Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Dec. 27, 2020

Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Dec. 27, 2020


Deborah Skinner to Sara M. Drake, 35 Beekman Dr., Unit 35, $160,000.

Edward R. Lacour Jr. and Andrea F. Lacour to Caron A. Lacour, 84 Meadowbrook Road, $150,000.

Gabriel Degray and Lauren Degray to James Joseph Heffernan, 28 Spencer St., $280,000.

Marilyn Marzo Gillespie and Phillip Keith Gillespie to Daniel R. Muggleton, 13G Castle Hills Road, $257,000.

Mark H. Rivers to Marcus Rodriguez, 73 Alfred Circle, $180,000.

Michael J. Ward and Laurel A. Ward to Tara Lynn Marshall, 34 Norman Terrace, $203,000.

Palatium Realty Inc. to Lufti Azizov, 270 Maple St., $260,000.

Rosemarie E. Kieffer to Heather L. Burbeck-Rodriguez, 44 Southwick St., $255,000.

Sumner R. Saffer to Linda M. Cardaropoli, 97 Beekman Drive, $169,900.


Lindsay Smith and Renata Smith to John Corrigan and Karen Corrigan, 1260 Bay Road, $347,000.

Yeshi Gyaltsen and Dolkar Gyaltsen to STONYHILLCRIB028 LLC, 30 Sunrise Ave., $315,000.

Jamieson S. Grillo and Lydia Chin to STONYHILLCRIB028 LLC, 4 Moss Lane, $270,000.

Joseph M. Berman to Keelin J. Berman and Grace M. Berman, 287 Shutesbury Road, $100.

James L. Wallace, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of James L. Wallace to Molly Gallagher, 211 Wildflower Drive and Old Farm Road, $569,000.


Nada B. Sellers and Patricia R. Koons to Patricia R. Koons, 52 Old Springfield Road and Springfield Road, $100.

David A. Ladizki to David A. Ladizki, trustee, and Revocable Indenture of Trust of David A. Ladizki, Franklin Street, $100.

Scott A. Seifel and Mary R. Seifel to Brianna Marie Lacki and Sean Lacki, 120 Kennedy Road, $305,000.

Jeremy D. Cushing to Sarah Cathleen Cartel, 426 Allen St., $243,500.

Steven F. Landau, personal representative, Joseph Twersky, personal representative, Sondra Rappaport, estate, and Sandy D. Rappaport, estate, to Amy Rappaport, 156 Barton Ave., $100.

Amy Rappaport to Robert A. Amlaw and Michelle L. Amlaw, 156 Barton Ave., $300,000.

Robert J. Medeiros and Dawn Medeiros to Charles A. Pappis III, and Karri Pappis, 173 Railroad St., $375,000.

Michael A. Chotkowski and Heather Bourbeau to Dawn B. Medeiros and Robert J. Medeiros, 55 South Main St., $330,000.

Girard Homes Inc., to Heidi L. Bonafini and Brian Woodward, State Street and 387 State St., $80,000.

Richard Warrington and Sunye Warrington to Cameron Currie and Martyna Currie, 35 Eugene Drive, $410,000.


Jason A. Bassett and Shannon P. Bassett to Gabrielle T. Young, 13 Bald Mountain Road, $270,000.


Deborah M. Decoigne to Brenda M. Spencer and Jeffrey B. Spencer, Charlemont Road, $15,000.


Vicky Seavey to Erik Peterson and Michelle Peterson, 280 Warner Hill Road, $125,000.


Hilltown Holdings LLC to Northeastern Holding Co. LLC, 126 Middlefield Road, $175,000.

Wendy L. Price and Wendy L. Maynard to James D. Adams, 162 Route 20, $20,000.


Joshua M. Becker and Paul Teeling to Christopher E. Landry, 664 Main Road, $305,500.


Americo A. Pereira and Alice Pereira to Luis Pereira, Hampden Street, $110,000.

Ashley M. Brickhouse, Timothy Fitzemeyer and Ashley M. B. Fitzemeyer to Jonavan Ramos, 33 Wintworth St., $215,000.

At Home Properties LLC, and Daniel Stamborski to Cathy L. Kline and Bryan M. Kline, 166 Pondview Drive, $250,000.

Carlos J. Ramos to Carlos J. Ramos and Keyla Mary Torres-Ramos, 114 Chapel St., $100.

Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Best4u Realty Trust, trustee of, to Lilian W. Wanjiku, 120 Cobb Ave., $235,000.

Gennadiy Kazimirov to Jacomo Serrano, 12 Emmett St., $256,000.

James David Diciocco and Paul J. Rolandini to Scott W. Litz, 133 Madison St., $270,000.

Karri Pappis, Karri Baillargeon and Charles A. Pappis III, to Aleicia Gillum, 66 Yorktown Ct., Unit 66, $168,000.

Kimberly Porter and Kimberly Elizabeth George to Tony V. Johnston and Carolyn Johnston, 33 Washington St., $215,000.

Krystal A. Kozikowski to Christopher S. Fanning, 36 Regency Court., Unit 15, $192,000.

Lori A. Milner to Brenda L. Enriques, 72 Yorktown Court., Unit 72, $165,000.

Louis A. Harrison Sr. and Yolanda Harrison to Saymar Rodriguez Vazquez, 89 Woodcrest Circle, $240,000.

Mark E. Carriveau, Paul R. Carriveau and Peter C. Carriveau to James L. Kennedy and Jessica M. Kennedy, 126 Edward St., $239,000.

Michael E. Fregeau and Marie T. Fregeau to Daphne A. Bolden, 16 Abbey St., $264,300.

Michael J. Richard and Ingrid E. Richard to Louis A. Harrison and Yolanda Harrison, 16 Lapa Farm Road, $297,000.

Nancy Currier and Nancy Walmer to Lee S. Mendoza and Alicia J. Mendoza, 104 Johnson Road, Unit 303, $170,000.

Nicholas Menec and Norma S. Menec to Matthew H. Johnson, 26 Lemay St., $172,000.

Paul E. Courchesne and Yvette M. Courchesne to Islander Robles and Brenda Robles, 81 Northwood St., $226,000.

Plata O. Plomo Inc. to Malikameer Andrade, 7 Lapa Farm Road, $240,000.

Roger P. Bergeron and Sylvie M. Bergeron to Cindy A. Wodecki, 39 Bonneta Circle, $250,000.

Szymon P. Wolanczyk and Cara M. Seidel to Cynthia A. Scott, 145 Holyoke Ave., $275,000.

Thomas F. Lyons and Susan E. Lyons to Susan E. Lyons, 380-382 East Main St., $100.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Christiana Trust, trustee, and Bcat 2017-19TT, trustee of, to Hector L. Hernandez, 54 Olko Circle, $220,000.


Michael J. Whiteman II, Daniel Whiteman, Peter Whiteman and David Whiteman to Owen L. Ouimet, 236 West Cummington Road, $211,500.


John Oates and Jaclyn Oates to Nicholas Clover-Brown and Noelle Serafino, 30 Stillwater Road, $370,000.

Jane L. Plumley and Willard E. Plumley to Vicki L. Martin, 11A Duncan Drive, Unit 17, Meadows of Deerfield, $297,000.

Ann -Mary Cloutier and David Potter to Anne S. Glass and William F. Glass Jr., 17 Sugarloaf St., $454,000.

Jeremy Ober to David Potter and Ann-Mary Cloutier, 51A Eastern Ave., $449,000

East Longmeadow

Colleen E. Kelley, representative, and Harry J. McCleery, estate, to Thomas E. Veratti and Kathleen Veratti, 39 Bond Ave., $75,000.

Gordon T. Daponte-Burson to Zakeya Scott, 181 Pleasant St., $236,000.

Maureen A. Burns, Brian E. Booth, Diana B. Duff and Diana A. Booth to Diana B. Duff, 24 Lee St., $200,000.

Steven L. Pratte and Erika Pratte to Raymond J. Galgano, 40 Rankin Ave., $328,000.

Ted F. Pleasant and Karen A. Orzell to Antonio Calabrese and Jennifer Calabrese, 92 Pine Grove Circle, $650,000.


Lauren M. Kessler to Laura M. Kessler and Aimee M. Levesque, 38 Spring St., and Crescent Street, $100.

William J. Campedelli to Darius Zelkha, 9-11 Terrace View. $343,000.

Edward D. Laprade, Christine M. Bowen, Linda A. Ball, Lorraine Laprade, Cheryl Laprade and Robert A. Ball to Elise S. Jablow and Myles A. Bittner, 210 East St., $315,000.


Gary E. Cole Estate, and Linda A. Cole, personal representative, to Jessica L. Goheen-Cole and Lisa M. Goheen-Cole, 181 Old State Road, $207,000.


Alfred J. Ciaglo Jr., trustee, Alfred J. Ciaglo, trustee, Terri A. Earle, trustee, and Woodchuck Nominee Trust to Alexandra Snook and Edward Way, 68 Hammond Circle, $308,000.

Adam Goode and Susan Goode to Michael G. George, Cape Street, $149,900.


Michael R. Hartbarger, Thomas I. Hartbarger and Richard L. Hartbarger to Rodney L. Hartbarger and A. Eloise Hartbarger, 172 Porter St., $100.

Doug Parker and Laurel Parker to Laurel Parker, Richard P. Hooker Jr., Marie S. Hooker and Doug Parker, 122 Maximilian Drive, $100.

Michelle L. Amlaw, Michelle L. Brown and Robert Allen Amlaw to Daniel R. Adams and Amy M. Adams, 166 Kendall St., $340,000.

James S. Worthworth and James S. Wordsworth to Cynthia Smith and C Brian K. Graves-Harrison, 73-75 South St., $350,000.

Judith L. Socha, personal representative, and John H. Gerke Jr., estate, to Joni E. Fleming, 662 Amherst Road, $100,000.

Micheline D. Turgeon to Todd Wagers and Lorrie Chmura, 144 New Ludlow Road, $215,000.

Hillside Builders & Remodelers Inc., to Acre Hill LLC, 43 East St., $100.


Ann M. Sweeney and Michael J. Sweeney to Jordan Javier Coriza and Raoul Kruger Graunt, 57 Meadow Wood Drive, $485,000.

Tom Friedman Enterprises LLC, to Cameron B. R. Kauffman and Kathleen Perry, 68-70 Pierce St., $237,000.

Judith B. Stein Estate, Carol Avonti, personal representative, to Todd Cousino, 185 Deerfield St., $46,000.

Jeffrey C. & Kathleen A. Wallace Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, and Kathleen A. Wallace, trustee, to Ann M. Sweeney and Michael Joseph Sweeney, 100 Bungalow Ave., $291,500.

Cindy L. Bayer to Eric S. Depalo, 346 Leyden Road, and Leyden Road, $225,000.

Johnson Funding Trust, Linda Susan Deamicis, trustee, and Steven Johnson, trustee, to Lynn Bassett, 30 Nichols Drive, $250,000.

Select Portfolio Servicing Inc., attorney, Citibank NA, trustee, by attorney, to Paul D. Viens, 107 James St., Unit 7A, James Street Condominium, $85,600.


Valley Construction Co Inc., to Nicole M. Morrison and Sharyn L. Morrison, 6 Colony Drive, $173,500.


Amy G. St. Germain to Courtney Lyn Gilrein, 395 Wilbraham Road, $145,000.

Eric R. Foisy and Jennifer L. Foisy to Robin L. Savitt-King, 64 Raymond Drive, $275,000.

Lori Curley to Brenda A. Gouin and Matthew M. Gouin, 39 Circleview Drive, $264,900.

Ronald K. Cudnik and Cheryl M. Cudnik to Eric Foisy and Jennifer Foisy, 8 Country Club Drive, $434,900.


Maxgate Properties LLC, to West Street Partners LLC, 187 West St., $835,000.

Thomas B. Rosati to Susan Donnelly, 44 Linseed Road, $298,000.


Argeris Nancy Naldrett Estate, Nancy Edmondson Estate, and Michael Naldrett, personal representative, to Barry Stemper and Margaret Stemper, 98 East Hawley Road, $40,000.


Draper Properties Inc., to Erin A. McAvoy and Charles F. Walz IV, Colrain Stage Road, $85,000.


Walter D. Gibbs to Anthony W. Decarolis, 1 Bennett Road, $253,000.


CBT Portfolio Owner LLC to Lease Fund Series 2020-1 LLC Oak Street Investment Grade Ne, 227 Whiting Farms Road, $1,516,273.

David Laventure to Szymon Wolanczyk, 349 Southampton Road, $580,000.

Joshua R. Wherry and Candice Wherry to Patrick G. Love, 21 Brookline Ave., $233,000.

Martha B. Healey and David G. Healey to Maura G. Campbell and Gregory J. Gauthier, 2 Harvard St., $385,000.

Saw Construction LLC, receiver, Holyoke City and Ana E. Delarosa, estate, to Lock & Key LLC, 67-69 Longwood Ave., $229,000.

Shane D. Harrington, Katherine M. Harrington and Katherine M. Shanahan to Mackenzie M. Gray, 16 Cherry Hill, $215,000.


Donna M. Burgoyne and Donna M. Parks to David C. Wieland, 5 Cook Hill Road, $150,000.

James K. Patenaude to Chad LaFrance, 9 Birchwood Drive, $850,000.


Isaiah Robison Revocable Donor Trust, and Isaiah Robison, trustee and individually, to Elsbeth L. Walker, 258 North Leverett Road, $95,000.


Adam G. Goode and Susan P. Goode to Donald Scott Howson and Antonietta Mongillo, 44 Farmington Ave., $305,000.

Cedar Investment Group LLC to Joseph Palmerino Santaniello and Stephanie Anne Welch, 156 Sheffield Ave., $292,000.

Christopher H. Comey and Elizabeth J. Comey to Lawrence Nedwed, Amy Nedwed and Gary Nedwed, 146 Silver Birch Road, $600,000.

Philip G. Dentremont and Jaime M. Dentremont to Samantha A. Suchy and David Suchy, 89 Wimbleton Drive, $325,000.

R2R LLC to Sammy Levy and Adriane Levy, 82 Lincoln Park, $387,000.


Armand J. Grondin to Amanda Bryant and Theodore Bryant, 434 Moore St., $429,000.

Catherine J. Costa to Joyce A. Siok, 89 Miller St., $85,000.

Diana P. Croteau to Susana Aguero, 771 East St., $212,500.

Jason Barroso to Michael R. Williams and Samantha L. Williams, 40-42 Minechoag Heights, $323,000.

John Giasullo and Sarah Giasullo to Patrick Fitzell, 76 Overlook Drive, $330,000.

Keith A. Nunes and Patricia Nunes to Armand Joseph Grondin, 178 Michael St., $269,900.

Kevin A. Quiterio, Nicole L. Quiterio and Nicole L. Roy to Kyle M. Walsh, 61 Bramucci St., $259,900.

Maria A. Gamache, representative, and Manuel Martins, estate, to Brenda M. Rooney and Nichola Rooney, 46 Homestretch Drive, $135,000.

Michael J. Chernick, representative, Antoni F. Grabowski, estate, Anthiony F. Grabowski, estate, and Anthony Grabowski, estate, to Nicholas D. Barron and Nicole L. Barron, Lyon Street, $170,000.

Micheal S. Lipscomb, Mitchell A. Lipscomb and Michael S. Lipscomb to Julia A. Jalbert, 201 Kendall St., $198,000.


Michael P. Hale Jr., personal representative, and Michael Putnam Hale, estate, to Marcia L. Kebbon and Robert Turner, 128 Chipman Road, $535,000.


James R. Wawrzyk to Gregory J. Bertsch and Michelle E. Officer, 123 Ely Road, $460,000.

Thomas Russo to Michael J. Brothers, 10 Margaret St., $232,900.


Mechanics Lodge Building Association, Inc., to Colleen C. Descavich and Dale J. Sescavich, 20 Masonic Ave., $230,000.

Seth Hopkins and Stephanie A. Hopkins, “aka” Stephanie A. Smith, to Zachary Zucker, 25 Worcester Ave., $195,000.

Calvin G. Ewell and Donna M. Ewell, “aka” Donna M. Fugere, to Kaylee A. Gorey and Thomas E. Gorey, 13 South High St., $186,000.

Janice M. Momaney to Jeremy E. Miller, 453 Millers Falls Road, $152,000.

New Salem

Hannah Rachel Pasquale to 35 Shutesbury Road Nat Cramer Family LLC, 35 Shutesbury Road, $48,000.


Brendan L. Smith, Melissa B. Smith and Melissa B. McCutcheon to Kathleen Radzikowski, 38 Leeno Terrace, $280,000.

Gary W. Keefe, trustee, James J. Keefe, trustee, and Keefe & Sons Nominee Trust to Joshua R. Wherry and Candace K. Wherry, 185-187 Prospect St., and Stoddard Street, $599,900.

Stanley L. Symanski and Stanley Symanski to Michael G. George, 187 Locust St., $295,000.

David H. Bragdon, trustee, David H. Bragdon Investment Trust, Regina Towne Bragdon, trustee, and Regina Towne Bragdon Investment Trust to Terrence M. Coe and Jayalaxmi Kannan, 104 Moser St., $500,000.

Sanjiv Gupta to Jamie N. Thaman, 351 Pleasant St., $212,500.

Jacob E. Lopez to Alexa Mignano, 12 Laurel Park, $253,880.

Watcharaporn Hardy, Thomas F. Quinn and Amy B. Quinn to Jeffrey B. Vaughan, 46 Gilrain Terrace, $280,000.

David W. Reinhart, Kristine Ross and Kristine Reinhart to James Dixon Jr., and Terri Dixon, 209 Cardinal Way, $650,000.


James Clarke, “aka” James F. Clarke, to Janice E. Herlihy and Daniel J. Zimmerman, 755 Old Wendell Road, $65,500.


Kevin C. Dodge and Malane A. Dodge to Albert M. Rousseau and Shala M. Rousseau, Shingle Brook Road, $50,000.


Gordon E. Stone to Mary Bell, 105 Pinney St., $159,000.

JNB Property Investment Inc. to Joseph O’Malley, 1476 North Main St., $124,000.

Kelly J. Youngberg and Steven Youngberg to Tristan Wilkerson and Samantha Wilkerson, 28 Fieldstone Drive, $410,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to FSG Realty LLC, 15 Sasur St., $147,900.

Lauri A. Landry, representative, and John J. Doolin, estate, to Michelle Lee Laroche, 2003 Overlook Drive, $215,000.

Mary Salzmann and Mary A. Salzmann to Marc John Semon and Donna Jaye Semon, 15 Cyd Alan St., $185,000.

Nathan R. Goodrow and Katherine Goodrow to William Shedd and Ashley Deblois, 8 Boston Road, $263,500.

Samantha J. Wilkerson, Samantha J. Jacobs and Tristan L. Wilkerson to Jessica Mackiewicz, 37 Saint John St., $252,000.


Albert A. Cizek, Richard A. Cizek and Blanche M. Cizek to James Page and Tonia Lowe, 260 South Central St., $255,000.


Melissa J. Escalante, Robert Escalante and Melissa J. Rymasz to Edmund R. Schram, 51 Highland Ave., $290,000.

Rebecca J. Mazuch to Trevor D. Andrews and Karley A. Andrews, 86 West Main St., $375,000.


Sidney Gerard to Rachel Nordstrom, 462 Little Mohawk Road, $322,500.

South Hadley

Lisa Brassard Nicotera, Peter Brassard, Alison Brassard L’Heureux and Andrea Brassard Picard to Stanley J. Czerwiec, 302 Alvord Place, $260,000.

Gail L. Connelly, personal representative, Robert J. Ericson, personal representative, and Barbara L. Cummings, estate, to Laura Brezinsky, 44 Silver St., $301,110.

Shah Ma Realty LLC, to RB Homes LLC, 7 Pleasant St., and 5-7 Pleasant St., $543,900.

David A. Desrochers to David A. Desrochers and Ann M. Desrochers, 41 West Summit St., $100.

John D. Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Marguerite C. Johnson and Matthew P. Johnson, to Marguerite C. Johnson, trustee, and Marguerite C Johnson Revocable Trust, 29 Pynchon Road, $100.

Trustee of Mount Holyoke College to Ryan N. Moore and Heather E. Moore, Morgan Street, $5,000.

Han Zhao and Nan Zhang to Carol Sullivan and William John Sullivan, 124 College St., $300,000.

Daniel P. Gladu and Jacqueline S. Gladu to Kimberly J. Ingram and Kevin J. Gladu, 313 Alvord Place, $100.

Mary M. LaMontagne to Lisa M. Morrin, 48 Hillside Ave., $317,500.

Wendy E. Simpson, personal representative, Beth M. Kenney, personal representative, and Allan L. Simpson, estate, to Alexandra C. Schonbek, 39 Chapel Hill Drive, $354,000.


Daniel R. Adams, Amy Adams, and Amy Paquette to Mary A. Fitzpatrick and Melissa F. Burt, 58 Line St., $323,000.

Christopher Lenkowski to Christopher Lenkowski and Kara E. Cummings, 26 Crooked Ledge Road, $100.

John D. Kent and Sandra J. Kent to Daniel McNichol and Elizabeth McNichol, 39 High St., $750,000.


Kristie A. Girroir to Meenu Gupta, Granville Road, $80,000.


1125 Page Blvd LLC to FM Holdings LLC, 1125 Page Boulevard., $3,700,000.

Anne M. Manning to Tyrone Fields, 87 Hamburg St., $165,650.

Antonio Patullo, Jennifer A. Marquez, Jennifer A. Patullo and Carla Patullo to Kulwant Singh and Maninder Kaur, 699-701 Sumner Ave., $205,000.

Baldwin Street LLC to Douglas A. Stewart Jr. and Erica L. Stewart, 1885 Allen St., $230,000.

Bretta Construction LLC to Patrick Asamoah, 109 Wilton St., $275,000.

Bryan A. Musa to Ravinder Arora and Jasvinder Arora, 48 Boyer St., $178,000.

Bryan E. Cowan and Lisa A. Cowan to Robert M. Ryan Jr. and Amanda M. Ryan, 502 Tiffany St., $235,000.

C&C Homes LLC to Abel Estevez, 427 Bay St., $240,000.

Cameron S. Cove and David M. Brodowski to Cynthia A. Seamans and Dana Gordon Seamans, 38 Fallston St., $240,500.

Caren M. Jacques, Betsey M. Adams and Betsy M. Adams to Glenn C. Leslie, 78 Wakefield St., $170,000.

Carolyn S. Hulit to Stephanie Martinez, 29 Harkness Ave., $184,500.

Cheryl Guilbault to Christine Wilson, 85 Duggan Circle, $185,000.

Christine M. Goodwin and John Goodwin to Lindsay L. Barrett, 547 Plumtree Road, $206,000.

Cig2 LLC to Anna H. Santiago, 45 Redfern Drive, $190,000.

Cig4 LLC to Delia I. Pinero, 367 Nassau Drive, $120,000.

Claribel Parra to Charlotte A. Kingswood and Ian P. Harris, 22 Pecousic St., $216,000.

David W. Moore to Feliciano A. Bonilla, 6 Maplewood Terrace, $250,000.

Eagle Home Buyers LLC, to Melinda Carey, 84 Amore Road, $175,000.

Efrain Morales Jr. and Damaris Morales to Cielito Sadornas, 30 Fremont St., $172,500.

Erik Hillhouse, Tracy Hillhouse and Tracy L. Friedenberg to Tracy L. Friedenberg, 925 South Branch Parkway, $100.

Evelyne M. Heneghan, representative, Kathleen Marie Meenaghan, estate, and Kathleen M. Meenaghan, estate, to Matthew Staples, 206 Hartwick St., $210,000.

Gerald M. Foley, Mary E. Foley and Mary E. Tabb to Thomas M. Meleady Jr., 25 Arvesta St., $300,000.

Global Homes Properties LLC, to Emily Baiyee Toegel, 225-227 Wilbraham Road, $260,000.

Grahams Construction Inc., to Susan Elaine Mach and Quinton Wayne Mach, 51 Elaine Circle, $390,000.

Gymmetta Brantley and Gymmetta A. Brantley to Christine McFarlane, 154 Orange St., $145,000.

Hedge Hog Industries Corp. to Aryam Velazquez and Omar Velazquez, 42 Chase Ave., $307,000.

Jason R. Perry and Kelli L. Campbell to Joseph Robinson and Shenese Catalfamo, 25-27 Kamuda St., $184,000.

Jeanine Aldrich to Robert J. Schroeter, 15 Kane St., $140,000.

Jennifer N. Joyce, representative, and William J. Shenas, estate, to Yanibel Vasquez, 70-72 Chapin Terrace, $278,000.

Joanne LeClair to Christian Perez, 48 Gardens Drive, $215,000.

Johnson Asamoah to Afia Ayiwa-Mensah, 58 Savoy Ave., $120,000.

Joseph Kusnierz to Barbara Consolmagno, Smithfield Court, Unit G49, $9,000.

Kenia Feliz to Nick Roman, 72 Midway St., $201,000.

Malikameer Andrade and Maria Navaro to Shanice K. Lopez-Shabazz, 137 Farnham Ave., $242,000.

Mary Ellen Lee and Brendan D. Broderick to John R. Devoie IV, 410 Plumtree Road, $210,000.

Naida Lopez to Krystal Hawkins and Margaret Kennedy, 98 Plumtree Road, $230,000.

Nicholas G. Ghaname and Nicolas Ghaname to Bay Voyagers LLC, 432 Sumner Ave., $167,500.

Norman J. Ashline Jr. to Nelson Martir, 69 Palmer Ave., $245,000.

A To Z Property Management Renovations LLC to J A D Properties Inc., 174 King St., $40,000.

Patrick J. Fitzell to Kerry-Ann Smith-Francis, 2191 Page Boulevard, $213,000.

Peter M. Ham, representative, and Jean W. Ham, estate, to Jean Ruemmele-Castro and Donyelle Ruemmele-Castro, 126 Kathleen St., $200,000.

Ralph J. Ferraro and Anne Marie Ferraro to Christopher Collins and Jessica V. Rogers, 32 Spruceland Ave., $257,500.

Richard A. McBride and Marilyn M McBride to Elizabeth Rodriguez, 231 Almira Road, $185,000.

Richard A. Sitnik to Lyudmila Dunayeva, 135 Garnet St., $230,000.

Rovena L. Sherman to Zachary J. Kinsley and Tyler Greeley, 134 N Brook Road, $165,000.

Russell C. Laamanen and Johnelle M. Laamanen to Sosa Realty LLC, Dwight Road, $12,000.

Severiano Dine and Josephina Ventura to Jorge L. Luciano, 209 Pendleton Ave., $225,000.

Bretta Realty LLC, to Vignesh Vellingiri and Nivi Babu Vellingiri, 160-162 Goodwin St., $330,000.

Vincent F. Valletti to Jarrel Williams, 27-29 Howes St., $250,000.


Robert B. Bartos Estate, “aka” Robert B. Bartos Sr., Estate, Kevin LaMagdelaine, personal representative, and Debra C. Delisle, individually, to Jelb Properties LLC, 33 Garage Road, $190,000.


Bruce W. Lemieux and Francesca A. Wood to Keith Thomas Clark and Barbara Anna Clark, Colebrook River Road, $42,000.


William B. Warren and Amanda Warren to Hiram Vargas, Hiram D. Vargas and Elba Vargas, 32 Main St., $270,000.


Matthew C. Bail to Matthew C. Bail and Lisa M. Bail, 14 Mattson Boulevard, $100.

Jane C. Agnew to Raymond A. Donnelly, 73 Cummings Road, $257,000.

Cameron Grimard Currie, Martyna Currie and Martyna Anna Dymon to James Kin Bor Woo, 59 Old Belchertown Road, $290,000.

West Springfield

10 Lowell Avenue LLC to Jessica Driscoll, 10 Lowell Ave., $190,000.

2017-RP2 Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust to Tun Tun, 179 North Boulevard, $156,000.

Bridget Mari Barnes to John Crean, 86-88 Lowell St., $230,000.

Jason C. Bara to Taylor Diandra Stone, 228 Piper Road, $265,560.

Laurie Protono and Caroline Protono to Alissa Griffin, 52 Homestead Ave., $200,000.

Michael J. Szawlowski, Alexandra E. Szawlowski and Alexandra E. Hudyka to Charlotte Branch and Delaney Ellen Lancor, 94 Havenhurst Road, $340,000.


Aaron S. Poteat to Douglas J. Fuller, 35 Carpenter St., $53,500.

Charm Auto Sales Inc. to Merigian Real Estate LLC, 766 Southamton Road, $215,000.

Daniel T. Towse and Allison S. Wheatley to Gail A. Daley, 419 Southwick Road, Unit B6, $237,500.

Diamond Investment Group LLC to Sherrie M. Headford, 11 Madison St., $224,900.

Joanne M. Brochetti to Anthony J. Casale and Kaitlyn C. Casale, 61 Butternut Road, $292,000.

Steven D. Hitchcock and Pamela J. Hitchcock to Kayla M. Hitchcock, 9 Curtis St., $100,000.

Violet E. Baldwin to UCR Real Estate LLC, 15 Beckwith Ave., $450,000.


Positive Spin Real Estate Investments Inc., to Jordan Bushey and Emma Bushey, 41 Loudville Road, $74,000.


Eaton Family Trust, John A. Eaton, trustee, and Jill A. Eaton, trustee, to Todd F. Green and Nicholas Sturdivant, 48 Claverack Road, $286,000.


Brian E. Amara and Kristine E. Amara to Liane Kendall and Patrick Kendall, 2 Orlando St., $299,000.

Cheryl A. Raymond and Barbara R. Ernst, representatives, Evelyn C. Auchter, estate, and Evelyn C. Raymond, estate, to Meaghan Barbeau, 10 Raymond Drive, $290,000.

John S. Karpowicz Jr. and Denise M. Karpowicz to William Manseau and Karen Wadleigh, 2205 Boston Road, Unit I85, $241,000.

Nancy S. Lovejoy, John M. Lovejoy, estate, and Samuel H. Lovejoy, representative, to Dagmar Mechem and Joseph Butts, 425 Mountain Road, $392,000.

Robert N. Massaro to Robert N. Massaro, life estate, Mark Massaro and Michael Massaro, 181 Burleigh Road, $100.

Vincent M. O’Connell Jr. to Janet G. Farrell, 2205 Boston Road, Unit D36, $225,000.

Wilbraham Town to SZF Properties LLC, 17 Hunting Lane, $245,000.


Brian Emerson to Dannie Torrey, 87 Main St., $175,000.


Shelley A. Rice to Chandresh S. Patel and Moxika C. Patel, 11 Old Post Road, $345,000.

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