• Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

LACKIE: E-Design can help you reclaim and revamp your home

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And if this sounds dreamy but the idea of inviting strangers into your home feels problematic, virtual design services, aka “e-design,” is perfectly suited for a pandemic.

That is, if you’re the client.

In addition to proposing a design plan, on the back-end, designers know how to navigate sourcing from suppliers in a lockdown, roll with endless COVID-related manufacturing and shipping delays, and coordinate trades and installations in accordance with ever-changing public health guidelines.

Porteous explains, “People definitely want instant gratification and we want to give it to them but that’s just not as possible right now. As much as we can, we factor in what’s easily available into our recommendations, but delays are unavoidable with everything going on. But the amount of time we now spend following up on orders and making sure that timelines are in-tact has significantly increased since COVID.”

Kelly Lynn Armstrong agrees, “the logistics can be challenging but ultimately you have to have patience and roll with the punches. People get it, we’re in a global pandemic.”

So, if this new year finds you looking around your home in general dissatisfaction, the good news is you’re not alone. Even better? There’s help if you need it. E-design — it’s a thing!

Kelly Lynn Armstrong can be found on Instagram at @LCandKel and Emma Porteous at @beaconhome_design

Brynn Lackie is a second generation realtor and life-long resident of Toronto