• Wed. May 18th, 2022

Kitchen Table Kibitzing 12/9: Decorating the tree

Have you done your holiday decorating yet?

We did it Sunday. The kids came over from the east bay and a friend came down from San Rafael. Before they arrived, I pulled all the boxes of decorations out and strung the lights on the tree. I lit the holiday candles so the house would smell Christmasy and unpacked the well-worn “I Believe in Santa Claus” pillow, the Nutcracker scene — and the nutcrackers, and put Sounds of the Seasons on the tv.

My friend arrived with a Christmas Cactus. The decorating itself never takes nearly as long as the preparation does.  My daughter unpacks the ornaments with backstories: “Here’s Aunt Doris’ Crystal.” ‘Here’s the ornament we bought you from Gumps a few years ago.” “Look, here’s Ariel in the glass bubble.” “Here’s Alison’s drum set.” 

Every year it’s the same stories, which makes it all the more precious.  LIttle bits of our lives together, stretching back 36 years. Each year, when the tree is done, I wonder if I’ll still be around for next year. 


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