M. Gillory, representative, Donna M. Garete, representative, James William Fettes, estate, and James W. Fettes, estate, to Equity Trust Co., custodian, Robert Igreau and Robert Igreau IRA, 186 Davis St., $122,250.

Manyra A. Starr Johnson and Marlowe K. Freeman Sr., to Plata O. Plomo Inc., 8 Putnam St., $147,500.

Moira Ann Murphy and Moira Ann Fettes to Lucile M. Gillory, representative, Donna M. Garete, representative, James William Fettes, estate, and James W. Fettes, estate, 186 Davis St., $100.

Robby A. Thomas to Nurys Rodriguez De Cruz, 195 Tyler St., $170,000.

Roger W. Williams Jr., and Maria B. Williams to Ramon Arce, 86 Cedar St., $65,000.

Son Vo to Vananh Nguyen and Anh Tran, 57-59 Wilmont St., $210,000.

Sovereign Properties Inc., to Angie O. Obomanu, 181 Bowdoin St., $255,000.

Stanley D. Komack, representative, Martha Charlotte MacDonald, estate, Martha C. MacDonald, estate, and Martha C. Lacroix, estate, to Michael F. Lipinsky, 22 O’Connell St., $174,000.

Stephen Hagstrom to Jaime Melendez, 41-43 Greene St., $100,000.

William Rivera to Santana Real Estate Inc., 24 Crest St., $150,000.

William Warner and Derrick Hatwood to Quetty C Jean-Ebian, 153 Westminster St., $259,900.

Yellowbrick Property LLC, to Lischey M. Correa, 41 Ladd St., $189,000.


Jason McBride to Jason R. McBride and Kimberley A. Stanczak, 329 Belchertown Road, $100.

Mary Anne Beeman and Mary Anne Cronk to Mark E. Hausser, 73 Hardwick Pond Road, $360,000.

Ware Town to Amanda LaPete and Anthony LaPete, 73 West Main St., $10,000.

Joseph Conaci and Frank Conaci to Nicolas J. Cianci, Old Gilbertville Road, $30,500.

Normand T. Mathieu to Greg Robbins and Kelly Robbins, 29 Pinecrest Circle, $260,000.

Jill Gravel-Combs and Jill A. Gravel-Combs to Niki Jo Vaughan and Rhonda Amil Harris, 64 Eagle St., $224,900.

Daniel J. Luksha and Amy Luksha to Lynn Elizabeth Ruwet and Christopher Diener, 259 Greenwich Road, $350,000.

Nasser Zebian to Erika R. Lima, 19 High St., $207,000.

West Springfield

Donald Felix to Carmagnola Realty LLC, 38 Clarence St., $215,000.

Dorothy J. Link to Mark E. Mangini and Rebecca Mangini, 898 Amostown Road, $7,800.

JBD Empire LLC, to Jose Gonzalez, 21 Lyman St., $289,000.

Jeffrey W. Dean to Jacquelyn Dee Gordon, 5 Wilder Terrace, $188,000.

John E. Prenosil to Anthony Jamell Ruffule, 62 Southworth St., $247,500.

Margaret A. McCarthy, representative, and Raymond John Sweeney, estate, to MS Homes LLC, Westfield Street, $500.

Shelley Ann Bourgeois to Jason Kevit, 41 Banks Ave., $280,000.

Yuriy Sychev and Galina Sychev to Aleksandr Katykhin, 20-22 Merrick St., $270,000.


Catherine B. Shannon to Matthew T. Howard, 6 Apple Orchard Heights, $267,000.

Holly L. Lewis, representative, and Linda Renkowicz, estate, to Travis Brenner and Kathryn Nabiha Alwon Brenner, 121 Ridgecrest Drive, $380,000.

Igor I. Popov and Lidiya Popova to Maksim Martynyuk, 13 Maple St., $225,000.

Johanna L. Lamb to Sandra Atkins-Jason, 48 Pleasant St., $199,000.

Laura T. Masciotra and Matthew O’Neill to Joseph Lubanski, 119 Union St., Unit 2, $130,000.

M & C Real Estate LLC, to 358 MLC LLC, 2 Lewis St., $169,900.

Richard Girard to Jessica Monica Luczynska, 6 Brenda Drive, $258,000.

Steven A. Andrews to Merritt B. Andrews, 37 King St., $75,000.

Vitaliy Lukin and Iryna Lukina to Gennadiy Laba and Vera Laba, 26 William St., $250,000.


2301 Boston Road LLC, to Richard E. Poirier, 26 Lodge Lane, $421,000.

Nathan D. Torretti to Collette Haskell, 130 Mountain Road, $325,000.


Shane L. Lashway to Terry D. Dawson and Miana C. Hoyt-Dawson, 81 South St., $270,000.

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