Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Dec. 20, 2020

Massachusetts real estate transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties Dec. 20, 2020


Ashley T. Stone to Kristopher M. Forrette, 1278 Suffield St., $295,000.

Dana L Shouse to Dianne M Bisi, 28D Castle Hill Road, $275,000.

Dawn K. Struck to Naureen Sheikh, 37 Beekman Drive, Unit 37, $148,000.

Denise Rock, representative, and Albert B. Cawley, estate, to Dominik A. DaSilva, 85 Broz Terrace, $66,333.

John L. Beauregard and Brittany R. Beauregard to Ryan Hall, 25 Marla Place, $430,150.

Joseph A. Fratianni and Donna L. Fratianni to Heide M. Blackak and Paul G. Zinn, 12 Parker St., $279,000.

Lori A. Doherty, Lori A. Vincent and Elliott J. Stewart III, to Leonid Sirbu and Ludmila Sirbu, 32 Yale Ave., $225,000.

Margaret M. Rannenberg to Kaileen Dougherty and Dylan Copella, 33 Charest Lane, $375,000.

Mark J. Danalis to Konstantin S. Skovorodin, 84-86 Sheri Lane, $377,500.

Mark J.Gormley to Keven Brown, 51 Chapin St., $168,000.

Ralph Depalma to Abae LLC, 17 Begley St., $300,000.

Robert E. Bruso and Theresa T. Bruso to Christopher M. Chechile and Ashley T. Stone, 5 Vassar Drive, $385,000.

Stephen C. Blanchard and Kristin Blanchard to Eliezer Ortiz and Vanessa L. Morales, 217 Maple St., $260,000.

Tyson R. Ence, conservator, and John Joseph Moriarty to Plata O. Plomo Inc., 104-106 Moore St., $130,000.


Wenjun Xing and Zhenqin Li to Lei Xing and Run Jian, 35 Autumn Lane, $240,000.

Eric Engelson and Janet Engelson to Wenjun Xing and Zhenqin Li, 151 Columbia Drive, $455,938.

Shannon Roberts Henry, Shannon C. Roberts and Everald O. Henry to Howard Bryant, 208 Pine St., and 34 Pine Hollow, $449,300.

Iota Beta Chapter of Chi Omega Inc., to 47 Olympia Drive LLC, 47 Olympia Drive, $1,500,000.

Azar Farjamnia, Javad Moshfegh and Somayeh Tabatabee Pozveh to Hummad Ijaz, 65 West St., $415,000.

Alfred A. Alschuler, Ericka L. Alschuler and Brigitte A. Ruhe to Iota Beta Chapter of Chi Omega Inc., 315 Lincoln Ave., $659,900.

Thomas Aquinas College to Julia M. Miller, 8 Autumn Lane, $179,900.


Jeremy Duchesne and Adreana Duchesne to Eric Engelson and Janet Engelson, 260 North Liberty St., $415,000.

Edmund J. Struzziero to Amy Struzziero and Amy E. Bettisworth, 741 Franklin St., $100.

Christopher J. Twining and Heather A. Twining to Tyler M. Lazarz, 210 Bardwell St., $455,000.

Melanie S. Lewis to Nichole L. O’Hearn and Perrell A. O’Hearn, 148 Metacomet St., $210,000.

John E. Bressette and Marline A. Bressette to Cornerstone Homebuying LLC, 103 Turkey Hill Road, $153,500.

G & H Development LLC, Michael T. Henry and Erik M. Gay to A & N Realty Trust, Sabin Street, $235,000.

Norman D. Gousy and Michele D. Gousy to Raffi Miller, 233 Bay Road, $325,000.


David W. Streeter to Kandra L. Matteson and Kyle J. Matteson, 86 South St, $240,000.

Joseph Williams to Paul M. Laude and Sandra A. Laude, Gill Road, $50,000.

John S. Cyhowski to Larry Downing and Lisa Downing, 28 Turners Falls Road, $350,000.


Richard M. Rizzo to Jordanna K. Fanion and William E. Sampsel, Crane Road, $44,900.

Thomas H. Gelb and Kelly A. Maginnis to Lon-Leighton Oramsay Barrett and Pamela Joyce Barrett, 25 Ed Lebleau Road, $230,000.


Adam Tetrault and Suzanne Tetrault to Jeffrey M. Welch and Aimee K. Mueller, 106 Mandalay Road, $246,000.

Alysha M. Lewis to Kenneth F. Sutherland Jr., and Jeannine D. Sutherland, 18 Gagne St., $220,000.

Andrew M. Chagnon to Joseph Frasco, 24 Blanchard St., $187,000.

Benjamin J. Askew Jr., to Revampit LLC, 791 Britton St., $85,000.

Carrie Choquette to Angelica Monast, 61 Abbey Memorial Drive, #148, $160,000.

Catherine Demers, representative, and Beatrice P. Graham, estate, to Tina M. Kilpatrick, 21 Boston St., $311,000.

Daniel J. Lengieza, representative, and Joseph Maciejewski, estate, to Sayeh Bonakdar and Stephen Yankowski, 136 Manning St., $223,000.

Doris J. Dietrichsen to Evangelo Demetriou and Rita M. Romero-Demetriou, 77 Mitchell Drive, Unit Q8, $171,500.

Fallah Razzak to Janosik Realty LLC, 196 Nonotuck Ave., $100,000.

James Hogan to Derek S. St. George and Kellie M. St. George, 98 Edgewood Ave., $237,000.

James L. Kennedy, Jessica M. Kennedy and Jessica Marie Cloutier to Nicole Lessard, 31 Woodbridge Road, Unit 6231C, $155,000.

Jessica Pendleton, Jessica L. Pope and Deidra Pendleton to Richard E. Rowell, 175 Lafayette St., $220,000.

Kristina J. Siclari, Kristina J. Furnelli and Edward F. Furnelli to William Martinez, 536 East Main St., $294,000.

Lance N. Berneche to Deidra Pendleton and Jessica Pendleton, 48 Fletcher Circle, $325,000.

Luz M. Cardona and Eladio Cardona to Juan Gonzalez, 92 Meadow St., $304,000.

Mario Tedeschi Jr., to William Robles Jr., and Sylvia Ramos, 61 Doverbrook Road, Unit 6070D, $154,500.

Matthew Slowik to Raymond Roy Michaud, 33 Graham Drive, $290,000.

Paul A. Chmura and Sandra E. Chmura to Patricia Bartolotta and Renzo Bartolotta, 9-11 Ames Ave., $304,000.

Paul R. Samson and Elise M. Murphy to Luis E. Flores-Colon, 40 Lafayette St., $255,000.

Peter A. Bilodeau and Courtney L. Bilodeau to Amani Group LLC, 29 Deslauriers St., $107,000.

Richard A. Grandbois to Kristen Johnson, 60 Oakwood St., $240,000.

Rita M. Romero-Demetriou and Evangelo Demetriou to Marisol E. Manners, 1122 Granby Road, $240,000.

Shah Ma Realty LLC, to Lawrence P. Rodrigues and Carlene Rodrigues, 24 Shaw Park Ave., $354,000.

Tania A. Bouffard to Laura A. Geryk, 222 Chicopee St., $150,000.

Tony Tereso to Emma Gomes and Luis Gomes, 25-27 Lavoie Drive, $226,000.


Ruby S. W. Rice to Mickayla Marie DiLorenzo and Vladimir Zaitsev, 16 Leon Herzig Drive, $409,000.

Donald Charron to Anita Lee Charron and Aron Paniczko, 415 Main Road, $100.


Stephen F. Buckley and Annette Rubino-Buckley to Richard Clinton Gooding, 7 Potash Branch Road and 7 Potash Hill Extension, $275,000.


Ragus LLC, to Mark T. Fabianowicz and Michael C. Spontak, 3B Gray Lock Lane, Unit 30B, Sugarloaf Condominium, $324,900.

Ragus LLC, to Edward Fuller and Wendy Fuller, 3A Gray Lock Lane, Unit 30A, Sugarloaf Condominium, $324,900.

East Longmeadow

Amy J. Barron, Amy J. Barron-Burke and John P. Burke to John F. Albano and Barbara A. Walsh, 23 Sanford St., $256,000.

Carlos Lopez and Joanny Lopez to Jeremy Lavigne and Lynn Lavigne, 213 Mountain Road, $330,000.

Emily A. Burd to Carlos M. Lopez and Joanny Lopez, 25 Hillside Drive, $459,000.

Heather Spera, Joseph Garete, John Spera and Laura Garete to Allison Ann Zeigler, 68 Holland Drive, $205,000.

Jason Whitaker and Alyssa Whitaker to Luz M. Gonzalez and Angel L. Santana Jr., 115 Elm St., $380,500.

Jodie M. Griffith and Jodie M. Maciorowski to Ronald A. Griffith, 54 Schuyler Drive, $58,000.

John B. Barron to Nicholas G. Destasio, 15 Harris Drive, $255,000.

John G. Piponidis and Georgette M. Piponidis to Joseph A. Blais and Candida S. Blais, 56 Deerfoot Drive, $400,000.

Marlon A. Polite and Nicole Polite to Theresa C. Borecki, 21 Albano Drive, $353,000.

Ronald M. Parlengas Jr., and Kimberly Q. Parlengas to William R. Ludkiewicz and Rebecca L. Sweetman, 16 Winterberry Lane, $431,000.

William R. Ludkiewicz and Rebecca Sweetman to Bao Thai Vu and Nhu Nguyen, 150 Patterson Ave., $405,000.


Cynthia A. Gaudet, trustee, Timothy J. Gaudet, trustee, and Cynthia A. Gaudet Revocable Trust to Sandra L. Edwards and Sandra Lee Edwards, 2 Mechanic St., $155,000.

Su-Yen Kuhn, trustee, May Min-Hui Wang-Tin, trustee, and Wang Family Trust to John P. Regish, 5 Beyer Drive, $100,000.

Laura A. Lamothe, John A. Guzik Jr., and John A. Guzik to Timothy M. St. John and Angela M. St. John, 178 Hendrick St., $257,500.

Sylvia J. Lucas to Christopher J. Dondoros and Jennifer L. Nadeau, 3 Picard Circle, $295,000.

D & H Property Management Inc., to EES LLC, 28 Pleasant St., and 31 Lovefield St., $370,000.

Mukunda Feldman, Kylie Feldman and Kylie C. Feldman to Eliza R. Pesuit, 260 Loudville Road, $390,000.

Ernest A. Roy and Janice M. Roy to Frank Vincent Padellaro Jr., and Brandi Ediss, 44 Hendrick St., $320,000.

Dean R. Riel and Dean Riel to David Erba, 41 South St., $179,900.

Biano Daniel Thiombiano, Daniel Thiombiano and Maura Kelly to Jason L. Newman and Allyson C. Manuel, 23 Dragon Circle, $345,000.


Julie T. Tocio to Virginia A. Toner and James Murdock, 5D Wildwood Lane, $120,000.


Natalia Paola Trznadel, Steven Trznadel and Natalia Trznadel, attorney-in-fact, to Richard Filiault, 108 Batchelor St., $337,000.

Linda M. Randall, trustee, and Ran-Lin Nominee Trust to Erik Johnson, 71 Taylor St., $211,500.

Susan Lynne Brouillard, personal representative, and Patricia A. Pushee, estate, to Binh Q. Nguyen, 13 Leo Drive, $233,000.

Pedro Rodrigues, Danielle Rodrigues and Danielle Waldron to Alfred A. Alschuler and Ericka L. Alschuler, 14 Granby Heights, $168,000.

Michelle A. Sears to Michelle A. Sears and Jeremy J. Houlihan 2 Meadow Glen Drive, $100.

Linda M. Randall, trustee, and Ran-Lin Nominee Trust to Conor Shea Morrissey, 69 Taylor St., $200,000.

Jeffrey S. Hicks, personal representative, and Mark L. Sherman, estate, to Sherman Oil Co Inc., 518 East State St., $15,000.


Michael J. Holden and Tracey K. Holden to Alix E. Sorrell, 50 Lincoln St., $225,000.

Andrea Johnston and Scott Johnston to Shelle Realty LLC, 107-109 Conway St., $205,000.


Eagle Pine Holdings LLC, to Shaun McConkey, Shaun P. McConkey, Nancy McConkey and Nancy A. McConkey, 12 Indian Pipe Drive, $799,000.

Stephen P. Rice, trustee, and Hampshire 401K Trust to Stephen P. Rice, 29 Grand Oak Farm Road, $100.

Ranjanaa Devi to 104 Middle Street LLC, 104 Middle St., $522,500.


Bonnie A. Landry to Farm at Greathorse LLC, 82 Raymond Drive, $230,200.

Fumi Realty Inc., to Casey Papineau, 116 Sessions Drive, $205,000.

Joseph A. Pantuosco and Patricia L. Pantuosco to Michael J. Edgett, 18 Greenleaf Drive, $427,500.

Scott Chapman and Dennis Gaudet to Jeremy B. Warren and Nichole T. Warren, 41 Walnut Road, $311,000.


Jason D. Charpentier and Hailey E. Charpentier to Joanne Chan, 46 North St., $484,000.

Richard Giusto and Christa J. Harrington to Seth Charles Kielbasa, 181 West St., $309,900.

David W. Hewlings and Linda T. Hewlings to Marlene L. Sanderson, 3 Maple St., $570,000.

Christopher R. Szawlowski to Amie Marie Jones, 70 Dwight St., $249,000.

HB2 Alternative Holdings LLC, Compu-Link, attorney-in-fact, and Celink, attorney-in-fact, to Edward Smith, 11 Gore Ave., $205,000.


Thomas Antonio to Elzbieta A. Osowiecki and Justin M. Osowiecki, 23 Overlook Road, $171,000.


Evan P. Warner and Jessica J. Warner to Nicole Boulais, 6 Maple Crest Circle, Unit E, $96,500.

Javier Flores, Marisol Flores and Marisol Maldonado to James L. Zieminski and Cher L. Strong-Zieminski, 96 Beacon Ave., $200,000.

Jennifer Fischer, Jennifer L. Fischer, Dennis Schermerhorn and Dennis K. Schermerhorn to Susan L. Cooper and Scott R. Cooper, 264 Southampton Road, $615,000.

Judy Murray, Kaylee Murray and David Shields to Latoya McCarthy-Thomas and Garvil Thomas, 20 James St., $281,000.

Lydia I. Bussiere and Sherri L. Schon to Michael S. Funk and Rani Varghese, 101 Cabot St., Unit 604, $199,900.

Quinetucket LLC, to Michael Cauley, 101 Cabot St., Unit 204, $175,000.

Ramona T. Pond-Blais to Gennaro Moccia, 200-202 Beech St., $285,000.

Rony E. Galindo and Ana I. Narvaez to Christopher Cappucci, 149 Beech St., $123,000.

U S A Veterans Affairs to Peter J. Sullivan and Jamie M. Cardoza, 215 Mountain View Drive, $300,000.


Murray E. Grant and Mary K. Grant to Casey Grant, 47 Basket St., $100.

Wells Fargo Bank NA, trustee, Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, Norwest Bank Minnesota NA, trustee, Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, attorney-in-fact, and McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce LLC, attorney-in-fact, to Sergiy Suprunchuk, 26 Worthington Road, $46,500.

Carolyn A. Booth, trustee, Ernest T. Booth, trustee, and Carolyn A. Booth Trust to Jayson R. Charland, 106 Outlet Road and 106 Norwich Lake, $280,000.

Michael R. Cortis and Becky J. Cortis to Amber Small, 6 Maple St., $180,000.

Alan E. Barr, Alan Barr, Robert I. Barr, Robert Barr, Rachel J. Barr, trustee, Revocable Indenture of Trust of Michael L. Barr, Alan E. Barr, trustee, Elaine A. Barr, trustee, and Barr Family Revocable Trust to Mark A. Rehbein and Deborah J. Rehbein, 228 Norwich Lake, $399,000.


Sue E. Sojka to Ramani Maria Dayon and Rafail Dhimpali, 296 River Road, $200,000.


Brian S. Goggin and Teisha L. Goggin to Shane Harrington, Shane D. Harrington, Katherine Harrington and Katherine M. Harrington, 140 Longfellow Drive, $355,000.

Christopher Chapman Jr., and Jamie Chapman to Ehdaa A. Tahoun, 74 Forest Glen Road, $215,000.

Jeffrey Cohen and Debra Cohen to Miriam F. Albertson, 190 Nevins Ave., $150,000.

Pamela McGrath and Douglas Brian Lipman to Katherine Merrill Loomis and Matthew D. Stoutz, 1512 Wenonah Road, $360,500.


Andrzej Lipior and Halina Lipior to George P. Proulx and Diane C. Proulx, 668 Center St., $310,000.

Charles R. Afonso to John Brian Pires Murphy and James Pires Murphy, 50 Fairway Drive, $234,806.

Deborah J. Kukla, Denise Santaniello and James Vermette to Patriot Living LLC, 902 East St., $120,000.

Domingos Morais and Maria Morais to Dias Properties LLC, 21-23 Elm St., $219,000.

Grace M. Dias to Chloe E. Canter, 39 Michael St., $235,000.

James J. Petrisis and Linda A. Petrisis to Vicki L. Tarby and Michael F. Tarby, 353 Fuller St., Unit 41, $362,500.

Jonathan Jorge to Joao A. Gomes, 686 Chapin St., $205,000.

Michael E. Pietras and Christina S. Pietras to Dedan M. Karanja, 165 Dowd Court, $680,000.

Peter R. Henriques, Christina B. Henriques and Christina B. Wurszt to John Papamarkakis and Shawna Koske, 164 Prospect St., $263,000.

Robert Lyons III, to Kayla Larrivee and Daniel Larrivee, 80 Pondview Drive, $268,000.

Terry Randall and Ellen Randall to Daniel Goggins and Lisa Goggins, 77 Mountainview St., $205,000.


David C. Nurse, Vicki J. Nurse and Vicki Nurse to Kurt J. Bergemann, Holly Noel Davis and Kassel Equity Group LLC, 55 Town Hill Road, $235,000.


Gary J Rugani to Deane P Gallo and Kelly M Gallo, 117 Thayer Rd, $10,000.

Michael J Edgett and Katie E Edgett to Gabriel Darco, 88 Lakeshore Dr, $320,000.


Carlye Atkinson, Cole J. Johanneck and Nicole J. Johanneck to Nora M. Maynard, 75 Dell St., $225,000.

Donald A. Baker and Dean R. Baker to Derek R. Baker to Derek M. Huber and Alyson M. Wickline, 45 Dell St., $162,500.


Frank A. Demarinis and Kari Demarinis to Kari Demarinis, 89 Pomeroy Road, $100.


E. Spencer Ghazey-Bates, trustee, and Lorna Blake Family Trust of 2018 to Laura Vullo, 212 Fairway Village, $235,000.

Jenny Livingstone, Jenny Kirouac and Zachary Livingstone to Five Rivers Inc., 80 Damon Road, $150,000.

Wright Builders Inc., to Emmy Clausing, 23 Ford Crossing, $807,210.

Theora I. Gilliam to Susan F. Rice, George A. Snook Jr., and Deirdre A. Williamson, 134 South St., $545,000.

David J. Warren and Susan T. Warren to Joseph Austin Rousseau and Amanda Lynn Pachomski, 2-4 Isabella St., $595,000.

Pamela Zagorski to David W. Hewlings and Linda Thiel Hewlings, 151 Emerson Way, $599,000.

James Quinn, Rosaleen Quinn and James A. Quinn to Kelley Connors, 80 Damon Road, $170,000.

Burr D. Vail and Linda Vail to Reema Hatoum, 167 South St., $154,000.

Burr D. Vail and Linda Vail to Paige M. Kimball, 167 South St., $154,000.

Robert Dixon, personal representative, Stephen Hancock, personal representative, and Patrick J. Curran, estate, to John Christian Anderson and Laura Chasman, 154 Nonotuck St., $240,000.

Jaasco LLC, to Keiter Builders Inc., Chesterfield Road, $100,000.

Stephen Ferrarone to Danielle Amodeo, 50 Union St., $237,000.

Elizabeth Hynes to Northampton City, 69 Old South St., $5,000.

Edward J. Stamas and Krista Katsoras to Katharine D. Langdon, 42 Laurel Park, $170,000.

Jaasco LLC, to Russell Fuller and Julia Fuller, 136 Chesterfield Road, $355,000.


Deysi Noemy Martinez and Rafael Yames to Shawnice R. Hines, 158 West Main St., $157,500.


Candace Gilday and Adam Bouvier to Trevor J. Wynn and Rielle R. Jones, 37 Gay St., $200,000.

Jeffrey S. Hicks, representative, and Mark L. Sherman, estate, to Sherman Oil Co., 1150 Park St., $120,000.

Peter M. Brunault, Patricia Brunault and Paricia Brunault to Matthew R. Miller and Karli M. Miller, 20 Old Farm Road, $359,900.

Sarah Kazan to Anouk Realty Trust, trustee of, and Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, Boston Road, $20,000.

Sarah M. McMahon to Coty L. Valley and Ronald K. Valley Jr., 6 Meadowbrook Lane, $179,900.


Alayne Couper and William R. Littlefield to Erin Murphy and Katherine Littlefield, 298 North Hill Road, $100.


Stefanie Grenz, Steven Allen Grenz and Steven A Grenz to Tyler Jeffrey Fickett and Ashley Lynn Fickett, 70 Ramur Drive, $232,000.


Kayel DeAngelis, “aka” Kayel Guy DeAngelis, “aka” Kayel Guy DeAngelis Jr., and Kristen DeAngelis to Anne Bellino and Jeffrey Bellino, Bardwells Ferry Road, $215,000.

South Hadley

Peter D. Bishop and Peter Bishop to Andrew Neil and Kacey Light, 51 East St., $309,270.

Jean C. Howes and Sandra J. Kleeberg, attorney-in-fact, to Sarah Furtak, 20 Lawrence Ave., and 54 Hillcrest Park, $160,000.

Frank Wolanin and Frank A. Wolanin to Frank Wolanin, Mary Wolanin and Jan Mark Wolanin, 30 Wilson St., $100.

Travis G. Weeks to Youjie Chen and Li Ye, 344 Granby Road, $264,000.

Sheila M. Davies to Emily D. Boudreau, 4 Woodlawn St., $310,000.

Charlene R. Voyer to Peter C. Jasinski and Carol F. Jasinski, 41 W. Summit St., and 41 West Summit St., $148,000.

Brian M. Grochowalski and Wendy L. Grochowalski to Beth A. Gage and Michael R. Eaton, 36 Highland Ave., $390,000.


Mark Carboneau, trustee, and Sandra L. Carboneau Revocable Living Trust to Bernadette Stark, 10 Hillside Meadows Drive, $360,000.

Thomas J. Novotny to Rachel D. Delano and Clay D. Delano, 82 Strong Road, $140,000.

Michael C. McCabe, Dena A. McCabe and Dena A. Roy to David J. Warren and Susan T. Warren, 126 Brickyard Road, $330,000.

Andrea B. Johansen and Michael D. Johansen to Oleg Yermakov and Sergey Yermakov, 28 Crooked Ledge Road, $95,000.

Jeffrey E. Pease and Mary Jean Pease to Jeffrey E. Pease, 15 Duggan Lane, $100.


GKS Corp., to Southwick Care LLC, 1 Sawmill Park, $19,085,000.

Thomas L. Deragon and Katrina M. Deragon to Arthur R. Brown and Dawn M. Brown, 44 Hillside Road, $290,000.

Yuriy Rotar, Yurity Rotar and Anna Rotar to Corey Michael Irzyk and Mary Katherine McAllister, 150 Vining Hill Rd, $370,000.


Adrienne Nietupski, representative, John Nietupski, estate, Sally Nietupski, Peter Nietupski, Cyndy Nietupski and Paula Goddard to Dnepro Properties LLC, 164 Parker St., $56,000.

Alexander Alvarado and Dawnellyn Alvarado to Carolyn A. Kokoski, 78-80 Cherrelyn St., $251,000.

Amanda Van Slyke to Matthew D. Adams and Ashley Grondin, 32-34 Blodgett St., $240,000.

Anne C. Joy and William G. Joy Jr., to Brian T. Drinkard and Sarah A. Drinkard, 120 Tioga St., $228,000.

Bao Vu and Nhu Nguyen to Thi Loan Mai and Minh Cuong Bui, 131 Clement St., $255,000.

Basile Realty LLC, to Alfredo Sanchez and Luz A. Lopez, 57 Bessemer St., $215,000.

Benjamin Velazquez and Teresita Velazquez to Cig4 LLC, 15 Malden St., $110,235.

Bianca Jackson to Alex Rivera, 1388 Bay St., $240,000.

Bud L Williams, representative, Kamari Buddy Lee Williams, estate, and Kamari Williams, estate, to Hipolita Diaz and Heraclio Lopez, 59 Garcia St., $200,000.

Cangi-Five Properties LLC, to Belmont Pond LLC, Mill Street, $2,665,000.

Cig4 LLC, to Diana Kumisca, 35 Mayfield St., $247,000.

Colleen Croteau, Denise J. Begley and Jean D. Bushey to Arnaldo Garcia Jr., and Glenda I. Garcia, 74 Seymour Ave., $180,000.

Daisy J. Hernandez to Carlos J. Morales, 363 White St., $190,000.

David J. Virella Jr., to Eliomely Perez, 105-107 Woodlawn St., $280,000.

Donna Quinn to Revampit LLC, 52 Portulaca Drive, $155,000.

Efrain Hernandez and Genesis Hernandez to Juan Lopera Martinez, 96-98 Kenyon St., $290,000.

Emerald City Rentals LLC, to Johnny A. Perez Mendez, 70 Westford Ave., $180,000.

Emerald City Rentals LLC, to Laura Jansen, 24 Spikenard Circle, $237,500.

U S A Housing & Urban Development to Quintin Dykes, 135 Phoenix Terrace, $100,000.

Gerard P. Roy Jr., to Leszek J. Szot and Jakub K. Szot, 20 Maybrook Road, $231,305.

Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB3, to Kyung W. Kim and Chun Ja Kim, 23 Enfield St., $123,000.

Heraclio Lopez and Hipilita Diaz to Carlos A Nivar Gonzalez, 68-70 Wisteria St, $260,000.

Huang Family Property LLC, to Huiqing Zhu, 86-88 West Alvord St., $195,000.

Humboldt Realty LLC, to Nohelia Alfoncina Pena Cordero, 53 Stebbins St., $267,000.

Ileana Garcia to Madelyn D. Mendez, 1657 Dwight St., $180,000.

James C. Voltz, representative, and Joseph R. Copeland, estate, to Kristin M. Weekley and Anthony Delsignore, 201-203 College St., $152,500.

James R. Corigliano, Wendy L. Corigliano, James R. Corgliano and Wendy L. Corgliano to Chi Cuong Huynh and Pisey Lao Huynh, 20 Bernard St., $190,000.

Jenni Manfredi to Tascon Homes LLC, 78 Sherbrooke St., $135,000.

Joan Raiche, representative, and Jeanne I Kaczynski, to Lisa Horowitz Soyos and Guillermo Soyos, 37 Dana St., $188,000.

Joanne L. Golden to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Erudite Realty Trust, trustee of, 234 Carver St., $130,000.

John F. Oconnor to Constance Anne White, 24 Acrebrook Road, $210,500.

John F. Soja, representative, and Agnes B. Mondry, estate, to Ian Fowler, 49 Parker St., $193,000.

John M. Boyle to Jason Poore and Jasmine Poore, 322 Peekskill Ave., $240,000.

Kaileen W. Dougherty to Samantha Montanez and Ryan Carvalho, 70 Powell Ave., $203,000.

Kara E. Vicalvi to Zenia Sanchez, 2085 Wilbraham Road, $198,000.

Kathy Truong to DFG Property Group LLC, 287-289 Belmont Ave., $160,000.

Keith Wharton and Bethany Wharton to SRV Properties LLC, 30 Mazarin St., $35,000.

Kristina Serafin, Kristina Verdile and Anthony Verdile to Anthony T. Watkins, 50 Harrow Road, $189,900.

Laura A. Geryk to Roger Castro, 24 Ina St., $57,500.

Laura Jansen to Leydiani Frias, 177 Hampden St., $160,000.

Laura Jean Riopelle to Gladysh Capital LLC, 244 Eastern Ave., $22,000.

Man Nguyen and Asia L Nguyen to Timothy Nguyen, 226 Allen St, $145,000.

Marcelle M. Daley, Robert Peloquin and Robert G .Peloquin to Maileny Martinez, Luis Martinez and Luis J. Martinez, 228 Merrimac Ave., $160,000.

Matthew M. Gouin and Brenda A. Gouin to Joanne P. Harrington, 202 Almira Road, $195,000.

Meghan K. Healy, Meghan K. Hudson and Joseph Hudson to Hilda Valentin and Nicholas Toretti, 745 Plumtree Road, $257,000.

Michael Katsounakis, Thea E. Katsounakis, representative, and Marion F. Katsounakis, estate, to Lilliam M. Aponte Bermudez, 577 Page Boulevard, $260,000.

Mirna L. Vega to Laron E. Vaughan, 174-176 Lexington St., $242,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP, to Angela Decaro, 77 Webber St., $25,000.

Nancy D. Oconnor to Andrew Aldrich, 18 Donbray Road, $229,000.

Neal E. Young to Luxiana Property LLC, 137 Gardens Drive, $181,000.

Nicholas Emmett and Alissa Kuc to Bobby Corona, Emerenciana C. Duran and Loren J. Urso, 1404 Berkshire Ave., 1406, $315,000.

Nicole Polite and Nicole Griffin to Enrique E. Siu, 1592 Plumtree Road, $250,000.

Nina M. Sartori-Ng to Dara Beth Levin, 98 Sunapee St., $215,000.

Nu-Way Homes Inc., to Hieu Nguyen, 328A Gilbert Ave., $289,900.

On The Mark LLC, to Luis Alberto Rojas Gonzalez, 42-44 Virginia St., $275,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Matadormus Realty Trust, trustee of, 5 Greentree Circle, $125,133.

Richard S. Kinsey Jr., Nathan P. Olbrych and Joseph B. M. Martin to Paul C. Smith and Michael J. Avigliano, 97 Hadley St., $240,000.

Robert J. Donovan to Faith Lynn Woods and James Colby Shewchuk, 95 Maplewood Terrace, $275,000.

Robert J. Pastreck to Madroy Mabry, 57 Cherrelyn St., $184,370.

Roger Belliveau II to Ricardo Velasquez, Jr., and Luz Velasquez, 75 Strong St., $170,000.

Roger H. Bourget and Ursula M. Bourget to Devon M. Bourget, 260 Mallowhill Road, $200,000.

Rosa M. Burgos to Martin Tejada, 106 Bacon Road, $150,000.

Rosetta Facente and Geno Decesare to Zachary Glenn Sandau and Nikola Lee Sandau, 44 Bither St., $245,000.

Roydell C. Case and Elaine Case to Mirna Vega, 125 Balboa Drive, $237,500.

Ruben V. Rosa to Wanda Resto, 88 Lakeside St., $189,000.

Sarah E. Shecrallah, Sarah E. Brunelle and Steven M. Shecrallah to Yolanda Claudio, 67 Aspen Road, $225,000.

Shu Cheng and Oi Mei Chan to Dianne Edwards and Opal Colleen Jackson, 127 Daviston St., $221,600.

Thomas M. Ashe to Victor Guerin and Lesly Guerin, 341 Gillette Ave., $262,500.

Thomas M. DelNegro to Jose R. Gotay and Kevin Gotay-Cheverez, 17 Regal St., $221,000.

TL Bretta Realty LLC, to American Patriots Real Estate LLC, 1138-1140 Boston Road, $3,060,000.

Tony Younes and Houda Saleh to Deandrae Brown, 15 Monticello Ave., $196,500.

Tower Property Management LLC, to Dominic Kirchner II, trustee, and Anouk Realty Trust, trustee of, 1073-1075 Sumner Ave, $192,473.

U S Bank Trust, trustee, MH Master Participation and Trust II, LSRMF, trustee of, to Graham & Lumpkin LLC, 47 Wellington St., $47,500.

Victor P. Guerin and Lesly Ann Guerin to Amaan Realty LLC, 78 Oak St., $120,000.

Vittoria Lombardi to Lakeside Properties LLC, Giuseppe Deguglielmo and Argiro Deguglielmo, 68 Eloise St., $110,000.

Wyatt Leak Jr., to Jared M. Hamre and Matthew Maynard, 15 Olive St., $50,000.

Zhengs 168 Enterprise LLC, to Luxiana Property LLC, 510 Goodwin St., $221,250.


Nhu L. Nguyen and Vincent J. Tran to Kamolluk Puch, 56 Plumtree Road, $295,000.


Jarrett Tanner Sumwalt and Stephanie Sumwalt to Robert Deane Runion, 20 Ainsworth Hill Road, $270,000.

Sharon Lee Shoar and Sharon Lee Bourassa to Thomas Smith and Kristen Shoar, 56 Fountain Road, $275,000.


Lisa J. Rosier to Joseph A. Cebula Jr., and Dorothy R. Cebula, Old Gilbertville Road, $100.

Wells Fargo Bank NA, to Damian S. Cieszkowski and Michal S. Czerwinski, 41 Pine St., $120,000.

Emily N. Peddle, Jacob J. Perron and Emily N. Perron to Jane Geary, 347 Palmer Road and Ware-Palmer Road, $236,150.

Kenneth McKeon and Ken McKeon to Gary Buelow, 52 Pulaski St., $15,000.


Ellen N. Trousdale, “aka” Ellen Newcombe Trousdale, to Christopher R. Gray and Elizabeth R. Lewand, 331 Lockes Village Road/Locks Village Road, $320,650.

West Springfield

AJN Rentals LLC, to Muradbek Usmonov, 31-33 Belle Ave., $220,000.

ATW Enterprises LLC, to Four Locks LLC, 584 Union St, $400,000.

Dominic R. Gagnon and Louise T. Gagnon to Sefa C. Ongun, 132 Birnie Ave., $290,000.

Ermir Sefa and Leontina Sefa to Andrey Sosnin and Olga Sosnina, 1554 Memorial Ave., Unit 2, $75,000.

General Electric Co., to 1226 Union LLC, 1226 Union St., $660,000.

John F. Chaloux and Susan C. Chaloux to Michael A. Cortis and Becky J. Cortis, 33 Falvey St., $299,900.

Lisa M. O’Brien to John Calabrese and Samantha Calabrese, 19 Partridge Lane, $375,000.

Mabel T. Balboni and Kenneth G. Balboni to Peter C. Marino, 37 Sherwood Ave., $237,000.

ReVampit LLC, to Sharon L. Martin, 15 George St., $181,000.

Salamon Realty LLC, to 63 Myron LLC, 63 Myron St., $825,000.

William V. Sinico to Winners O LLC, 212 Bosworth St., $305,000.


Auto Fuel & Wash Center LLC, to East Main Street Car Wash LLC, 334 East Main St., $575,000.

Cassandra A. Serrano to Elyanora Nazarets, 269 Russell Road, $223,000.

David F. Potts and Sara C. Anderson-Potts to William K. Majurinen and Rita P. Majurinen, 21 Jeanne Marie Drive, $430,000.

Ebosele J. Aimua and Joseph Aimua to Maxsim I. Loboda and Yekaterina P. Loboda, 10 Nicholas Lane, $500,000.

Edmund R. Schram and Jessica Schram to Adam Persson, 139 Union St., Unit 4, $170,800.

Francis J. Coffey and Cynthia K. Coffey to Mary-Kara Comeau, trustee, Joseph P. Coffey, trustee, and Coffey 2020 Irrevocable Trust, trustee of, 14 Western Circle, $100.

Gail A. Daley to Patricia P. Wood and Kristy L. Johnston, 28 Rambling Drive, $358,900.

James Dinopoulos to Rodrigo Antonio Santos and Audrey Delores Rivera-Santos, 74 Westwood Drive, $315,000.

LP4 LLC, to Lori Taylor, 68 Westwood Drive, $339,000.

Patricia A. Martin to Kenneth LaBonte and Bonnie LaBonte, 14 Kensington Ave., $270,000.

Ryan E. Hall to Caitlyn Bodoh and Nathan Whitehead, 13 Murray Ave., $235,000.


Anuj Dhamija and Asha Dhamija to Robert James Pastreck, 820 Tinkham Road, $325,000.

Evergreen Design Build Inc., to Jose E. Gonzalez-Blosser and Alan J. Gonzalez-Blosser, 210 Crane Hill Road, $792,500.

John J. MacLellan and Kathleen F. MacLellan to Christopher P. Parent and Amy B. Parent, 7 Porter Drive, $655,000.


Matthew T. Marian and Rowan E. Foster-Marian to George Hucul and Ann R. Biddle, 19 Hemenway Road, $417,500.


Donald F. Ives and Sara C. Ives to Melissa Allen Celli and Jonathan Paul Celli, 91 Radiker Road, $250,000.

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