Jackson Design & Remodeling says top design trends for 2021 will reimagine what ‘home’ is

Jackson Design & Remodeling says top design trends for 2021 will reimagine what ‘home’ is

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Jackson Design & Remodeling’s award-winning designers and architects have compiled their annual list of the top design trends for the new year. From multipurpose spaces and happy colors to grandmillennial and rustic vogue design, the year’s biggest trends will reimagine what “home” is.

As 2020 kept many people working and entertaining themselves in the comfort of their own homes, 2021 will redefine what a home can be.

“In 2021, people are looking for homes that not only serve practical, daily purposes but for homes that nurture their souls, bring family together and promote well-being,” said JDR senior interior designer Tatiana Machado-Rosas. “Serenity will become a cornerstone of design, inspiring people to connect with greenery and natural elements indoors and outdoors.”

Bright, optimistic colors are on the horizon. Pantone unveiled its color of the year for 2021, selecting two colors: vibrant “illuminating” yellow and dependable “ultimate gray.”

Jackson Design & Remodeling’s highly acclaimed design team, which has been featured in major national print and online publications including The Wall Street Journal, Dwell, HGTV and Architectural Digest, forecasts trends emerging in design and remodeling for the coming year:

• The multitasking home: Homes serve as workplaces now and they’re also our safe and comfortable place for home education, gyms and spas. Whether a home is expanded to include these areas or remodeled to accommodate them in the same footprint, our concept of “home” is changing.

• Minimalist spaces: As people share their work, school and personal lives at home, they are yearning for uncluttered space with minimalist style.

• Kitchen islands on a whole new level: Kitchen designs are adapting with multipurpose seating and storage areas to accommodate education and work along with cooking and eating. Colorful kitchen islands with cantilevered seating areas and multilevel surfaces will be especially trendy.

• Outdoor living year-round: As connection to the outdoors is seen as even more essential to physical, mental and spiritual wellness, indoor/outdoor living design is a primary concern for the modern home dweller. Homeowners are creating expansive outdoor living areas with full outdoor kitchens and louvered roofs to make the space functional in any weather and to provide a natural escape.

• Bringing greenery inside: In addition to creating livable outdoor space, connection to natural surroundings is emphasized in home interiors both architecturally — with large windows and glass doors — and decoratively, with floral-inspired accessories, house plants and mini Zen gardens inside.

• Rustic vogue: When you love modern design but yearn for the warm comforts of cabin living, rustic vogue is for you. Think open modern spaces but with character details such as wooden beams or original wood floors and a connection to nature.

• Grandmillennial: This fun mash-up combines style from granny-like chinoiserie, scallops, natural fiber rugs and topiaries with contemporary elements such as clean lines and modern art.

• Well-rested design: Bedroom design, from soft materials and colors to window treatments that sufficiently block light, will get more attention in the coming year as people look for ways to pair luxurious comfort with self-care and wellness.

• Optimistic colors: Bright yellows, oranges, pinks and other serotonin-inducing colors will be popular in 2021. After a year of lockdowns and loneliness, people will be reaching for optimistic shades that inspire positivity and cheerfulness.

• Planning forever homes: A 2018 AARP survey of adults indicated that three out of four adults 50 or older want to stay in their homes as they get older, illustrating the growing interest in accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. That, coupled with the events of 2020 that made visits with parents and grandparents challenging, will inspire many to bring extended families under one roof, whether in an in-law suite inside the home or a detached ADU on the same property.

To see sample trends, visit pinterest.com/jdrsandiego. To schedule a private tour of JDR’s newly remodeled showroom in Kearny Mesa or a complimentary design consultation, call (858) 707-7843 or visit JacksonDesignandRemodeling.com.

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