Lebanon County real estate transfers (Dec. 1 to Dec. 15)

Lebanon County real estate transfers (Dec. 1 to Dec. 15)

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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

24 South White Oak Street Lot 170 and Part of Lots 169 and 171
Matthew P. and Kayla Moore to Matthew P. Moore for $1.

132 Woodside Court Lot 32
Brenda K. Dodson to Shanna M. Smith for $179,900.

44 East Main Street
Kerrie D. Smedley, Joseph P. Brewer to 44 East Main Street for $1.

Bethel Township

1169 Houtztown Road
C. N. H. Properties to Fannie S. Glick for $1,975.

1376 Greble Road
Joshua S. Estes to Joshua S. and Katrina D. Estes for $1.

SS Johns Way Drive Lots 29, 30, Etc.
Larry D. and Gloria A. Hoover to Timothy and Rose E. Halteman for $250,000.

E Of Ulsh Lane
Lebanon Valley Conservancy Inc. to Harold J., Donald L., and Michael E. Kleinfelter for $22,000.

City of Lebanon

210 Federal Street
FLR Properties LLC to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $35,000.

915 Lehman Street
FLR Properties LLC to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $20,000.

494 New Street
Lynn M. Campbell, Richard J. Fox Jr. to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $40,000.

356 North 14th Street
Lynn M. Campbell, Richard J. Fox Jr. to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $35,000.

300 Park Avenue
Michael B. Geist to Rohollah Sharifi for $100,000.

537 North 11th Street
Starr Property Solutions to Suleyca M. S. Carlo, Jose A. Tineo for $117,000.

498 East Mifflin Street
Michael A. and Tina M. Arnt to Sotheara By, Sokly Chhov for $130,000.

533 Locust Street
Warren W. Schwenk II to Zoraida R. Delfont for $125,000.

620 Vine Street Lots 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216, and 217
Linda M. Fruecht to Linda M. and Edward L. Fruecht III for $1.

420 East Cumberland Street
Marion L. White Estate, Joseph C., Donna A., Amber J., Darcy J., and Bryan White to Ronald J. and Jamie M. Sell for $135,000.

411 East Walton Street
Joseph C. and Donna A. White to Ronald J. and Jamie M. Sell for $230,000.

536 East Mifflin Street Corrective Deed
Ronald J. and Jamie M. Sell, R. J. Sell’s Body Shop to R. J. Sell’s Body Shop Inc. for $1.

400 East Cumberland Street
Ronald J. and Jamie M. Sell to R. J. Sell’s Body Shop Inc. for $1.

10 South Fourth Avenue and 12 South 4th Avenue
Ronald J. Sell to Ronald J. and Jamie M. Sell for $1.

1135 Walnut Street
KML Saul Company to James Halkias for $1,603.

429 Guilford Street
Richard P. and Deborah D. Swoyer to James Halkias for $12,000.

552 Weidman Street
Josue and Adelaido Entrialgo to Maria E. S. Garcia for $24,000.

1227 Church Street
Margie A. Matarazzi to Rachid Ayar for $12,000.

409 North Partridge Street
Marianela Torres to Reputable Streamline Properties LLC for $8,000.

312 South Lincoln Avenue
Paul G. and Marilyn E. Lantz to Juan Fonseca Jr. for $10,440.

319 East Vine Street
Melvin O. Runkel Estate, Kathleen P. Runkel to Lucky Number Seven for $55,000.

322 Chestnut Street
Estrubhar Properties to J & M Apartments LLC for $128,000.

313 South Lincoln Avenue
Robert B. and Jodi L. Hoch to Michael A. Martin for $97,000.

512 Pershing Avenue
David J. and Sherly E. DeJesus to S. L. Stoner for $100,000.

40 and 42 Cumberland Street
Lersy, Lersy, and Nathali Calzado Sr., Lncalzado LLC to Tip Top Marble and Granite LLC for $45,000.

815 Maple Street
Lebanon Valley Rental Properties LP to Ventura JV 1 LLC for $19,000.

362 North Prune Street
Lebanon Valley Rental Properties LP to Ventura JV 1 LLC for $15,000.

331 East Weidman Street
Lebanon Valley Rental Properties LP to Ventura JV 1 LLC for $16,500.

1124 Old Cumberland Street
Lebanon Valley Rental Properties LP to Ventura JV 1 LLC for $18,000.

329 North Fifth Street
Lebanon Valley Rental Properties LP to Ventura JV 1 LLC for $16,500.

929 Elizabeth Street
Lebanon Valley Rental Properties LP to Ventura JV 1 LLC for $15,000.

441 Spruce Street
David H. Barr Estate, Melissa S. Strickler to Blanca D. Ambrosio for $60,000.

809 Chestnut Street
Harry W. and Ruth A. Fenton to 809 Chestnut Street Limited Liability Company LLC for $100,000.

636 East Lehman Street
Aaron H. Donnachie to Eipril M. Sanchez for $155,000.

1201 Colebrook Road
Alleigh E. Dunagan to Benjamin T. Lueke for $189,000.

46 Woodland Estate Unit 31 Building 9
Gary P. and Gail M. Anderson to Thomas W. and Jolynn V. Joacim for $182,500.

527 North Gannon Street
MPL Homebuyers LLC to Robert P. and Sandra L. Faulstick for $70,000.

543 East Lehman Street
Bernadette S. and Cynthia L. Saylor to Aaron Donnachie for $50,000.

925 Reinoehl Street
Wilfredo F. Vazquez to Heriberto P. Cruz for $61,000.

1104 Guilford Street
Delores F. Garloff to Frank Tomecek Jr., Howard F. Wood for $42,000.

530 South Lincoln Avenue Lot 1
Eckert R. Valerio, Manuel R. Castillo to Eckert R. Valerio for $1.

367 North 10th Street
Gregory T. Kline to John D. Light for $65,000.

945 Cornwall Road
CR Property Group, Integrity First Home Buyers to Wael Qoreish, Eman S. Habieb for $110,000.

45 Mifflin Street
Michael L. Arroyo to Benjamin Negron for $75,000.

30 South 4th Street
Rodney D. and Sharon K. May to Hari OM Enterprises Inc. for $90,000.

537 South 6th Street
Justin and Michelle Gingrich to Derrick Fake for $118,000.

305 Canal Street
John Miller to Maria C. A. Rosario for $95,000.

464 North 5th Street
Luis D. Hernandez to Luis J. H. Burgos for $90,000.

49 Lehman Street
Sarah and Dale A. Cruz to Daniel E. and Angela M. Cruz for $1.

316 Guilford Street
Jose and Beatriz Cruz Jr. to William D. and Patricia A. Miller for $87,900.

732 Walnut Street Quit Claim Deed
Cameron Arnold to Glenda H. Arnold Revocable Living Trust, Cameron Arnold for $1.

411 Cumberland Street
TL Engler Properties, Engler TL Properties to Daubert Shertzer and Fields Equity for $200,000.

127 Locust Street
John M. and Mary F. Enck to Reputable Streamline Properties LLC for $18,000.

907 Quentin Road, 1016 Martin Street
Rodney H. Haldeman to Brooke A. Sites, David R. Goodpaster, Michael R. Adams for $175,000.

Cleona Borough

202 South Center Street Lot 139
Nancy L. Miller to Kelvin G. Vasquez for $117,000.

415 East Walnut Street Lot 12
Dale R., Guadalupe, and Maria G. Rotunda, Carolina B. Tena to Dale R. Rotunda for $1.

305 East Walnut Street Lot 6
Neil M. and Loretta M. Swalm to David W. and Marjorie A. Ulrich for $275,500.

Cornwall Borough

8 Penryn Lane Lot 2
Young Mens Christian Association of Lancaster County, Young Mens Christian Association Church of Lancaster County, YMCA Lancaster Family to County of Lebanon, Lebanon County for $725,000.

1029 Alden Way Unit 33
Vincent D. Ortwein Jr. to Carlton W., Antoinette S., and Dawn R. Wiest Jr. for $209,000.

1025 Riverstone Circle Unit 420
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Francis Hefner, Karen Herr for $343,439.

1019 Alden Way Unit 13
Sharon Switzer to Bernard M. and Lisa Banas Jr. for $225,000.

1624 Bayberry Court Lot 311
Christopher J. Brown to Richard A. and Cynthia L. Stichter for $393,300.

378 Granite Street Lot 6
Larry E. Clark to Larry E. and Dorothy I. Clark for $1.

(UPI #12-2345144-346797-0000) Lot 19
Stephen Black Builders Inc., Stephen Black Enterprise Inc., Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Casey and Kimberly McNally for $339,990.

1245 Mosaic Drive Unit 384
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Andrew and Debra A. Kovach Jr. for $374,748.

(UPI #12-2345159-346496-0000)
Stephen Black Builders Inc., Stephen Black Enterprise Inc., Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Peter M. and Rachel B. Whitlock for $297,305.

1010 English Drive Unit 338
Martha L. Ebersole to Anita Spotts, Jennie Kensinger for $208,500.

East Hanover Township

10111 Jonestown Road Lot 1
Doreen A. and Michael A. Zorek to Mark and Gladys Balliet for $282,425.

22 Lincoln Road
Giovanni S. DaPollonia to Osvaldo and Sarah N. Lopez for $170,000.

10791 Jonestown Road
Mario Vaccarella to Dagmar F. Lebron for $119,900.

10797 Jonestown Road
Stephen M. and Yvonne M. King to Stephen M. and Yvonne M. King for $1.

10 Main Street
Jocelyn M. Jernigan to Jocelyn M. Jernigan for $1.

Heidelberg Township

223 Millbach Road Lot 3
Sherry L. Stohler to Tyler A. Witmer for $100,000.

109 Poplar Street Lot 22
Glenn R. Martin to Doris Binkley for $239,000.

301 North Lancaster Avenue
Cathie J. Ambron to Cathie J. and Katrina Ambron for $10.

114 High Street Lots 8 and 9
Steigel to Michael Ginder for $1.

Jackson Township

520 West Lincoln Avenue
Travis L. and Candace K. Martzall to Kim M. and Peggy S. Trout for $320,000.

899 East Lincoln Avenue Lot 1 and Part of Lot 2
Tax and Financial Services of Myerstown Inc. to HPD Flip 2020 for $37,500.

111 Wintersville Road Lot 3 Etc.
Rosene M. Duffy Estate, Renee E. Duffy to Angela L. Cassel for $208,000.

99 North Ramona Road
Myerstown Baptist Church, Myerstown Baptist Church Church to Khyle M. and Danna M. Keener for $191,000.

1238 South College Street
David B. and Fannie K. Zook to Eli L. and Elizabeth M. Smoker for $450,000.

1035 Kutztown Road Lot 1
Delmar M. and Irene B. Stauffer to Delmar M. and Irene B. Stauffer for $1.

1033 Kutztown Road Lot 2
Delmar M. and Irene B. Stauffer to STR Land Holdings for $1.

30 West Rosebud Road Lot 15 Block B
Kenneth R. Hill to Malcolm C. and Constance M. Stephens, Linda L. Uhrich for $210,000.

34 Eisenhauer Road
Revital Home Co. LLC to Leonid Dikiy for $209,900.

3 Benjamin Circle
Jonathan M. and Vicki Z. Hartman to David L. and Karen S. Innocent for $350,000.

629 Weavertown Road Lot 1 Etc.
Lamar M. and Bonita Z. Weaver to Rendell and Mary B. Weaver for $800,000.

533 Hilltop Road Lot 4
Wesley L. and Anisa F. Martin to Brian V. Gagliardo Jr. for $194,000.

Jonestown Borough

130 Creek View Drive Lot 219
Kyle F. Madeira, Courtney J. Cole to Jasper G. and Nyoka V. S. McEnnis for $222,700.

117 Twin Creeks Drive G153
Ronald W. and Kimberly Gue to Giann Labe, James Stone for $240,500.

Millcreek Township

247 Memorial Boulevard
Paul A. Greco to Jordan L. Stoltzfus for $225,000.

136 East Main Street
Pedro J. F. Jimenez to Carlton J. Good for $4,259.

120 South Fort Zellers Road Lot 1
Dylan B. and Shane M. Layser to Dylan B. Layser for $1.

14 Evergreen Way Lot 305
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Igor and Elena Shcherbakov for $247,197.

Myerstown Borough

101 West Center Avenue
Terry L. and Brenda A. Tobias to KDW Real Estate for $76,100.

North Annville Township

312 Kauffman Road Lot 9
Robert Sanderson to David S. and Elizabeth Stewart for $400,000.

844 Palmyra Bellegrove Road
Dennis M. and Randy A. Rhoad, Brenda J. Brokaw, Rebecca S. Haws to Mark J. Bachman, Elissa B. Meyer for $148,000.

1712 Blacks Bridge Road
Dwelling Properties IV LLC to Chestnut Equity Partners LLC for $30,000.

North Cornwall Township

1824 Carlton Drive Lot D13
Koyukon, Koyukon GP to Timothy J. and Matthew A. Kish for $135,000.

1708 Wheatfield Lane Lot 47
Edward L. Fruecht III to Edward L. Fruecht III, Meghan E. Schlegel for $1.

1830 Carlton Drive Lot D10
Jennifer A. Stefanik to Sarah Garrett for $130,000.

1912 Chestnut Street
Margaret L. and Scott R. Groy to Adam M. Demmy for $171,000.

1800 Colebrook Road Lot 1
Walter, Wayne, and Rosene Nolt to Walter and Rosene Nolt for $1.

1808 Carlton Court 1808 A
Edwin and Ramonita Rios to Noemi Ramirez for $129,900.

23 Greystone Crossing Lot 108
Narrows Glen Inc., Landmark Builders Inc. to Derek M. and Devon P. Eisenberg for $321,800.

2315 Harvey John Avenue Lot 19
Martha J. Messer to Artemus D. Tuisl, Morgan R. Witman for $202,500.

1525 Nowlen Street
Wilma E. Urban Estate, Fulton Bank to Joseph A. Urban for $1.

Units 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, and 94
Springwood Development Partners to Builder Services Group Inc. for $208,193.

1813 Carlton Drive Lot A18
Hayes A. and Kathleen J. Clark IV to Casey J. and Robin L. Walmer for $130,000.

1175 South 8th Street Lot 21 and Part of Lot 20
Timothy L. Wagner to Paul J. and Jacqueline M. Greis Jr. for $260,100.

210 Springwood Drive Lot 23
North Cornwall Commons Apartments LLC to North Cornwall Commons Apartments LLC for $0.

410 Springwood Drive Lot 24
North Cornwall Commons Apartments LLC to North Cornwall Commons Apartments LLC for $0.

(UPI #26-2340336-357225-0000) Lot 2
Byler Real Estate Holdings LLC to Byler Real Estate Holdings LLC for $1.

(UPI #26-2340830-357609-0000) Lot 6
Byler Real Estate Holdings LLC to Byler Real Estate Holdings LLC for $1.

1811 Carlton Drive Lot A1
Phoebe M. Wasserman, Gail Weigle to Samuel and Prudence Plocido for $132,000.

237 Waterford Way Lot 52
Wallace D. and Toni L. Carr to Rhoda K. Lauver for $306,000.

544 West Locust Street
David W. and Marjorie A. Ulrich to Tyler W. Ulrich for $165,000.

121 Millview Court
Denise Kronoff to Jenica D. Anderson for $117,900.

55 Creekside Drive Lot 44
Narrows Glen Inc. to Daniel and Erin Koch for $89,900.

SS Creek Run Lane Lot 7
Peter R. Parpagene Jr., Sara L. Olson to Shane H. and Ellen R. Gingrich for $125,000.

271 South Twenty-Second Street
Jean Boyer to Tawnia Brown for $166,670.

North Lebanon Township

(UPI #27-2331220-380652-0000) Lot 129
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Gerald S. Musser Builder LLC to Kathleen E. and Michael C. Grove for $308,329.

175 Narrows Drive
Peter H. and Wendy L. Gingrich to Jodi L. Blauch for $187,000.

735 Sally Ann Drive
Mary L. and Terrance L. Drye to Michael Geist for $164,000.

911 Poplar Lane
MTGLQ Investors to Javier Garcia for $174,250.

1342 Sandhill Road Lot 15
Lynn and Sheila M. Kleinfelter to Murphy Edwin for $156,000.

1141 Sun Drive Lot 34
Barry W. and Jody L. Hess to Joseph Siouffi, Marisa Atkinson for $300,000.

860 Melody Lane Lot 42
Christopher A. and Amanda M. Miller to Jeremy J. Palmer, Adrianna L. Stevenson for $312,000.

153 East Kercher Avenue Lot 3
Wayne E. Veach to Matthew R. and Gretchen L. Bachman for $339,500.

1208 Lochwood Drive Lot 131
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Gerald S. Musser Builder LLC to Russell W. and Patricia A. Hostetter for $58,900.

915 Willow Lane
Pauline J. Sattazahn, Sharon M. Shepler to Toby Walmer for $165,000.

217 Redwood Lane Lot 51
Michelle R. Russell to Nancy Cruz for $235,000.

1132 Kochenderfer Road Lot 12
Jeffrey R. and Malinda M. Kohr to KDW Real Estate for $105,000.

1695 North 7th Street
Blue Molar to Wenger Foundation for $1.

910 Solar Drive Lot 14
Travis A. and Emily Heck to Travis A. and Emily Heck for $1.

575 Cherry Street Lot 20
Richard W. Thomas, Toni A. Lancia to John W. and Amanda L. Kugler for $204,000.

North Londonderry Township

75 Oxford Road Lot 145
Chatham Creek to Leela N. Kuikel, Chandrakala Sharma for $416,851.

178 Pickwick Circle Lot 90
Robert and Valerie Oliva to Yovana R. Becerra, Abel B. Guardia for $398,000.

830 Victoria Lane Lot 3
Laurie K. Gnall to Ryan Casey for $339,000.

406 Barrington Court
Andrew Whitman, Bridget Cole to Melissa J. Militello for $156,400.

1039 East Cherry Street
Maureen Sweeney to Chandra M. Gurung for $315,000.

1344 Cambridge Court
Matthew M. and Kellie M. Eshenour to Falah Legacy for $150,000.

104 Spruce Court Unit 2
Adrianna L. Stevenson to Michelle M. and Justin R. Gingrich for $173,100.

509 Hedge Row Lane
Danyel M. and Sandra M. Patrick to Danyel M. Patrick for $1.

401 Barrington Court Plot 146
Nicole M. Faulstick to Robert P. and Sandra L. Faulstick for $155,000.

420 Hemlock Street Lot 15
Michael H. and Karen J. Ludwig to Janice M. Mansfield for $205,000.

28 Shady Lane
Robert and Jeanne L. Maldonado to Michael A. and Patricia A. Condran for $170,000.

47 Millstone Drive Lot 265
Mark K. and Cynthia D. Wakefield to Mark R. and Janelle L. Simmon for $355,000.

1501 Cambridge Court
Denise Carpenter to John and Holly Poe for $191,050.

3 Peach Street Lot 54 Section E
Brian D. and Brenda J. Smith to Robert and Jeanne L. Maldonado for $235,000.

Palmyra Borough

715 North Chestnut Street
Lana J. and Harold L. Brightbill, Michelle K. Bowman to Dylan J. Labosky for $155,000.

629 North Railroad Street
John W. Blanshine, Dale E. Brannen Jr. to Matthew E. Kiessling for $132,000.

227 Locust Street Lots 90 and 91
William L., Frank D., and Shirley M. Grove to Brittany M. and Ryan P. Le for $195,000.

144, 145, and 146 North Railroad Street Lot 10
Mary C. Zimmerman Estate, Sarah W. Porche to Papas Place, Papa’s Place for $149,000.

900 East Cherry Street
Jacqueline L. and Nicholas S. Boltz to Karen L. Westervelt for $175,000.

400 West Oak Street Lots 234, 235, 236, 237, and 238
Dylan J. and Cory Wetzel to Dylan J. and Cory Wetzel for $1.

(UPI #16-2291440-359865-0000) Lot 19
H. R. Weaver Building Systems Inc. to Dhairya M. and Maheshkumar M. Patel for $254,670.

20 Concord Circle Lot 62
Michael J. and Kristi M. Stephens to Rupert V. C. and Marian R. C. De Los Reyes for $335,500.

74 Sun High Circle Lot 115
Daryl J. and Eleanor K. Gerber to Karl T. and Tracy L. Clebak III for $595,000.

524 South Grant Street
Orville R. Caudill, Scott M. Patrick to Minh Son, Ngoc B. Van for $170,000.

216 West Oak Street
William C. and Maureen D. Waltz to Daniel and Tanya Waltz for $179,000.

511 Red Haven Road
Linda K. Warfield to Daryl J. and Eleanor K. Gerber for $375,000.

Richland Borough

203 South Park Street
Wayne W. and Theresa A. Aites to Richland Christian Home Inc., Richland Christian Home Church Inc. for $163,000.

124 South Park Street
Harold B. and Denise P. Fravel III to Craig S. and Joyce E. Levengood for $147,000.

402 Millbach Road Etc. Lot 3 Etc. Corrective Deed
Raymond H. Weaver Estate, Myron R., Marvin R., and Miriam M. Weaver to Elvin G. and Nancy J. Nolt for $1.

South Annville Township

364 Laurelwood Drive Lot 51
James F. and Kelly J. O’Brien to Steven and Megan Johnson for $290,000.

(UPI #29-2311928-363063-0000) Unit 33 Building 20
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Stephanie A. Blanda for $274,030.

(UPI #29-2312086-36333-0000) Unit 22 Building 15
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Seth M. and Samantha E. Steinmetz for $306,000.

2067 Horseshoe Pike
Susan Valerio to James and Kelly O’Brien for $240,000.

367 Laurelwood Drive Lot 19
Charles W. Moyer Jr. to Rebecca A. Wheeler, Brett Yingst for $306,000.

1589 Horseshoe Pike
BD Investment Group to Caleb M. Kline for $340,000.

(UPI #29-2314061-362103-0000) Lot 54
Gardel, Pine Hill Building Company to Danielle B. Meyer, Justin R. Wissinger for $92,000.

(UPI #29-2313397-360748-0000)
Landmark Homes at Olde South Crossing to Olde South Crossing Homeowners Association for $1.

(UPI #20-2312004-363112-0000) Unit 37 Building 20
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Antonia Battle for $239,990.

South Lebanon Township

388 Acorn Circle Lot 201
Suzanne W. and Allan F. Ganter to Mohamed A. Nagi, Shadia Bassyuony for $173,000.

1005 Kiner Avenue
Doris J. and Raymond S. Nelson to Raymond S. Nelson for $1.

908 South 4th Avenue
Betty Church to Shanny F. So, Suhendro Yuwono for $181,000.

900 Kiner Avenue Lot 181
Regine J. Hensel to Edwin and Ramonita Rios for $185,000.

286 Acorn Circle Lot 190
Jasper G. McEnnis to Maggie C. V. Escobar for $175,000.

25 Ridge Avenue
Shavkat Ruziev to Annamaria Ruziev for $1.

1335 Metro Drive
Gary A. and Margaret K. Bickle to Troy C. Bickle for $210,000.

8 Strathford Drive Lot 36
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Jennifer Wentzel for $388,558.

1004 South 4th Avenue
Heather and Douglas J. Lesher Sr. to Heather Lesher for $1.

613 South 14th Avenue Lot 54
Robert P. Funk Estate, Robert P. Funk Sr. Estate, Ronald P. Funk to Gregory and Marian Funk for $160,000.

512 East Cumberland Street
Merlin C. Craun Estate, Suzanne K. Rueppel to Jeremiah J. Zimmerman for $110,000.

134 Palm Lane Lot 75
Emily Simone to Mary A. Irizarry for $162,500.

552 Fox Ridge Lane Lot 12
Robert L. Boyer Sr., Jodi L. Blauch to Robert L. Boyer Sr. for $1.

160 Linda Way Lot 8
Narrows Glen Inc. to Dawn K. Fairchild, Milton W. Myers for $98,500.

1320 Stevens Lane
Bruce A. and Beth E. Small to Emily E. Small for $1.

15 East Poplar Street
Maria F. Felty to Dana S. and Joyce E. Felty for $1.

ES South Lincoln Avenue
Maria F. Felty to Christopher B. and Janine M. Jonovich for $1.

259 Acorn Circle Lot 125
Benjamin J., Benjamin L., and Jesse L. Olson to Hanan Armnious for $162,750.

524 Poplar Street
Calvin and Patricia Keith to Jaclyn R. Detweiler for $150,000.

South Londonderry Township

132 North Village Circle
Donald L. and Nancy E. Handley Jr. to Gregory G. and Nanette L. Huffman for $214,000.

165 Woodridge Drive
Troy A. and Sonya A. W. Peters to Silvia Benicka, Lubor Benicky for $150,000.

299 Lawn Road
Robert P. and Christine A. Goodpaster to Gary D. and Mary Parsons for $1,050,000.

180 Lawn Road
Esther Kingsborough to James Halkias for $14,500.

199 North Village Circle Unit 107
Guillaume F. G. and Pauline P. Serain to Ojaskumar and Hemaben Kayastha for $221,100.

1503 Mount Wilson Road
L. Eugene and Mary J. Wenger, Pilgrim Mennonite Conference to Taylor R. Horetsky for $160,000.

102 Deer Lane Corrective Deed
Thomas M. and Kendra B. Shirey to Robert L. and Andrea R. Brubaker Jr. for $1.

662 Springbrook Drive Unit 36
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Pauline A. Ittleson for $398,935.

324 Coachman Lane Lot 118
Stephen M. and Yvonne M. King to Stephen M. and Yvonne M. King for $1.

125 Hulls Point Lane
Shirley M. Daniels to James W. and Tammy J. Hannold for $1.

110 Schoolhouse Road
Antony and Michelle Orlando to RW Marketing for $125,000.

2849 Horseshoe Pike
Robert F. and Nancy N. Kain to Sandy L. and Jennifer M. Harris for $369,000.

826 Sylvan Lane Lot 5
Timothy Mann to Maxim S. Podkaura, Yulia Shevchenko for $50,000.

626 Saddle Road Lot 77
Gregory B. and Kristin D. Moreland to Kristin D. Moreland, Bruce T. and Mary R. Kirman for $1.

Swatara Township

7 Wunderlichs Lane
Erik and Bridget Breen to Andrew Loy for $159,900.

(UPI #32-2324764-398371-0000) Lots 10 and 17
Woodcrest Developers to Huntilar Corporation for $56,500.

7 Oak Street
Tammi Sheffy, Wayne Webber to James Halkias for $7,500.

314 East Chestnut Lot 16
Gregory V. Taylor to Ana Nunez for $365,000.

9 Supervisors Drive Lot 25
Thomas C. Middlesworth to Oscar Quiles for $180,000.

30 Kreider Drive Lot 22
Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $10.

12 Crosswinds Avenue Unit 56
Frank W. and Hope M. Monosso Sr. to Francis C. McTaggart for $248,000.

Union Township

68 Bornersville Road
Traci J. and Dan Epler to Rodney A. and Jennifer L. Mark for $165,000.

407 Shepherd Street Lot 36
Melissa M. Taterus to Sukhjinder S. Dhaliwal, Navjeet K. Dhillon for $240,000.

(UPI #33-2318010-395292-0000) Lot 80
Alvin M. and Jesse L. Weaver to John M. and Lori S. Zimmerman for $45,000.

West Cornwall Township

316 Tree View Lane Lot 49
Gerald S. and Karen M. Musser, Gerald S. Musser Builder to Harold E. and Carol A. Bohn Jr. for $89,000.

West Lebanon Township

2111 Church Street
Nicholas R. Peters to Holly Ondeck, Patty J. Gainer for $155,000.

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