• Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

In Kitsap County, real estate market soars despite a pandemic

Sarah Wilkinson and Josh Sutton purchased a home in Port Orchard in October 2020, months into a pandemic and in an ultra-competitive housing market in Kitsap County.

The couple began exploring purchasing their first home in February of 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. They attended a workshop through Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation for first-time homebuyers around then and got pre-approved in August and began looking. 

Almost immediately, they found the home they purchased. 

The housing market was hot all year long, driving median home prices up as the year went on, hitting a high in November at $439,000.  

Julie Cooper, sales manager at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, wondered what COVID-19 would do to the market — would it slow? As the year went on it became evident business was accelerating and those considering buying a home were prompted to act, she said. 

“I think people serious about buying got with lenders, got pre-approved, then went shopping,” Cooper said. 

If you can afford rent, you can afford to buy

Sarah Eichhorn, Sutton and Wilkinson’s real estate broker at Skyline Properties, said some looking to buy homes did so because of skyrocketing rent prices. People began to realize if they can afford rent they can likely afford a mortgage, and if they’re going to be in a location more than two years, it would be foolish not to buy.