• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

In Kitchen Decoration, Generation X is Long-lasting, Generation Y is Useful, and Generation Z is Visually Focused

In kitchen decoration, the x generation is long-lived, the y generation is useful, and the z generation is visual oriented.

The X, Y and Z generations, which appear with different preferences in kitchen decoration, as in every sector, determine the shopping trends with their unique features. Stating that the Z generation, who started to stand on their own feet, made their kitchen decoration choices based on visuality, Bodrum Kitchen Furniture Founder Mustafa Güneri said, “While the X generation makes more long-lasting, simple and useful choices, the Z generation prioritizes visuality with their desire to be admired. Generation Z, who plans the decor in the background while meeting online or taking photos, wants to bring the designs they like on social media to the living space in kitchen decoration, too.

The X, Y and Z generations, which determine the shopping catalogs of each sector, appear before us with their distinctive features and choices in kitchen decoration.

Generation X is Long-lasting, Generation Y is Useful, Generation Z is Visually Oriented

Evaluating Turkey’s intergenerational kitchen decoration preferences, Bodrum Kitchen Furniture Founder Mustafa Güneri said, “While X generation mostly prefers long-lasting raw materials, Y generation prefers simple, useful and practical designs. Generation Z, on the other hand, prefers products that look more beautiful and that everyone can admire. Its sphere of influence is more social media. That’s why he makes kitchen decoration choices in the desire to be liked. Keeping functionality in the 2nd place, it shows interest in designs that can easily access everything without getting tired. The desire for long-lasting use does not exist in the Z generation,” he said.

Stating that the X generation prefers the longer-lasting massive group, Güneri said, “The X generation makes more classical choices. Not forgetting their extended family, the X generation makes choices that everyone can adapt with the idea that ‘my grandchildren will come too, the children will also use it’. The Z generation takes itself to the center point and makes preferences only for the tastes of the moment. The desire to turn to dark colors, which have been frequently preferred recently, is seen more in the Z generation. Black faucets and sinks are among the most preferred products.”