Instagram-Inspired DIY Looks To Modernize Your Bathroom

Instagram-Inspired DIY Looks To Modernize Your Bathroom

The best part about modernizing a bathroom is that the process doesn’t have to entail a complicated design process. For example, a worn-down vanity can easily be transformed with a fresh coat of paint, while a shower stall that looks straight out of the 1960s (not in a good way) might just need some new tiling.

And so even if “DIY” might not be your favorite initials, a little elbow grease can be an easy route to getting your bathroom looking magnificent instead of meh.

So we’re sharing the hottest DIY bathroom looks from—you guessed it—the oh, so chic design world of Instagram. Whether you just bought a fixer-upper or are just sick of the upgrades you made in years past, here are five magical, modernizing looks to tackle in your bathroom this summer.

1. Fresh all-white vanity

Forget remaking your entire bathroom. Instead, opt for this modernizing shortcut: an all-white vanity like we see in this post from @blossominginteriors.

“It’s a low-commitment upgrade for homeowners and one of the fastest ways to give a fresh makeover to a bathroom,” says designer Andrea May. “It’s also popular right now because, as you dial back the cabinet color, you allow other details to stand out. Think decorative hardware, mirrors, and tile.”

Get the look: Bring some classic modernity into your bathroom with a can of Greek Villa by Sherwin-Williams.

Sometimes all your bathroom needs is a bit of natural texture. Enter this bamboo vanity stool from @mmlighting.

“What’s popular right now among high-end homebuyers are timeless, durable, and luxurious rooms,” says designer Eilla Pradier. “A bamboo stool feels effortless and anchors this space in a down-to-earth way. Also key? These stools aren’t upholstered, so they won’t stain. And bonus: The sculptural shape makes it look more expensive than it is.”

Get the look: Add a bit of sculptural splash with this Maui rattan stool.

3. Textured shower tiles

Decor extras aren’t the only way to bring character into your modern bathroom. To add a more permanent texture to your bathroom, take a gander at these shower tiles from @clayimports.

“Showers have become the new jewel boxes when it comes to color and texture,” says designer Denise Rives, of Rives Interiors. “They bring movement and energy to a space that can often feel stagnant. They’re an especially great way to give new life to an existing bathroom without resorting to expensive construction.”

Get the look: Go bold and beautiful with these verdant aster-printed porcelain tiles.

4. Maximalist wallpaper

One of the best ways to turn your boring bathroom into an upscale showpiece? By papering the walls and ceiling in a bold design—just like we see in this post from @houseandgardenuk.

“The wallpaper injects a huge dose of fun into a small space,” says May. “Maximalism is huge right now, but we don’t often see it in the bathroom. And that’s a missed opportunity. Yes, adding wallpaper floor to ceiling in a dining or living area is a serious expense, and it risks being visually overwhelming. So the bathroom is actually the better place to go huge with a committed print.”

Get the look: Give your bathroom an unexpected boost with this Woodlake tulip floral wallpaper.

5. Side-mounted dual sinks

If you’re looking for a surprising way to style new bathroom hardware, check out these side-mounted sinks from @cocoonbathroom.

“Side-mounted dual sinks are taking off as homeowners embrace symmetry in the bathroom,” says Pradier. “Here, it’s even more heightened with the side-by-side lighting, mirrors, and fixtures, which instantly captures a sense of flow and feng shui.”

Get the look: Upgrade your hardware by side-mounting these brushed-gold faucets.

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