Ideas to decorate a “mini” living room
Living Room

Ideas to decorate a “mini” living room

In most houses, the living room is the most used room for all family members. Watching series, inviting people to eat or lying on an armchair to read are some of the activities dedicated to this place, which should ideally be both aesthetic and functional.

If the square meters play against you and you do not have all the space you would like, check out these tricks to decorate it and gain space without having to resort to remodeling.

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Light (and neutral) colors

Light colors allow light to multiply in the room. For this reason, large surfaces such as the walls, the upholstery of the armchairs and the furniture that work best are white, beige or light gray. Are you a fan of colour? Leave it for accessories like cushions or paintings.

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versatile furniture

To save space, I chose furniture that have storage, such as low tables with drawers. You can also choose furniture multifunctional such as nesting tables, which fit one inside the other, or an armchair bed that can accommodate a guest when you need it.

height is important

Los low armchairs they can create visual spaciousness by making ceilings appear higher. The same goes for other furniture, such as those used under the TV: I chose a short one and, if possible, with doors and drawers to take advantage of the space. And the telly? Better on the wall.

light is everything

The best trick to make your living room look bigger is to let in as much natural light as possible. For that, use curtains of light and light fabrics. if you hang them from ceiling height instead of following the line of the window frame, the room “grows” in space. Mirrors are also key to reflecting light.

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And artificial lighting, too

To create a comfortable environment, I always chose warm lights. A good idea is avoid floor lampswhich take up a lot of space, and lean on the sconces on the walls or on the ceiling.

Less is more

By last, on the walls it is better to apply the rules of minimalismbecause the more pictures, sheets or other objects they have, the more sensation of chaos and reduced space they will generate.