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Dec 28, 2020 , ,

Last week I was sitting around with a bunch of Realtors, talking about (no surprise) real estate. We started talking about what makes the most successful, pleasant real estate transactions.

We all know how emotionally charged a sale can be. I call it the “Washer-Dryer Syndrome.” Washer-Dryer Syndrome isn’t catching. It’s what I call the financial level of final disagreement between a buyer and seller. Often it’s the amount of money it costs to buy a washer and dryer. My theory, while not empirically researched, seems to hold true in most price points of homes.

We decided, after much discussion, we solved the world-pressing challenge of how to have a pleasant transition and close. Are you ready for the secret? Here it is: The buyer wants to buy and the seller wants to sell.

Did you catch it? Here it is again: The buyer wants to buy and the seller wants to sell.

What’s so secret about that? Simple. If a seller really wants to get his home sold, he will work with the buyer, Realtor and whomever else to overcome all obstacles. The same holds true for the buyer. If that’s the home she really wants, then she’s going to work toward that goal and make it happen. Sure, there can be bumps along the way, but you’d be surprised how people solve problems to get to their desired means.

Good manners count. Humor is appreciated. And a little grace goes a long way. Usually the other party isn’t out to “get” you or take advantage of you. The other side also just wants what he wants. A Location Real Estate Realtor can help, should help, keep the emotional aspect at bay. Then, help tackle each challenge as it comes.